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小学英语一年级下册1BM3U9 Period1

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Unit 9 Clothes 衣服
Period 1

Spring, spring. Nice and warm. Spring, spring. I like spring.

Summer, summer. Sunny and hot. Summer, summer. I like summer.

It’s spring. It’s ____ and ____. I like spring.

Spring is warm. Alice needs a new dress.

A dress, a dress, I need a new dress. Red, red, I like this red dress.

I need a dress. I like _____.

It’s summer. It’s ____ and ____.
I like summer.

What do you need for summer?
I need a ______.
dress hat T-shirt


Shirt, shirt, shirt for boys. Shirt, shirt, nice and warm. T-shirt, T-shirt, T-shirt for all. T-shirt, T-shirt, T-shirt, Nice and cool.


1. Do you have a shirt? 2. Do you like shirts? 3. What do girls have?


A: How many blouses? B: _____ blouses.

They are cool. They are for boys.

We need them in summer.
What are they?

Girls: Shorts, Shorts, Boys: Shorts, Shorts, shorts, nice and cool. shorts, shorts for you.

shorts, nice and cool. shorts, shorts for me!


B.T-shirt C.blouse

T-shirt dress blouse shorts

dress shorts blouse blouse T-shirt dress dress shorts blouse

Shorts, a T-shirt, a dress and a blouse What do you need? What do you need? I need a blouse. I need a dress. I need a blouse and a dress.

What do you need? I need …

? Make word cards on page 38. ? Make a new rhyme like page 41.

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