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普华教育PEP六年级上册 英语期末(一)

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普华教育PEP六年级上册 英语期末习题(一)


1.骑自行车__________________ 2. read a magazine __________

3.集邮______________________ 4. science museum ____________

5.漫画书____________________ 5. motor cycle_________________

7.下周______________________ 8. pen pal _____________

9.交通规则__________________ 10. Hong Kong ________________


ride (ing形式)____________ swim (ing形式)_________

have(第三人称单数)____________ play(第三人称单数)___________ making (原形)____________ doing(原形their (同音词)___________ right(反义词doesn’t (完全形式)____________ actor (对应词三、连词成句。

1.father, bike, to, by, work, does, go, your

( )

C. No, she doesn’t. ( )

C. On foot.

( )

B. making/swim C. making/swim ( )

A. It’s south of the post office.

B. I’m at home.

C. I live in the city.

( )6. ---____________________________

---You can go by the No. 15 bus..

A. Can I go on foot?

B. How can I get to Yongming Park?

C. Where is the Yongming Park?

( )7. Happy birthday.

普华教育PEP六年级上册 英语期末习题(一)


A. Happy birthday. B. Thank you. C. Ok.

( )8. ---_______________________?

---I’m going to the zoo.

A. Where are you going?

B. When are you going?

C. What are you going to do?

( )9.---Who are you ?


A. I’m little Water Drop.

B. Who are you?

C. I’m fine.

( )10.---Where does he work?


A. He goes to work by bus.

B. He works in a hospital.

C. He can be a doctor.


There are

1. The bedroom )

( )

( )

( )

5 ( )


things. He likes swimming. Wang often busy with his “You should collect something,” Li often says to Wang. Wang likes playing the violin, but Li doesn’t. Li likes playing the piano. They like to help each other. That’s why they are good friends.

( )1、Wang Li and Li Yang are ______. A. twins B. friends

( )2、Wang Li and Li Yang ______ the same things. A. like B. likes

( )3、Wang Li likes _________. A. collecting stamps B. swimming

( )4、Li Yang doesn’t like ______. A. playing the violin B. playing the piano

( )5、Li Yang and Wang Li ____have the same hobbies. A. doesn’t B. don’t

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