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( )1、A door B floor C window D near

( )2、A wall B fan C giraffe D computer ( )3、A strawberry B light C board D picture ( ) 4、A desk B grape C teacher’s desk D chair ( )5、A father B mother C brother D teacher 三、根据括号中的中文找出相应短语,并将代表答案的选项填在横线上。 A. It near the door. B. Let’s go and have a look! C. It’s the door. D. It’s near the door.

( )6. Mike: Miss White: Thank you!

A. Let me clean board. B. Let’s me clean the board. Miss White: Let’s clean the classroom. Please (擦黑板), (扫地) and (挂上图片). Mike: Sarah: (请开门). John: Amy: (请打开灯).

A. Please open the door B. Please turn on the light C. Sweep the floor D. Clean the board E. Put up the picture 四、选择填空(20分)

( )1. This my classroom A. am B. is C. are D. / ( )2. —What’s the classroom?

—A board, two lights, many desks and chairs. A. on B. in C. under D. near ( )3. We have 6 new

A. light B. lights C. nights D. night ( )4. go and have a look.

A. Let’s B. Let C. let us D. let’s ( )5. Amy: Where’s your seat? Mike:

C. Let me clean the board D. Let clean the board

( )7. —Let’s clean the window. — A. Yes. B. OK. C. Sorry. D. Excuse me. ( )8. Where is the milk? you know? A. Do B. do C. Are D. are ( )9. Let clean the fish bowl. A. my B. I C. me D. our ( )10. Where the twenty desks? A. be B. am C. is D. are 五、连词组句。(10分)

1. new, my, is, desk, this


2. day, every, fun, have, we


3. window, the, let, clean, me


4. near, door, It’s, the


5. computer, the, green, is

. 六 、阅读短文,判断正误。正确的填T,错误的填F。(10分) This is my classroom. It is very big. The wall is white. You can see a teacher’s desk, a computer, four pictures, five windows B:________________.(在门旁边)

(A) It’s near the door . (B) It’s near the desk . ( )7..A. Good morning !


(A) Good afternoon . (B) Good morning . ( )8.A:Hello! B:______!

and six lights. The computer is black. It’s on the teacher’s desk. The pictures are on the wall. The windows are yellow. The lights are green. You can see many desks and chairs. They are blue. ( )1. This is your classroom.

( )2. The six pictures are on the wall. ( )3. The windows are yellow.

( )4. The computer is on the teacher’s desk. ( )5. The desks and chairs are blue.


( )1. Mike : Nice to meet you . John: _____________________.

(A) Nice to meet you . (B) Good morning .

( )2.Sarah: What’s your name ? Wu Yifan:______________.

(A) I’m Wu Yifan . (B) I’m OK ..

( )3.Chen Jie :Let me clean the board . Amy: _____________________. (A)OK. (B) Hello. ( )4.教室里面有什么?

(A) What’s in the classroom ? (B) What’s on the board ? ( )5.我们有一间新教室。

(A) I have a pen . (B) We have a new classroom . ( )6.A: Where’s my seat ?

(A) Nice to meet you . (B) Hello. ( ) 9.A: How old are you ? B: _______.

(A) I’m 10 . (B) I’m fine . ( ) 10.让我们一起擦玻璃吧!

(A)Let’s clean the window . (B) Let me clean the board . 八、.选择与图片对应的句子。(18分)

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

(A). Turn on the light . (B). Sweep the floor . (C). Open the door. (D). Clean the board. (E). Put up the picture. (F). Clean the window.



1. Where’s my pen? a. You are welcome. 2. Let’s clean the window. b. Oh, it’s nice. 3. What’s in the desk? c. It’s in your pencil-case. 4. Thank you. d. All right. 5. Look at the picture. e. Many books.

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