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牛津小学英语5AUnit1---Unit2 质量检测

Class _______ Name________ Mark__________


一 从句子中找出你所听到的单词,将序号填在题前的括号内 5

() 1. A. house B. mouse C. our

( ) 2. A. there B. their C. they

( ) 3. A. this B. these C. the

( ) 4. A. telephone B. bathroom C. bedroom

( ) 5. A. wall B. word C. world

二 根据你听到的问题,选出正确的回答4

()1. A. There are some umbrellas. B. They are umbrellas.

C. They are blue

( ) 2. A. Sorry, I don’t know B. Thank you. C. There are 3 students. ()3. A. They are in the playground B. There are some students.

B. Their playground is small.

( ) 4. A. Good idea B. Thank you C. You’re right.

三 根据你所听到的对话内容连线7

1. computer A. near the zoo

2. park B. twenty

3. reading room C. forty

4 students D. many TVs

5 garden E. rubbers

6 school F. toilet

7 pencil box G. swing

四 完成短文6

It’s the first day of the new term. ________ the students _________back school. _________ __________ very happy. Mike, Helen ________ WangBing are at the gate(门)of the _________. They ________ a _________ building. _________ __________ _________ classrooms in it. And there are some reading rooms , _____________too.


一 单词辩音 4

’t (

二 词组互译 23


乒乓球室____________许多电脑______________ 你确信吗?______________

在树旁______________ 我们的父母亲______________一些沙发______________

a map of the world____________Each other____________in a toilet_____________

in the street______________ the rabbit in the black hat_________________

三 选择8

()1. There _______some milk in the bottle.

A. is B. are C. am

( ) 2. ________ your teachers? Yes, they are.

A. Are there B. Are they C. Are their

( ) 3. There__________any books in that reading room.

A. are B. isn’t C. aren’t

( ) 4. There ______ an apple and an orange on the table.

A. is B. are C. am

( ) 5. There are three cars on the play ground. _________one is my father’s.

A. First B. One C. The first

( ) 6. There is a __________in the building. And there are many interesting books in the room.

A. computer room B. reading room C. table tennis room

( ) 7. Here’s a hot dog_______ you

A. for B. to C. at

( ) 8. What’s that on the desk? ____________________

A. There’s a clock. B. It’s a clock. C. There are clocks.

四 选词填空6

(in on under behind near at)

1 There are some umbrellas_________ the door.

2 There are two maps________ the wall.

3 We go to school________ seven every morning.

4 There are some books_________ the bookcase.

5 Is there a park_________ our school?

6 Where are your shoes? They are _________ the bed.

五 中译英18

1 教室有些学生吗?不,没有。但是有些老师。


2 你家有几个电话?有三个。


3 我们去那里玩好吗?好的。Shall_______________________________________

4 在这个盒子里有什么?有一些玩具。______________________________ 5 那些学生互相看见了很高兴。The_________________________________ 6


六 根据上下文完成填空5

A:Today is Mid-Autumn Festival(中秋天). Shall we watch the moon(月亮)? B: OK. Mum, the moon is very bright. __________in it?

A: There is a very beautiful _________. We call her “Chang’e.” B: Really? Anything else?

A: In Chang’E’s hands ________ is a lovely__________.

B: Anything else?

A: There are some nice trees, too.

B: Oh, I want to go to the _________. How can we go there?

A: Perhaps we can go by rocket(火箭).

七 阅读理解9


This is my school. It’s very big and beautiful.(美丽的) There are two new buildings in it. Behind the new buildings, there is an old building. The reading room is in the tallest building. I often go there and read books. There is a beautiful garden near the old building. What’s in the garden? Oh, there are lots of trees and flowers. And there are some swings and slides, too. I like my school very much.

( ) 1. My school is not big but beautiful.

( ) 2. There are three new buildings in my school.

( ) 3. The garden is near the old building.

( ) 4. I like reading.

( ) 5. There are a lot of flowers and trees in my school.

( 2 )

It is September 1st. The new term begins today. Ben is a new student in the class. He is very happy to see many new classmates. He asks some questions(问题) about the new school.

“Hello, my name is Ben. What is your name?”

“My name is Sheila. Nice to see you. Welcome to our school.”

“Thank you. May I ask you some questions?” Ben asks.

“Yes, please do.” She says

“How many students are there in our class?” Ben asks.

“Nineteen boys and twenty girls.”

“Are there any computers in the classroom?” Ben asks again.

“ There are thirty-nine computers.”

“That’s great. I can’t wait to(禁不住) have a look now.” Ben says.

1 What’s the name of the new student in the class? _____________________ 2 How many questions does Ben ask Sheila about the class?


3 How many students are there in the class?__________________________ 4 How many computers are there in the



5AU1----U2 听力稿

一 从句子中找出你所听到的单词,将序号填在题前的括号内 5

1 I live in a big house. 2. There is a garden in our school

3 What are these? They are apples. 4. Where are your toys? They are in my bedroom

5. There is a map of the world on the wall.

二 根据你听到的问题,选出正确的回答

1 What’s behind the door? 2. Are there any teachers in the office?

3. Where are the students? 4. Shall we go and have a look at your new house?


1. A: How many computers are there in the TV room?

B: There are twenty.

2 A: Where is the park? B: It’s near the toilet.

3 A: What’s in the reading room? B: There are many TVs.

4 A: How many students are there in your class? B: There are eighteen girls and twenty boys.

5 A: Is there a swing in the garden? B: Yes, there is one.

6 A: Where is your school? Is it next to the cinema?

B: No, it’s near the zoo.

7 A: What’s in the pencil-box?

B: There are some rubbers.

A: How many?

B: Seven.

四 完成短文6

It’s the first day of the new term. All the students come back school. They are very happy. Mike, Helen meet WangBing at the gate(门)of the school. They see a new building. There are twenty-four classrooms in it. And there are some reading rooms , computer rooms too.

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