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(考试时间:40分钟 满分:100分)

一、选出下列单词中不同类的一项,把正确的答案填在左边的括号里。(10分) ( )1.A.apple B. bread C . watermelon D. banana ( )2.A. light B. ship C. subway D. plane ( )3.A. red B. yellow C. green D. rules ( )4.A. pen B. pencil C. train D. ruler ( )5.A. Hangzhou B. Shanghai C. Beijing D. by bike


( )1.Usually I go to school on foot .

A. 我经常步行去上学. B.我通常步行去上学.

( )2. How can I get to Jiufeng Park ?

A. 我怎样九峰公园? B. 你怎样去九峰公园?

( )3. It’s a green light. Let’s go .

A. 绿灯了,我们走吧. B. 黄灯了,让我们等一等吧.

( )4.我乘飞机去上海.

A. I go to Shanghai by ship . B. I go to Shanghai by plane . ( )5. 红灯停.

A. Stop at a red light . B. Wait at a yellow light . ( )6.You can go there _____ , it’s far from here .

A. on foot B. by bus

( ) 7.----_____ do you go to Australia?

---- I go by plane .

A. What B. How

( ) 8.----_____ is the library ?

---- It’s near the post office .

A. What B. Where

( ) 9. We must _______ the traffic rules .

A. remember B. look at

( ) 10 . Go ____ a green light .

A. at B. in


1. do go Canada how you to


2. by I

go sometimes bike


3. at go light green


4. can by you the No.10 bus go


5. work to go I how can



I am a student . I like reading a book .Every week , I go to Xinhua bookstore . Usually I go by bus , but sometimes I go by bike . I know the traffic lights are the same in every country .Red means stop . Yellow means wait and green means go . But some traffic rules are different in some country . We should remember the traffic rules .

( )1. Every week I go to the park .

( )2. I often go to Xinhua bookstore by bus .

( )3.Traffic lights are the same in every country .

( )4. Traffic rules are the same in every country .

( )5.We shouldn’t remember the traffic rules .


Zhang:Excuse me,how do we get to the People’s Park ?

Man: You can go there by the No.5 bus ,or you can go on foot.

Zhang: How do we go on foot ?

Man: It’s easy. Turn left at the traffic lights. The park is near a tall office building. John: Thank you very much. Hurry up, Zhang Peng!

Zhang: No! The light is red. Stop!

John: That’s right. We have to wait.

Zhang: Now it’s green. Let’s go!

(1) John and Zhang Peng can’t go to the park by the No.5 bus.( )

(2) John and Zhang Peng want to go to the park on foot.( )

(3) The People’s Park is near the traffic lights.( )

(4) John wants to go at a red light. ( )

(5) Zhang Peng follows the traffic rules. ( )

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