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牛津小学英语6A unit1-unit2单元测试卷

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1. one _______ __ 2. two _______

3. three_____ _ 4.twelve_________ _

5.twenty_________ 6. forty-two_______ _

7. fifty-three __________ 8.ninety-nine ____________

9. thirty 10. sixty-five


( )1.My uncle’s daughter is my ______.

A. sister B. aunt C. cousin D. brother

( )2. He is ____ Ben some questions ______ public signs.

A. asks to B. asks as C. asking about D. asking to

( )3.What does that sign mean? _________

A. It means you should keep from the grass.

B. It means you should keep off the grass.

C. They mean you shouldn’t keep off the grass.

D. They mean you should keep from the grass

( )4.Would you like ______my home? Yes,______

A. to come to , I’d like to. B. to come, I do. C. coming, I do.

( )5.What _____ you like ______ a New Year’s present? ______ a yo-yo.

A. do, as, I’d like B. would, as, I’d like

C. do, for, I’d like to

( )6. -Happy birthday to you! - _________.

A . Nice to see you. B. Thank you. C. All right.

( )7. My birthday is on the _______ of November.

A . twelve B. twelveth C. twelfth

( )8.I’d like a cake _______lots of ________.

A. have, grapes B. has, grapes C. with, grapes

( )9.Kate is telling her classmate about Halloween _____the phone.

A. in B. at C. on

( )10. 9. _______ is the fourth month of a year.

A. April B. February C. December

五、用所给词的适当形式填空。 (8%)

1.__ ___ ( Helen ) birthday is on the first of January.

2.Tom ____ _ (have) a birthday party at home .

3.Look ! Yang Ling ______ (draw) a picture.

4. He is _______ (two) child of his family.

5. ____ __ (not park) your car over there.

6. There are (twelve) months in a year. The (twelve) month is December.

六、连词成句 (10%)

1. are, a, signs, there, lot, here, of


2. see, over, can’t, the, you, sign, there


3. climb, it, should, we, not, tree, means, the


4. is , the , it, October, of, thirteenth


5. Mike, giving, cartoons, me, as, some, a, present, is, birthday


七、按要求完成句子。 (8%)

1. It is the fourth of February. (对划线部分提问)

_________ ________ is it today?

2. We should keep off the grass. (改为同义句)

We ______ _______ walk on the grass.

3. It means ‘Danger’. (对划线部分提问)

_____ ______ it ______ ?

4.Yangling’s birthday is in October . (对划线部分提问)

_________ birthday is in October?


1.What day is it today ?

2.What date is it today ?

3. When’s your birthday ?

4. Do you usually have a birthday party ?



It’s Sunday. Ben, Mike and David are in the library. They want to read some books. There’re some public signs on the walls of the library. The signs mean different things. Ben and Mike know a lot about them. They shouldn’t litter and must keep quiet there. They shouldn’t eat and drink there. Suddenly, they see a man eating. Ben goes up to him and says, “Sir, you can’t eat here. Look at that sign. It means ‘No eating and drinking.’” The man says sorry and goes out the library. ( )1、What day is it? _____________

A. It’s Saturday B. It’s Sunday C. It’s Monday

( )2、Where are they? They’re _______.

A. in the park B. in the zoo C. in the library

( )3、Who doesn’t know a lot about public signs?

A. Ben B. The man C. Mike

( )4、They see a man _______. A. eating B. drinking C. smoking ( )5、What does this sign mean? Which answer is wrong?

A. It means we should keep quiet. B. It means we should litter.

C. It means we shouldn’t eat or drink.


Every year, on the third Sunday of June ,there is a day just to thank the fathers . It is Father’s Day .Every father in the USA gets a present from his children .The present doesn’t have to(不必) be big or expensive (昂贵的).It just means “I love you , Dad.” This present is to let the father know how special(特别) he is and how important (重要的) he is in the family. The present maybe just a short sentence(句子) . But it is really very important .Being(作为) a father

is hard(困难的) today , they have to do a lot of things . And in the USA we try to let them know just how special they are . It’s very important to let each father know ,without (没有) him, life will be sad(悲伤的) .

( ) 1 Father’s Day is on ______ .

A the third Sunday of June . B the third Saturday of June .

C the third Sunday of July . D the third Saturday of July .

( ) 2 ____ in the USA gets a present from his wife or children on Father’s Day.

A Some of the fathers B Every father

C Every mother D Every one

( ) 3 The present _____ .

A should be very big B should be very expensive

C shows love to the father D is only from the children

( ) 4 Which of the following is wrong (错误的)?

A Being a father is very easy today .

B Fathers are special .

C Fathers have to do a lot of things .

D Without fathers ,life will be sad .

( ) 5 Which is the best title (标题)of the passage ?

A Fathers B Gifts (礼物)

C Father’s Day in USA D When is Father’s Day ?

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