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Lesson 107 - It’s too small. Lesson 108 - How do they compare?

?Penny wise, pound foolish. ?贪小便宜吃大亏。

教学重点 ?1、词汇:形容词的比较级和最高级 (规则变化)。 ?2、句型:比较级 + than + 比较对象; the + 最高级 + 范围。

Today we will learn a story about fashionable dresses for ladies. 今天的小故事跟时 髦的裙子有关。 A lady wants to buy a dress, but there’s something wrong with it. 一位女士想买 件裙子,但是好像不太合适。

?1、Do you like this dress, madam? ? madam 女士,不知姓名和年龄时的尊称。 ?2、It's too small for me. ? too 太; ? for sb. 对某人来说。

? (1) too + adj + for sth 对…来说太… ? These shoes are much too small for me. ? This is too difficult a text for me. ? (2) too + adj + to do sth. ? 太…..而不能 ? The stone is too heavy to lift. ? ?

?3、What about this one (= dress) ? ?What about...? 那…怎么样呢? ?4、Short skirts are in fashion now.泛指 短裙,所以用复数。 ?in fashion 时髦,时尚 ?out of fashion过时了

?5、Would you like to try it? = Do you want to try it? ? would like to do sth. ?= want to do sth. 愿意/想要做某事。 ?would like sth. = want sth. 想要某物 Would you like to go shopping? Would you like a cup of tea? ? 这里的try = try on 试穿。 ?例如:try on the dress(名词放后); ? try it on(代词放中) ? try to do = try one`s best to do

? 6、I'm afraid (that) this green dress is too small for me as well. 宾语从句。 ? = This green dress is too small for me too. ? 宾语从句。as well = too 也(放在句尾),相 当于as well as that blue dress ? 7、It's smaller than the blue one. 形容词的比 较级。介词than引出比较的对象。 ? 8、I don't like the colour either. ? = I don't like the colour as well. ? 也就是说,as well可以用在肯定句中,也可以 用在否定句中。 either用在否定句中. too用在肯 定句中,放在句尾

? 9、It doesn't suit me at all. ? suit 适合(颜色,需要,口味,性格条件,地位等)。 ? The colour doesn’t fit(合适) you. ? Does the time suit you? ? not...at all 一点儿也不。 ? I don’t like you at all. ? 10、I think (that) the blue dress is prettier. 宾语从 句。pretty-prettier-the prettiest ? 11、Could you show me another blue dress?
? Could you...? 你能做…么?(比Can you...? 语气更加委婉)

? Could you pass me the dictionary? ? show sb. sth. = show sth. to sb. 把某物展示给某人

? 12、I want a dress like that one, but it must be my size. ? like 像…一样。must be 情态动词+动词原形。 ? size 尺寸:large size,small size ? 13、I'm afraid (that) I haven't got a larger dress. 宾 语从句。 ? =I don’t have a larger dress. ? have got = have ? 1

4、This is the largest dress in the shop. ? 形容词的最高级。large-larger-the largest ? 最高级一定要有取值范围(或是通过上下文显示)。 ? He is the tallest in our class/of them all/I’ve ever seen.

? 概念:比较级用于两者作比较;最高级用于三者或三者 以上作比较(要有取值范围of/in)。 ? ★ 变化规则: ? (1)规则变化:(最高级前要加the) ? ①一般情况+er/est:hard-harder-hardest,nicenicer-nicest ? ②以一个辅音字母结尾的重读闭音节,双写该辅音字母 +er/est:big-bigger-biggest ? ③以辅音字母+y结尾的,y→i+er/est:lazy-lazierlaziest,heavy-heavier-heaviest ? ④多音节及某些双音节词,+more/most: ? difficult-more difficult-most difficult,tired-more tired-most tired

?②比较级: ?He is taller than me. ?He is the taller of the two boys. ?He is taller and taller. ?③最高级: ?He is the tallest of the three boys/of them all. ?He is one of the tallest boys in our class. ?He is the second tallest boy in our class.

①比较句型: 原级比较:
as+形容词+(a /an)+名词+as ; 否定式:not as/so --- as
? English is not so difficult a subject as Russia. 英语不是和像俄语一样难的科目。 Their bones are not as thick as adults’. 他们的骨头和成年人的不一样厚。 ? He is as good a player as his sister.

so + adj./adv. + as to do sth 如此……以致于…… He was so strong as to carry the heavy box. ? such +a+( adj)+n+ as--- 象……之类的… ? He wished to be such a man as Lei Feng was.

?(1)倍数+比较级+than..., 例:The room is twice larger than that one.这个房间是那个房间的两倍大。 ?(2)倍数+as+原级+as..., 例:The room is three times as large as that one. 这个房间是那个房间的三倍。

?The+more+形+主+动,the+more+形+主+动 (愈...愈...) ?The harder you work, the more progress you make. 你愈努力,你愈进步。 The more books we read, the more learned we become. 我们书读愈多,我们愈有学问。


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