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六年级英语五月份学生学业水平检测 一、英汉词组互译。(20) 1. 和我一样高____________ 6. a fax machine________________ 2. 下周___________________ 7 .do more exercise______________ 3. 去散步__________________ 8 .in the countryside_____________ 4. 看演出_____________ 9. By the way ________________ 5. 要求得到________________ 10.e-mail address _______ 二、对话配对。(10’) ( )1.Hello. Is that Wang Bing? A. OK. ( )2.Whose dog is thinner, yours or mine? B. Yes I do. ( )3. Where are you going? C. Yes, speaking. ( )4. Shall we start our lesson? D.Yours is , I think. ( )5. Do you have a penfriend? E. I’m going to the library ( ) 6 Where are you from? F. Yes, of course. ( ) 7 Can I write to you ? G.Take bus No.5. ( ) 8. What’s the weather like in spring? H. Thank you. ( ) 9 Happy Teachers’ Day! I. China. ( ) 10 .How can I get to the post office? J It’s warm and windy. 三、用所给词的适当形式填空。(5) 1. The elephant is _______ __(strong) than the bear.. 2. Look, Miss Li is___________(water) flowers. 3. Spring is the ________(one) season in a year. 4. I ________(meet) a boy in the garden yesterday afternoon. 5.Liu Tao is going to ______( write ) to Peter. 四、选择填空。(20’) ( ) 1. I’m writing an e-mail ____my cousin. A.to B. on C. with ( ) 2. These ______books

A. is B. are C. be

( ) 3. Su Yang’s bag is black. _________ is white.

A. My B. Mine C. Your

( ) 4 It_______ last night(昨晚), and today it is_________, too.

A. rains, rainy B. rained, rainy C. rain, rainy

( ) 5.I know a lot about football. But I want to learn ____about it. .A many B. some C. more

( ) 6. The students in our class__________ different cities.

A. are come from C. comes from C. come from

( ) 7. My grandpa likes _____ newspaper and magazines.

A. reading B. looking C. watching

( ) 8. ________draw on the desk.

A Don’t B isn’t C doesn’t

( ) 9. The students are very _____. They’re watching an ___ running race.

A. excited, exciting B. exciting, excited C. excited, excited

( ) 10. How________ is No. 1 Middle School from here?

A. far B. tall C. long


1. get up, tomorrow morning, I’ll, earlier (.)


2. Which season , like best, do you (?.)


3. Jimmy is, My mum says, her child , also (.)


4. Will you, me, join (?)


5. tomorrow, are you, What , going to do (?)


六.看图完成对话。( 10)

1. A: Hello. Is Liu Tao? 1.

B: Yes. This is Liu Tao .

A: This is Mike. going to a play

tomorrow. Would you like to go me?

B: Sure. See you tomorrow.

2. A: Mum, what's the weather tomorrow?

B: It's sunny.what are we going to do? A: we'll an outing.

B: Where are you ?

A: We're going ____the zoo.


1. The post office is _______Guangzhou Road.

2. It’s time ______ lunch.

3. They’re talking _____the teacher about their plans.

4. Please play the game _______ your cousin.

5. The woman ________red is Nancy’s aunt.


1.Jack is going to __________a sports meeting.

2.____________is on the first of June.

3.Can I have some_______?I want to write a letter.

4.we don't _____________at the weekends.

5.They _________and tasted them yesterday.


Nancy: Hello! ____________________

David: Yes. This is David speaking.

Nancy: Hello, David. This is Nancy. Why are you absent today?

David: ____________________________

Nancy: I’m sorry to hear that. _____________________________

David: I feel better now. Thank you.

Nancy: Tomorrow is Children’s Day. Helen and I are going to the cinema.


David: Sure. I’ll go with Liu Tao.

Nancy: ___________________________

David: Ok.


One day Mr and Mrs White went shopping by car. They stopped their car near a shop. They bought(buy买的过去式) a lot of things and they wanted to put the things into the car. But Mr White couldn't open the door of the car ,so they asked a policeman to help them. The policeman started to open the car for them.

Just then a man came up and shouted,“What are you doing with my car?”Mr and Mrs White had a look at the car's number and they were frozen(发愣) there. It wasn't their car!


( )1. Mr and Mrs White drove for shopping.

( )2. They stopped their car at the hotel.

( )3. They wanted to give their things to a policeman.

( )4. The policeman would like to help Mr White.

( )5. At last, Mr and Mrs White knew(知道) the car wasn’t their car.

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