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牛津小学英语5A Unit 3 At a music lesson测试卷

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牛津小学英语5A Unit 3 At a music lesson测试卷

听力部分 (30分)


( )1. A. learn B. lesson C. listen

( )2. A. song B. sign C. sing

( )3. A. ski B. skate C. skirt

( )4. A. dance B. down C. don’t

( )5. A. after B. not C. hot

( )6. A. play the game B. play the guitar C. play the violin

( )7. A. make a puppet B. make a plane C. make a puzzle

( )8. A. I can swim. B. I can’t swim. C. We can swim.

( )9.A. Let’s start. B. Let’s begin. C. Let’s sing.

( )10. A. You’re right. B. All right. C. You’re wrong.


( )1. A. Yes, I can. B. I can’t ski. C. I can ski.

( )2. A. Yes. B. Yes, we are. C. Yes, I can.

( )3. A. We can sing ‘Colour song’. B. We can dance. C. We can sing.

( )4. A. He’s Jim. B. Yes, he is. C. He’s under the table.

( )5. A. Me, too. B. Sure, I can. C. Oh, dear!


Ben ____________ Helen are _____________. Ben ___________ ride a __________. He can ___________ a __________ on his _________. ________ Helen ________. She can _________ the piano.



( )6.


( )1. The students are __________ a Music lesson.

A. in B. at C. on

( )2. — Listen to me, please.

— ________.

A. OK. B. Sorry. C. Yes, I can.

( )3. He can skate, ______ she can’t.

A. and B. / C. but

( )4. — Can you make a puppet? — _______

A. Yes, I do. B. Yes, we can. C. No, you can’t.

( )5. They ________ a Music lesson.

A. having B. are having C. are have

( )6. It’s eight ________ in the morning.

A. clock B. time C. o’clock

( )7. The boys can sing _______ song ‘In the classroom’.

A. a B. the C. an

( )8. — What can your brother do? — _______

A. I can sing. B. He can ride a bike. C. She can take photos.

( )9. Shall we ________ the song “In the classroom” now?

A. listen B. learn C. put

( )10. Here are some storybooks _______ you.

A. of B. with C. for


1. 唱唱跳跳2. 一节英语课3. 唱这首歌4. 在门后面

5. 在你头上6. make a model plane _______________


1. Can you ___________(swimming, swim).

2. I can’t find ______________(his, him).

3. Mike likes playing ______________(guitar, the guitar).

4. The girl can dance, but the boy ___________(can, can’t).

5. There __________ any apples in the basket. (aren’t, are)

6. —_____________(Where’s, What’s) on the bed? — There’s a doll on it.


1. two , the , in , it , o’clock , is , afternoon (.)


2. you , can , what , sing (?)


3. boy , swim , can , the (?)


4. together , sing , let’s , it (.)




____________ _____________ books are there on the desk?

2. There are some flowers in the garden. (改成否定句)

There ____________ ____________ flowers in the garden.


____________ can you ____________?

4.This is a ruler.(改成复数句)

These ____________ _____________.

5. I can sing some songs.(改成一般疑问句)

__________ ___________ sing any songs?



Shall _____________ _______________ the song ?


There’s a _______________ ______________ my school.


Can ____________ ______________ a puppet?


They are having ___________ English ____________.


I ___________ in a new ______________ .



I am Peter. I’m an American boy. I am in Class Four. This is Li Lei and this is Han Mei. They are my good friends. Li Lei can play football, but Han Mei can’t. She can make kites.

Look, that’s our new school. There is a library in it. We can read many books in it. We are very happy in our school.


( )1. Peter is American boy.

( )2. Li Lei and Han Mei can play football.

( )3. Han Mei can make kites.

( )4. There is a library in the school.


Helen: What can you do, Yang Ling?

Yang Ling: I can sing. And I can dance. Can you sing Chinese songs, Helen? Helen: No, I can’t. But I can play the piano. And my mother can play the piano, too.

Yang Ling: What can Mike do? Can he play the piano?

Helen: I don’t think so. But he can play the guitar.

Yang Ling: Oh, my friend Gao Shan can play the guitar, too. He learns how to

play the guitar from his father.

Helen: How about David and his sister, Nancy? What can they do?

Yang Ling: David can ski and skate very well. Nancy can skate but she can’t

ski. They and their parents often go skating on Sundays.

Helen: The family all like skating, right?

Yang Ling: Yes, they do. Look, Liu Tao is coming. What can he do? Helen: Liu Tao is very quiet(安静). He can make a model plane.

Yang Ling: He’s a clever boy.


1. What can Yang Ling do?


2. Can Helen sing Chinese songs?


3. Who can play the guitar?


4. Can Nancy ski?


5. What do David and his family often do on Sundays?


6. What can Liu Tao do?




1. lesson 2. song 3. skate 4. dance 5. not

6. play the violin 7. make a plane 8. I can’t swim.

9. Let’s sing. 10. You’re right.


1. What can you do?

2. Shall we learn the song ‘We can sing and dance’ now?

3. What can you sing?

4. Where is Jim?

5. Can you ride a bike?


Ben and Helen are students. Ben can ride a bike. He can put a book on his head. But Helen can’t. She can play the piano.




三、and, students, can, bike, put, book, head, But, can’t, play



六、1. sing and dance 2. an English lesson 3. sing the song

4. behind the door 5. on your head 6.制作一架模型飞机

7. 骑自行车8. 听老师讲9. 跟着我10. 拉小提琴

七、1. swim 2. him 3. the guitar 4. can’t 5. aren’t 6. What’s 八、1. It is two o’clock in the afternoon.

2. What can you sing?

3. The boy can swim.

4. Let’s sing it together.

九、1. How, many 2. aren’t, any 3. What, do 4. are, rulers 5. Can, you 十、1. we, learn 2. garden, behind 3. you, make 4. an, lesson 5. live, house 十一、(A)√×√√

(B)1. She can sing and dance. 2. No, she can’t.3. Mike and Gao Shan.

4. No, she can’t. 5. They often go skating.

6. He can make a model plane.

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