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1. He __________ back a month ago. (come)

2. I must take it back the day after tomorrow. You can only __________ it for 24 hours. (keep)

3. Why have you kept me __________ here for so long a time? (wait)

4. Please come to our meeting if you __________ free tomorrow. (be)

5. He said he became __________ in physics. (interest)

6. He went to school instead of __________ home. (go)

7. In the old days it was difficult for the poor to __________ a job. ( find)

8. It's cold outside, so you'd better __________ your coat. (put on)

9. He is hungry. Please give him something __________. (eat)

10. Please don't waste time __________ TV every evening. You should word hard at English. (watch)

11. I will __________ Li Ming the good news as soon as I see him.( tell)

12. I my daughter since last month. (hear from)

13. It __________ me two days to write the article. (took)

14. Don't touch that __________ child. (sleep)

15. Yesterday Mary couldn't finish her homework, so she has to go on __________ it this afternoon. (do)

16. Li Dazhao __________ in prison in 1927. (put)

17. He told me that he __________ the Great Wall the year before. (visit)

18. I'll tell him the news as soon as he __________ back. (come)

19. The boy __________ by the door is my brother. (stand)

20. __________ I finish my homework in class? (必须) ---No, you needn't.

21. I'm sorry to have kept you __________. (wait)

22. A new theatre

23. The boys __________ basketball on the playground are my classmates. (play)

24. I regretted answering like that, I was sorry __________ so. (do)

25. Can't you see I'm busy __________? (cook)

26. He __________ worried when coming into the teacher's office. (look)

27. come beef! (随便吃点)

28. It's a great shame for me __________ in front of so many people. (laugh at)

(open)the door of your car.




(live)in Britain.They were born there and have never lived anywhere else.


1. According to the time table, the train for London ___ at seven o'clock in the evening.

A. was leaving B. has left C. leaves D. will leave

2. You should visit this part of the country when ___ .

A. spring will com B. spring comes C. It has been spring D. It will be spring

3. You needn't hurry her. She ___ it by the time you are ready.

A. will have been finishing B. would finish C. will have finished D. will be finishing

4. We can go home when the ground ___.

A. is drying B. has dried C. dried D. will dry

5. Obviously, he ___ a bad cold. He sneezes so often.

A. has B. has been C. had D. was

6. While Peggy ___, her brother is playing cards.

A. reads B. is reading C. has read D. has been reading

7. We ___ on it for several hours but we have not yet reached any conclusion.

A. work B. are working C. have been working D. have been worked

8. He said that he ___ for Shanghai the next day.

A. will leave B. has left C. would leave D. had left

9. This is the first time I ___ this kind of refrigerator.

A. saw B. have seen C. am seeing D. see

10. I think this time yesterday he ___ an English class in No. Three Classroom Building

A. had B. will have C. was having D. would have

11. By 2000, the university ___ 20,000 postgraduates.

A. will be trained B. trains C. will have trained D. would have

12. Our football team _____ every match so far this year, but we still have three more games to play.

A. wins B. was winning C. had won D. has won

13. —Who sings best in your class? —Mary _____.

A. is B. does C. do D. sing

14. She _____ her pen in her room now.

A. finds B. is finding C. looks for D. is looking for

15. What _____ you _____ tomorrow morning?

A. are/going to do B. are/doing C. are/done D. have/done

16. The scientist _____ Canada and he will give us a talk when he _____ back.

A. has gone to/comes B. has been to/will come C. has gone to/will come D. has been to/comes

17. She ___ to her hometown several times.

A. has been B. has gone C. went D. is going

18. I _____ to bed when the telephone rang.

A. have been B. went C. am going D. was going

19. Jane _____ some washing this time yesterday.

A. is doing B. had done C. was doing D. did

20. Would you like _____tea?

A. some B. a C. any D. many

21.______morning she gets up at six.

A. Every day B. On every C. In every D. Every

22. Don't _____late next time!

A. is B. are C. be D./

23. Oh, it's ____. How are you?

A. you B. your C. yours D. he

24.---How do you _____Tuesday? ---Er, T-U-E-S-D-A-Y.

A. say B. speak C. talk D. spell

25.Write _____ your exercise-books.

A. down it in B. it down in C. down it on D. it down on

26. Do you have any coloure pens? ---Sorry, I don't have_____. I think he has_____.

A. any, any B. some, some C. some, any D. any, some

27. Where is London? It’s in_____.

A. America B. Japan C. English D. England

28. One of my _____from Hangzhou.

A. friends are B. friend is C. friends is D. friend are

29. You are a teacher. What about ____?

A. she B. Li Pin brother C. her D. your

30. There____much_____ on the table.

A. is, bread B. is, breads C. are, bread D. are, breads

31. What ______his friends ______doing?

A. do, likes B. does, like C. do, like D. does, likes

32. His son goes to a different school______.

A. to his B. from him C. from he D. from his

33. One of the boys is English. All ______are Chinese.

A. the others boy B. the other boy C. the other boys D. other boys

34. I can't _____ the words. They are too small.

A. look B. see C. watch D. say

35. The map _____China is _____the wall.

A. on...of B. of...on C. of...in D. of...at

36. Mr John is working ______Jack.

A. with B. to C. at D. and

37. Our teacher often talks _____ us ____ English.

A. to...on B. with...on C. with...in D. to...at

38. Who______hard in your class?

A. works B. studys C. working D. studying

39. It's very nice ______meet you.

A. to B. for C. of D./

40. Is the blue cup yours ______ mine?

A. and B. but C. for D. or

41. Please give ___ a bottle of___.

A. me...oranges B. she...orange C. him...orange D. her...oranges

42.The car is ______full ______ move.

A. too...too B. to...too C. too...to D. to...to

43. Jim, please come______.

A. there B. to here C. to home D. here

44. It's time to ______games. We all like ______ games.

A. playing...playing B. Play...play C. playing...play D. play...playing

45. Let______. He must go to school.

A. he go B. him go C. he to go D. him to go

46. I'd like ______ a cup of tea.

A. to eat B. to drink C. eat D. drink

47. Linlin, what's that ______ English?

A. in B. at C. for D. with

48.On______way to school she often helps the old man.

A. his B. she C. my D. her

49. Don't______late for class.

A. to be B./ C. can't D. be

50. He is _____ us. We all like him.

A. friend B. friendly C. friend to D. friendly to

51.There______only bread and rice. We must go to buy some meat.

A. are B. is C. be D. have

52. He doesn't want to ______late for school.

A. is B. does C. be D. goes

53. The first class ______at eight o'clock.

A. begin B. is beginning C. beginning D. begins

54. She can ______ a little Japanese.

A. speak B. say C. speaks D. says

55._______bread would you like?

A. Many B. Much C. How many D. How much

56. There are _______old men over there.

A. an B. much C. a lot D. a lot of

57. I often buy something to eat on my way_____.

A. school B. to school C. to home D. to shop

58. Let him ______the kite.

A. to fly B. flying C. flies D. fly

59. I have ____to do.

A. many, work B. much, works C. much, work D. many, works

60.----What does your father do?---____.

A. work B. docter C. He is working D. He’s a worker

61.I'm in_______.

A. Class Three, Grade Two B. Grade Two, Class Three C. class three, grade two D. grade two, class three

62. This is a bird. ______ name is Polly.

A. It's B. Its C. its D. It

63.---Is the ship _____ now?---No, it's_____.

A. open, close B. open, closed C. opened, closed D. opened, close

64. Is this ______ruler or ______ eraser?

A. an...a B. a...an C. a...a D. an...an

65._______everyone here?

A. Is B. Are C. Am D./

66.There aren't many people in the shop _____Mondays.

A. in B. on C. at D. by

67. Look, the boy ______ near the house.

A. is siting B. sit C. sits D. is sitting

68. Where_______your father_______?

A. does, from B. come, from C. are, from D. is, from

69. Would you give ______ to me, please?

A. them B. they C. their D. they're

70. Her sister ______ Japanese at school.

A. study B. studying C. studies D. is study

71. Does Wang Kai go to bed _______ten in the evening?

A. at B. in C. for D. on

72. It's time _______ morning exercises.

A. do B. does C. to do D. doing

73. Who_______your good friend?

A. am B. are C. is D. Does

74. I will tell him as soon as he ____back.

A.come B. comes C. will come D. came

75. Here _____the money.

A.are B.is C.am D.was

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