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(重阳节)The double

According to the yin/yang dichotomy that forms a basis to the chinese world view, yin represents the elements of darkness and yang represents life and brightness. the number nine is regarded as yang. the ninth day of the ninth month is a double yang day, hence the name "chong yang festival". (chong means "repeat" in chinese.) the ninth month also heralds the approach of winter. it is a time when the living need warm clothing, and filial chinese sons and daughters extended this to make the festival a time for providing winter clothes for their ancestors. the double ninth festival, therefore, also became an occasion to visit the graves of dead family members. clothes made of paper would then be burnt as offerings.

ninth festival(the ninth

day of the ninth lunar month)




festival" is celebrated on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month, and it is as such known as the double ninth festival.

On the double ninth festival,

people customarily climb mountains, appreciate chrysanthemum flowers, drink chrysanthemum wine, and eat double-ninth cakes. the double ninth festival is also the "old men festival". old people are especially meant to improve their health by taking part in the activities on the day of the festival.

The 9th day of september in the lunar calendar is "the chinese chong yang festival" and a happy occasion in autumn. according to the traditional theory of "yin" and "yang", both the 9th month and the 9th day of the month belong to "yang", which means positive and masculine, and "chong" means double, thus it is called "chong yang".

People often gather for a party, appreciate chrysanthemums, pin the leaves of cornus on clothes. and the custom of climbing mountains and eating a special cake also features the day.

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