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unit2《Lesson 10 Liming meets Jenny’s classes》

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Unit2 School in Canada Lesson10 Li Ming Meets Jenny’s Class

Sing an English song

Can you guess what do they talk about

A:Hello,Nice to meet you ! Nice to meet you too B:___________________. How are you? A:________________ B:Fine,thanks. A:Where are you from? B: I am from Canada. A:oh,it is far from Beijing. 2008北京奥运会志愿者与来客的合照 Yes B:________.Do you like Canada? A:Yes,it is great .Would you tell me What your name is? B:My name is…..Ifeel happy to see you .I think Beijing is very beautiful now How old are you A:_______________? B:I’m eighteen years old. . A:Thanks ,Welcome to Beijing. B:Thanks,You speak good English.

How old are you ?

birthday cake

How tall are you ?

a tape measure

1.How are you? 2.Nice to meet you!

3.What’s the name of your city? 4.Do you speak English? 5.Where do you live?

Where do you live ?

a house

An apartment

where how live city speak China Chinese South apartment Kilometre hundred come----came

哪里 怎样 居住 城市 讲 中国 中国人,汉语 南方 公寓 千米 百 来

Listen , Read the text and think over these questions . the name of Li Ming’s city ? Li Ming’s city is Shi jiazhuang ★ How far is from Shijiazhuang to Beijing ? It’s about only three hundred Kilometres South of Beijing ★ When did Li Ming come to Canada ?
★ ★ What’s

He came on Monday. Does everyone in Li Ming’s family speak English ?

No,they speak Chinese at home.


a:What’s the name of your city? 你所在的城市叫什么名字? b: My family lives in an apartment. 我家住在公寓楼。 c: I miss China. 我想念中国。 d: 我们在家说汉语 We speak Chinese at home! e:北京离这儿远吗? Is that far from Beijing? f:You speak good English. 你的英语讲得好。


When did you come to China? Do you like China? Where are you from? How far is Canada? What do you speak in Canada? Where do you live?

I am from China . I came on Monday . It is about 8,500km . I live in Canada . Yes ,I do . I speak English .

Homework : 1、Read the text . 2、Activity book .

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