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小学六年级英语4单元检测卷 姓名

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小学六年级英语4单元检测卷 姓名:


( )1.A hobby B.happy C. have D.hat

( )2.A. listening B. drawing C. playing D.swimming ( )3. A. work B.reporter C. sports D.order ( )4.A. teaches B .watches C. does D.goes ( )5.A.different B. difference C. differences D. diving 二.听短文填入所缺单词

Hello, I’m LiuYun. I have a 1.____ friend. We are 2._____ 3._____. She lives in 4._____. I 5.______ in 6.______ . Her mother is a 7._____.

she goes to work by 8. _______. My mother is a 9._______ . she goes to work by 10.______.

三、选出与所给单词划线部分读音相同的单词。 ( )1. pen A. pet B. pal C. cat ( )2.bread A. reading B. mean C.head ( ) ( )4.dive A like B. think C. drink

( ) B. 四.按要求写出下列单词或词组。

1.diving 动词原形 ———— 2.does not 缩写形式_______ 3. teach 第三人称单数______ 4. study 同上 _______

5.ride动词ing形式_______ 6. teachers名词所有格______ 7.swim动词ing形式_______ 8. different反义词______ 9.love同义词 _______ 10.let’s完全形式_______ 五.读一读,用动词适当形式填空的单词。 1.____ he like drawing picture?(do ;does) 2. He ____ to work by subway.(go; goes) 3.She ___ newspaper after lunch.(read;reads) 4. _____ you watch TV in the evening.(do; does) 5. mt wang _____math in our school.(teach;teaches) 六、单项选择。 ( )1.I like ____ stamps.

A. collecting B. collect C.collects ( )2. I _____ in the evening.

A. watch TV B. reads newspaper C. watch TV

( )3.He ____ by bus.

A.go to work B. goes to work C. going to work

( )4. she likes ____ music.

A. listen to B.listening to C. hear

( )5.does your pen pal____ in BeiJing? A.live B. lives C. living ( )6.what’s ____ hobby? A.you B. your C. yours ( )7. tell me something_____you. A.about B. at C. out

( )8.let’s ____ football together. A. to play B. play C. plays ( )9.he is happy —— a new school. A.have B. has C. to have ( )10.the books are my_____.

A.students B. students’s C. students’ 七、阅读短文,判断正(T)误(F)

Tom is my new friebd, He likes in Canada. Tom likes his study because he likes reading books and

playing computer games.His brother Tim likes his bedroom

a lot because he likes sleeping.

His father works in Window school . He is teacher, He likes riding, He goes to work by bike every day. His mother is a TV reporter. She likes newspapers and traveling. She goes to work by bus, She can read on the bus. October in Beijing is beautiful. It’s cool and golden. Tom says his family are coming to China in October. I hope to see them soon.

( ) 1 Tom likes reading booke and playing computer games. ( )2 Tim likes sleeping.

( )3 Tom’s father goes to work by bike. ( ) 4Tom’s mother goes to work bu car. ( )5They are going to China in December.

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