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1、I (起床) at six in the morning.

A. get up B. play football C. go to school D. go to work

2、He _______ (足球) in the afternoon.

A. play basketball B. play the flute C. plays football D. sing

3、We (去上学) by bike.

A. walk to school B. go out C. go to school D. go home

4、We have (数字和语文) in the morning.

A. Maths and English B. Maths and Chinese C. Music and Chinese

5、My father goes to work (骑自行车)。

A. by bike B. by bus C. by plane D. by train

6、They (吃午饭) at twelve.

A. have breakfast B. have dinner C. have lunch D. have sweets

7、He plays the (笛子) in the classroom.

A. drums B. flute C. play ping pong

8、Do you (去游泳)?Yes, I do.

A. go to swimming B. go swimming B. go swim

9、We (穿毛衣) in autumn.

A. wear sweaters B. wear shirts C. wear gloves D. wear hats

10、In (夏天),we wear T-shirt.

A. spring B. winter C. autumn D. summer


1.What do you like? A. Yes,we do.

2. Does he like swimming? B. I like toy pandas.

3. What’s the time? C. No,he doesn’t.

4. Is it 8 o’clock? D. It’s half past 7.

5. Do we have Maths at school? E. No,it isn’t.


1.二十t_ent_ 2.老师t_ _cher 3.可以c_ _ 4.美国Am_ r_ca

5.祖母gr_nd_a 6.来自fr_m 7.学生st_d_nt 8.女孩g_ _l

9.姐妹s_ster 10.哪里wh_r_ 11.锁l_ _k 12.十五f_ _teen

13.兄弟br_ther 14.袋鼠k_ng_r_ _ 15.家庭f_m_l_

四. 连词成句(20分)

1. are , where , you , from (?)

2. is , he , teacher , a (.)

3. welcome , school , back , to (!)

4. a , nice , what , girl (!)

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