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Class Name Score


一、Listen and choose(听音,根据你所听到的内容,选择相符合的


( )1.A. B. C.

( ) 2. A.

B. C.

( ) 3. A. want B. wait C. wall

( ) 4. A. tell B. sell C. bell

( ) 5. A. June 12th B. June 5th C. July 5th

( ) 6. A. library B. January C. February

( ) 7. A. light B. right C. fight

( ) 8. A. stop B. story C. store

( ) 9. A. My birthday is in Dec. B. My birthday is in Nov.

C. My birthday is in Oct.

( )10.A. Traffic light B. Traffic rules C. Traffic lights

二、Listen and judge (根据你听到的内容,判断图片或句子是否相


1 ( ) 2 ( ) 3 ( ) 4 ( ) 5( )

( ) 6. I am going to climb mountains on Sunday morning.

( ) 7. I go to Shanghai by train.


) 8. The science museum is north of the bookstore.


( ) 9. There are always three lights in every country.

( ) 10. I'm going to take a trip next weekend.

三. Listen and chose the best answer. (听录音,选择最合适的答语。)(10分)

( )1.A.It's not far. B. I can go by bike.

C. It's south of the park.

( )2.A.This afternoon. B. On Sundays. C. In May.

( )3. A.I go by subway. B. I go by plane. C. I go by bike.

( )4. A.Yes, it is. B. No, it is. C. Yes, she is.

( )5.A. I'm going to buy a comic book.

B. I'm going to buy a post card.

C. I'm going to buy a pair of sandals.

四、Listen and fill(听录音,填写下列句子中所缺的单词,使句子


tonight? A story book.

2. We must at a yellow light.

3. Where is the ? It's near the cinema.

4. How do you go to Hong Kong ? I go by .

5. Turn at the hospital, you can see it.

五、Listen and judge(听短文,判断句子的对错, 对的打“√”,错


( ) 1. Chen Jie is going to the Baijia Supermarket.

( ) 2. The Baijia Supermarket is near the cinema.

( ) 3. The bookstore is in Flower Street.

( ) 4. Sarah can go to the supermarket by the No.36 bus.

( ) 5. Sarah is going to buy an English dictionary.


六、Read and choose(阅读对话,根据上下文,选择正确的句子,

B: It's near the bookstore.

B:Yes ,it is .


B: You can go by the No.302 bus.Get off at the hospital,and then turn B:You're welcome.

七.Read and choose.阅读下面的短文,按要求答题。(每小题1.5分,共15分。)


Tomorrow is Sunday.Wang Jie isn't going to school.He is going to get up early. In the morning,he is going to visit a science museum.He's going there by subway.He's going to have lunch in McDonald's. In the afternoon,he is going to play football with his friends,At about 3:30,he is going home to do homework.Then he is going to clean his bedroom.He's going to cook the meals for his father and mother in the evening.

( )1.What day is it today? Today is A. Sunday. B. Saturday.

( )2. What’s Wang jie going to do on Sunday morning ?

A. visit a science museum B. visit his grandparents

( ?

A. At home . B. In McDonald's

( )4. Wang Jie is going to the science museum by A. train. B. subway.

( )5. Is Wang Jie a good child?

A. Yes,he is. B. No,he isn't.

(二) 阅读下面的短文,判断下列句子的对错。

I'm Jack.I'm very happy every holiday. I usually go to the library. Sometimes I go to the park .The library is not far .I usually go on foot . I walk straight for fifteen minutes. Then I turn left,the library is on the right.The park is very far.It's near the post office .I often get there by the No.206 bus,get off at the post office.It's easy to find it .

( ) 1. I have a good time every weekend.

( ) 2. I usually go to the library on foot.

( ) 3.Jack usually goes to the park on holidays.

( ) 4.I go to the park by bus .

( ) 5.The park is near the post office.



(is, am, do, get, apples, books, bus, bike, library, bookstore, read, from, what, where)

Tomorrow Children’s Day. We don’t go to school. I ____going to ___ up early and ____ my homework in the morning. I’m going to the ____ and buy some ____ with my friends in the afternoon. I’m going there by ____ , because the bookstore is far _____ my home. In the evening, I’m going to _____ my new books. ____ are you going to do tomorrow?

九、Ask and answer(根据答句写问句。)(10分)

1. I usually go to school by bus.

2. ?

I am going to play computer games this afternoon.

3. ?

You can go to the library by the No. 15 bus.

4. ?

Yes, the park is next to the post office.

5._________________________________________ ?

The bookstore is east of the cinema .

十、Look and write (看图作文, 假如你是Chen jie,你打算这个周末去哪里?它在什么位置?你跟谁一起去?怎样去?在那里将会做什么?根据下面的图片,发挥想象,写至少五句英语。你可以选图表达。)(10分。)




一、Listen and choose(听音,根据你所听到的内容,选择相符合的一


( B ) 1. You must turn right here.

( C ) 2. Where is the post office ?

( B ) 3. Wait at a yellow light.

( A ) 4. Let me tell you how to come to the library.

( B ) 5.My birthday is June 5th .

( A ) 6. The library is near the hospital.

( A ) 7. Look at the traffic lights.

( B ) 8. Stop at a red light.

( C ) 9. My birthday is in Oct.

( B )10. Traffic rules

二、Listen and judge (听录音,根据你听到的录音内容,判断图片或


1. Go at a green light.

2. I go to school by subway .

3. My birthday is November 9 th.

4. I am going to the bookstore tonight.

5. Mike usually goes to school by bike .

6. I am going to climb mountains on Saturday morning.

7. How do you go to ShangHai? I go by train.

8. The bookstore is south of the science museum .

9. There are always three lights in every country.

10. What are you going to do next weekend? I am going to visit my grangparents.


三. Listen and chose the best answer. (听录音,根据录音内容选择最


1.Where is the cinima ?( C)

2.When are you going to the bookstore.(A)


3. How do you go to BeiJing ?(B)

4. Is your home far from the school?(A)

5.What are you going to buy in the shoe store?(C)

四、Listen and fill(听录音,根据录音内容,填写下列句子中所缺的单



tonight ? A story book.

2. We must at a yellow light .

It's near the cinema .

4. How do you go to Hongkong ?

5. Turn 五、Listen and judge(听录音,根据录音内容判断句子的对错, 对的



A: Good morning,Sarah. Where are you going this afternoon?

B: I'm going to the Bai Jia Supermarket .Where is it?

A:It's in Flower Street.It's near the cinema.

B:How can I get there?

A:You can go by the No.38 bus. What are you going to buy?

B:I'm going to buy an English dictionary.Goodbye .


六、A E B D C

七、(1) B A B B A (2) (×√××√)

八、 is am get do bookstore books bus from read What

九 、

1.How do you go to school ?

2. What are you going to do this afternoon?

3.How can I get to the library?

4. Is the park next to the post office?

5. What are you doing?


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