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2013---2014学年第一学期期中质量检测 四年级英语试题


一、单项选择、(20分 )

( )1. a monkey.

A.This B.Here’s C.Here

( ) 2. the station.

A.near B.down C.up

( )3. A.to B.on C.at

( )4. The park is A.next B.in C.beside

( )5. house. A.this B.these C. a ( )6. I like TV. A.watch B.look C,watching

( )7.Can I have some sweets? A.Yes,you can. B.Yes,I can. C.No,I can’t. ( )8 . They’re flying kites. A.an B.a C./

( )9. My sister is her friend. A.talking B.talking to C.listening ( )10. Look at the boat the lake.

A.on B.under. C. To

( )to music.

A. Is listening B.listening C.listen

( )12.This storybook is very .

A.interest B.fat. C.interesting ( )13.The bus is coming.Let’s it.

A.get to B. get up C.get on ( )14.I can see three in the park.

A.man B.men C.kid

( )15.I like noodles egg.

A.for B.with. C.of ( )16.Do you want pears?

A.some B.an C.a

( ) A.to B.for C.on

( )18.Can you go some bread?

A.buy B. to buy C.buying ( )19.He likes meat.

A.too B. don’t C.also ( )20.She playing football.

A.like B.likes C./

二.看一看,写一写. (13分) do--doing

take( ) come( ) have(

swim( ) run( ) fly( ) write( )play( ) )

watch( ) listen( ) talk( )

ride ( ) jump( )


( )She’s behind the door. 1.我在你的右边。 ( )It’s at the station. 2.不客气。

( )You’re welcome. 3.它在车站。

( )I’m on your right. 4.她在门后。

( )Go straight on 5.向右转

( )Turn left 6.直着走

( )Turn right. 7.向左转

四、情景选择。(18分 )


A.Excuse me. B.Goodbye.


A.The cat is cute. B.The cat is lost.

3.爷爷要去邮局,你告诉他左转就到了,你可以说: A.Turn left. B.Go straight on


A.It’s near the zoo. B.It’s beside the park.

5.告诉老奶奶你叫小凯,你可以说: A.It’s Xiaokai. B.My name is Xiaokai.


A.He’s my brother. B.This is my little brother.


A.It’s a book about animals. B.It’s a book.

8.照片上的女孩正在骑自行车,你可以说: A.The girl is reading. B.She’s riding a bike.

9.告诉老师你喜欢读书,你可以说:A. I like reading. B,You like reading.

五、读句子,排序,组成一段完整的对话。(10分 ) ( )I want(想要)to fly kites with you this Saturday. ( )Lucy,what do you do on Saturdays?

(6 )Good!

( )It’s near the Zhongbai Supermarket.

( )Where is the Renmin Park?

( )I fly a kite in the Renmin Park.

六、选择正确的一项,补全对话。(10分 )


Bill: I’m drawing pictures.

Bill: A house and two birds.

Bill:It’s running.

Bill: They’re singing.

A.What are you drawing? B.What are the birds doing?

C.What are you doing? E.What’s the horse doing?

七、读短文,判断句子正(T)误(F)( 10分)

I’m Paul. Today is Saturday. It’s my birthday. Some friends come to my party. Lili wants some tomatoes. Jack wants some bread.Mary wants some juice with ice. I want some noodles.Now Mum is making noodles for me. Dad gives me a big birthday cake. How much is it? Oh, it’s twenty yuan.

( )Paul’s birthday is on Sunday.

( )Jack wants some tomatoes.

( )Mary wants some juice with ice.

( )Paul wants some noodles.

( )The birthday cake is 12 yuan.


满分100分 (其中卷面分5分)


1-5BABCA 6-10CACBA 11-15ACCBB 16-20ABBBB 第二题:(每小题1分 共13分。)

taking coming having writing swimming running watching listening talking riding jumping

第三题:(每小题2分 共14分。)


第四题:(每小题2分 共18分。)


第五题:(每小题2分 共10分。)516432

第六题:(每小题2.5分 共10分。)CAEB

第七题:(每小题2分 共10分。)FFTTF flying playing

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