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牛津小学英语5A Unit 4 Halloween测试卷

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牛津小学英语5A Unit 4 Halloween测试卷



( )1. A. many B. make C. much

( )2. A. large B. like C. lantern

( )3. A. horse B. house C. head

( )4. A. chinese B. change C. china

( )5. A. apple B. ask C. animal

( )6. A. hello B. Halloween C. Helen

( )7. A. very B. vase C. vest

( )8. A. think B. thing C. things

( )9. A. Saturday B. Sunday C. today

( )10.A. egg B. else C. eight


( )1. A. Yes, I am. B. No, it is. C. No, I don’t.

( )2. A. Yes I do. B. I’m Wang Bing. C. I like apples.

( )3. A. I like flowers. B. I like cats. C. I like red.

( )4. A. We need some flowers.B. I like masks. C.He needs a vase.

( )5. A. Here you are. B. Yes, it is. C. Some masks, please.


1. — How much is the toy _________?

— ________ yuan.

2. We would like to _________ __________ for our Halloween party.

3. Shall we make a _________?

4. Ben and his __________ are in the _________ _________.

5. What do __________ __________?




1.你的家庭 2.一匹大马

3.在门后面 4.买东西

5.需要一些花 6.a bus driver

7.a Halloween party 8.Follow me. 9.help me 10. pumpkin lanterns 三、选择正确的答案,将其序号填入括号内。(10分)

( )1. There aren’t students in the classroom.

A. some B. any C. a

( )2. We _______ a red car.

A. need B. can C. do

( )3. — Here ________ your masks.

— Thank you.

A. are B. do C. is

( )4. — What_______ you like?

— I like _______.

A. are; a cat B. are; cats C. do; cats

( )5. They like swimming on Sundays, _______ we don’t.

A. and B. but C. or

( )6. The books are nice. How much _______?

A. is it B. are they C. they are

( )7. — I like pigs. _________ you?

— Me, too.

A. How B. How do C. How about

( )8. __________ we watch TV.

A. In the evening B. On the evening C. At the evening

( )9. Sometimes Mike and I _________ to music.

A. am listen B. listen C. listening

( )10. I would like ________, and I’d like _______ some flowers for my mother.

A. a vase; buy B. some vases; buying C. a vase; to buy



( )1. Do you like chickens ? A. She’s in the playground.

( )2. What do you need ? B. Eight yuan , please.

( )3. How much are the masks ? C. No , we don’t.

( )4. Let’s go and see . D. There are five.

( )5. Are there any monkeys in the park ? E. You’re right.

( )6. How many TV rooms are there ? F. I can dance and sing.

( )7. What can you do ? G. We need some flowers.

( )8. Where’s Nancy ? H. No,there aren’t.

( )9. He’s in the room. I. A fish,please.

( )10. Can I help you? J. OK.


1. They like cooking.(改为否定句)

They _________ _________ cooking.


__________ can David __________?

3. I like the pigs.(改为一般疑问句)

_________ _________ like the pigs?

4. Are there any ducks? (作肯定回答)

Yes, _________ __________.

5. There’s a vase on the desk. (改为复数句)

There _________ __________ vases on the desk.


1. 在万圣节前夕我们需要许多巧克力和一个大南瓜。

We need a ________ _______chocolates and a ________ pumpkin for Halloween.

2. 他的铅笔盒里没钢笔,他没法抄写新单词。

There _______ a pen in his pencil box. He ----------________ copy the________ words.

3. 我喜欢制作模型飞机。你会制作模型飞机吗?

I like ________ model planes. Can you _________ model planes?

4. 我会画马,杨玲会画猪。

I can draw a_________, but Yang Ling can draw a __________.


1. — Where’s your music room? — It’s __________ the first floor. (in, on)

2. There isn’t a camera here. I __________ take photos. (can, can’t)

3. — What _______ you like? — I like hot dogs. (do, can)

4. We _________ some English songs in the English lessons. (listen, learn)

5. There is _________ milk in the bottle. (any, no)



My brother and I live with my mother in a house in Suzhou. My mother’s name is Peggy. She is forty-five years old. My brother’s name is Henry. He is twenty-two. My name is Jane. I am twelve years old.

My mother is doctor. She is hard-working. She doesn’t work on Sundays. My brother is a teacher. He doesn’t work on Saturdays or Sundays. My mother likes cooking and reading. My brother and I like reading, but we don’t like cooking. Sometimes we watch TV in the evening. Sometimes we play in the park near our house. We go there by bike.

I love my mother and brother. I live my family.


( )1. Jane and her family live in Suzhou.

( )2. Jane’s mother is a teacher.

( )3. Jane’s family all like reading.

( )4. Jane and her brother like cooking, too.

( )5. Jane can ride a bike.


Jane and Nancy are good friends. They are English girls. They speak(说)


Jane is thirteen years old. She can dance. Nancy is twelve. She can’t dance, but she can sing. She can sing many songs in Chinese. She can sing many songs in Chinese.

On Sundays, they play with their friends. They play different(不同) games. Some like basketball, some like singing and dancing, some like riding bikes, some like flying kites. They are happy.

( )1. Jane and Nancy are _______.

A. sisters B. friends C. boys

( )2. Jane is _______, and Nancy is _______.

A. 13; 12 B. 13; 14 C. 11; 12

( )3. Jane can_______, and Nancy can _______.

A. dance; dance B. sing; dance C. dance; sing

( )4. They play with their friends _________.

A. on Saturdays B. on Sundays C. on Saturdays and Sundays

( )5. Some of them like _________.

A. flying kites and playing football

B. speaking English

C. singing and dancing



1. many 2. lantern 3. horse 4. change 5. animal 6. Halloween 7. vase

8. things 9. Saturday 10. else


1. Do you like horses?

2. What do you like?

3. What animals do you like?

4. What else do we need?

5. Can I help you?






三、1. pig, Ten 2. buy, things 3. mask 4. family, sitting, room 5. they, need 笔试部分


二、1. your family 2. a big horse 3. behind the door

4. buy things 5. need some flowers

6. 一名公共汽车司机7. 一个万圣节聚会8. 跟着我

9. 帮助我10. 南瓜灯



五、1. don’t, like 2. What, do 3. Do, you 4.there, are 5. are, some 六、1. lot, of, big 2. isn’t, can’t, new 3. making, make 4. horse, pig

5. horse, pig

七、1. on 2. can’t 3. do 4. learn 5. no

八、(A) √×√×√ (B) BACBC

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