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学年度第二学期小学六年级英语期中检测试题2007.4 听力部分(30分) (听一遍)(5分) B. thief B. how C. thin C. town B. read C. ride B. stop C. spring B. came C. come (听两遍)(5分) B. On foot. C. It’s on your left. B. Only four. C. Every five minutes. ’s over there. B. Bus No. 11 B. Yes, you’ re right. ’t. B. Yes, he does. C. Yes, he is. (听两遍) (10分) 2 ) 2.( 5 ) 3.( 4 ) 4.( 1 ) 5.( 3 ) (听三遍)(10分) ’’B: Not at all.




2. have a chat聊天 4.domore exercise 6. the only child 8.run out of the shop 10.animal show 12.jog to school 3.看上去一样 5.问路 7.上车 9.乘1路车 11.玩球类游戏 play ball games


( A ) 1._____ the boys run ______than the girls?

A. Do, faster B. Does, faster C. Do, fast

( A ) 2.Helen’s mother swims as______ as her aunt.

A. slower B. slow C. lower

( B ) 3. Mike is good at _________. He can ________ well.

A. swim, swims B. swimming, swim C. swimming, swims ( A ) 4. — They would like ________ trees. Would you please _______ them?

— Of course.

A. to grow, help B. growing, to help C. to grow, to help

( C ) 5.Whose apple is , ______ or _______?

A. big, your, mine B. bigger, your, my C. bigger, yours, mine ( A ) 6. How _____ did Nancy jump?

A. far B. long C. soon

( A )7. The City Post Office is ______ Zhong Shan Road.

A .on B. on the C. at

( B ) 8. stops are there to the park?

A. How often B. How many C. How long ( C ) 9. Our country is_______ than America.

A. smaller B. big C. bigger

( B ) 10. Mr. Green did some exercise in the park _____ Sunday morning .

A. in B. on C. at


1. get there, asking Yang Ling, He, how to, is (.)

He is asking YangLing how to get there.

2. one day, to, meet her, I, want (.)

I want to meet her one day.

3. classmate, Jim, my brother’s, is, also (.)

Jim is also my brother’s classmate.

4. tell me, to, the post office, Can you, the way (?)

Can you tell me the way to the post office?


( to for at under of about in )

1. It’s 12 o’clock. It’2. 3. 4. 5. 五、用所给词的正确形式填空(7分)

1. 2. 3. Was the traffic heavier ( heavy ) this morning than yesterday morning?

4. 5. 六、看图填空(10分)

’’ I think

A: No, I’



Wednesday there was an art festival at Liu Yan’s school. They pictures. Liu Yan’than some of the girls. They put the good ones wall near the school gate. They English songs. Helen sang

better (朗诵)(诗歌). They (C )1、A. Next B. This C. Last

(A )2、A. some B. any C. one

(B )3、A. good B. better C. best

(B )4、A. in B. on C. of

(C )5、A. sing B. sings C. sang

(B )6、A. as B. than C .to

(A )7、A. some B. a C. an

(C )8、A .have B. has C. had

B.相信你一定能判断出下列句子正确与否,正确的写“√”, 不正确的写“×”. ( √ )1、There was an art festival at Liu Yan’s school.

( × )2、Liu Yan is good at singing.

( × )3、Nancy sang better than Helen.

( √ )4、They were very happy.

八、看图写话(不少于3组对话)(5 分)


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