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一、听一听,选一选,圈一圈。 make cake hake jake hi pie I my

pizza people pear purple peach beach head hand short shorts shoes chose


1、May I have an apple,please? May I have a apple,please?

2、Can I help you ?

Can you help me ?

3、This is Ben.

That is Ben.

4、How many pears?

How many bears?

5、There are two little rabbits. There is a little rabbits.


1、Here you are.

Here are you.

2、You're welcome.

You're right.

3、Five yuan.

Five apples.

4、She is my friend.

He is my classmate.

5、This is my ear.

This is my eye.


1、pizza pie cake make

2、hamburger apple orange peach

3、cakes pie hamburger pizza

4、Mother brother sister teacher

5、ear pear face eye


1、How many_____?

A、peachs B、peaches C、peach

2、How many pears?

A、Two B、Too C、To

3、---Here you are .


A、You're welcome. B、Thank you .

4、---What color do you like? ---_______. C、Me, too.

A、I like oranges. B、I like orange. C、I like an orange.

5、---How much?


A、Six . B、Six yuan . C、Six pears.


Hello,everyone.This is Alice, she is my classmate.She is ten. She can draw a flower.She likes oranges.

1、He is Alice. ( )

2、She is my friend. ( )

3、She is ten . ( )

4、She can draw a house. ( )

5、She likes apples. ( )

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