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普华教育PEP六年级上册 英语期末(三)

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1. a_______ 2. n________ 3. c_______ 4. p________ 5. b_______


1. A. actor B. father C. teacher D. cleaner

2. A. cloud B. rain C. sun D. seed

3. A. classroom B. bookstore C. salesperson D. shoe store

4. A. bus B. foot C. plane 5. A. east B. west C. straight


1. A. plane




5. B. bookstore


1. How do you go to school?

A. I go to school on foot.

B. The school is next to the hospital.

C. I am going to the cinema.

2. What is your hobby?

A. I like making kites.

B. She goes to work by bus.

C. Next to the hospital.

3. Turn left at the cinema, then __________. It’s on the left.

A. our school B. go straight C. green light

at the red light.

A. Stop B. Go C. Wait

5. Excuse me. Where is the cinema?

A. I am a cleaner.

B. Next to the bookstore.

C. I am going outside.

6. Tom’s mother teaches English. What does his mother do?

A. She is a policewoman.

B. She is a teacher.

C. She goes to work by car.

7. When does she go to school?

A. She works in Beijing.

B. She goes to school at 7:30.

C. Yes, she does.

8. What are you going to do this afternoon?

A. Yes, he does.

B. I am going to play football.

C. He likes collecting stamps.

9. Does your pen pal live in Shanghai?

A. I like diving. B. He is tall and strong. C10. Where are you going this afternoon?

A. Next to the shoe store.

B. I’m going to the bookstore.

C. He is going to visit grandparents.



( (

( (



She often goes to work by car.

4. She works in a hospital. She often helps sick people.

5. He works in a street. He cleans streets and he works hard.


1. —How do you usually go to school?

—I usually go to school ________ ________.

2. —Where does your father work?

—He ________ in a ________. 3. —Where does the rain come from?

—It comes from ________ ________.

4. —What is your hobby?

—I like ________ the ________.

5. —What are you going to do this weekend?

—We are going to ________ ________.


Mike: Excuse me. Can you tell me where Nature Park is? Man: Yes, it’s beside the school.

Mike: How can I get there?

Man: You can take a bus. You can walk there, too.

Mike: I’m new here. Where can I find the right bus?

Man: This way, please. You can see it.

Mike: Is it over there?

Man: Yes, it’s over there.

Mike: Thank you very much.

Man: You’re welcome.

选择填空 ( 6分)

1. Mike doesn’t know the way to ______.

A. a school B. his new house C. a park

2. Which of the following is NOT right?

A. Mike is new in the city.

B. Mike meets a friend on his way.

C. A man tells Mike the right way.

3. “You’re welcome” means _______.

A. 不用谢 B. 欢迎再来 C. 慢走


4. I can see a chair ___________ the door.

5. My father _____________ me to the park every Sunday.


is a doctor. He goes to work by subway.

brother are twins. They look the same, but they are very Titi goes to school by bike, but Kiki goes to school on foot. Every evening, Titi his homework. His brother Kiki watches cartoons on TVusually play computer games.

1. Where does Titi come from?

A. B. 2. What does his father do?

A. teacher A. On foot A. No, he doesn’t


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