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1.去散步 2.小一岁

3.某一天 4.和……一样重 5.the only child 6.have a chat 7.a storng goalkeeper 8.the twin brothers


1.Nancy can dance ( beautiful ).

2.Look!Thty’re ( have ) a chat.

3.This elephant is as (big)as that one. 4.She ( meet ) her classmates yesterday afternoon.

5.Which building is ( tall ) , this one or that one?

7.My brother can ( draw ) pictures well.

(B)看图填空,每空一词。(共3小题,每空1分,计10分) 1. 1.A: ruler is longer? B:They are . 2. 2.A:Is Ben faster than Jim? B:Yes. Jim is than Ben. 3. A: you get up as as your brother? 3.

B:No. I get up at 6:30, but he up at 6:15.

A:So you get up than him.




( ) 1. Dou you have pens pencils?

A. some ;and B. any ;or C. some ;or

( ) 2. Ben wants to a football player.


A. be B. is C. are

( ) 3. She’s kate’s friend. Helen is her friend.

A. too B. both C. also ( ) 4. The rabbit in the basket is older than the one on the grass.

A. one week B. one days C. two weeks ( ) 5. Do exercise. You’ll get stronger.

A. any B. more C. much ( ) 6. They often collect stamps the weekend.

A. at B. in C. on ( ) 7. My grandfather is sixty, but he my father.

A. looks older than B. looks younger C. looks as younger as ( ) 8. He skates some of the boys in his class.

A. well than B. better than C. as well ( ) 9. Nancy is good PE. Lily does well Art.

A. at ; at B. in ; at C. at ; in ( ) 10. the boys jump than the girls?.

A. do ; farther B. Does ; father C. Do ; father


1.Nancy draws better than Helen. (改为否定句) Nancy better than Helen.

2.Gao Shan is thinner than David.(对划线部分提问) is thinner than David?

3.Tom gets up later than Mike.(改为同义句) Mike gets up than Tom .

4.school, morning, jog, I, in, can, the, to(连词成句) I can .

5.—高山体育好吗? —好,他是个强壮的男孩。

—Is Gao Shan at PE? —Yes,he’s a boy. 2

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