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(一年级起点 第11册) (完成时间 60分钟)

( ) 4. A. B.

( ) 5. A. B.


I. Listen and circle: 8% (听句子,圈出听到的单词或词组,对8题得满分) 1. went want 2. Chinatown Chinese restaurant

3. into in 4. for from 5. here hear 6. write wrote 7. can can’t 8. Chinese kite Chinese food 9. at night a night 10. twenty hours twelve hours

II. Listen and choose the right pictures 8%(听音选择所听到的图片,填序号)

( ) 1.A. B.

( ) 2. A. B.

( ) 3. A. B.

( ) 6. A. B.

( ) 7. A. B.

( ) 8. A. B.


1. ( ) A. It’s five thousand kilometres long.

B. It’s more than two thousand years old. 2. ( ) A. Yes, I have. B. Yes, I can.

3. ( ) A. I’ve got some apples. B. Yes, I’ve got some apples.

4. ( ) A. It sleeps for 15 hours. B. It sleeps in the day. 5. ( ) A. I often play basketball. B. In the park.



6. ( ) A. It likes jumping. B. It likes eating. 7. ( ) A. It’s in November. B. It’s in December. 8. ( ) A. I’m sending emails. B. I like sending emails. 9. ( ) A. No, I don’t. B. No, I didn’t. 10.( ) A. I went to the zoo. B. I am from China.

IV. Listen and tick 7 %听短文,在正确信息前的( )里打“√”V. Listen and arrange. 6% (听音,将下列句子排列成一篇短文. )

( ) Chinese stamps are famous because they are very beautiful. ( ) Many stamps in China were children’s paintings. ( ) People all over the world love stamps from China. ( ) People love these stamps.

( ) They also show China’s people, places and animals. ( ) The paintings show China and the children’s work is good.

VI. Listen and circle (T) for true or ( F )for false:5%

(听音,根据内容判断正误, 正确的圈T, 错误的圈F, 对5题得满分)

1. Tom wants a Chinese pen pal. T F 2. He is learning Chinese at home. T F 3. He can speak some Chinese. T F 4. His classmate often help him with his Chinese. T F 5. He likes Chinese kites. T F 6. He often goes to the Great Wall on Monday. T F

VII. Listen and fill in the blanks. 8% (听音,填空。填对8处得满分。)

answer, coconut, collect, address, choose, awake, difficult, bring, different, together 1. Please write to me. This is my __________________ in China. 2. I will ____________ your questions about America. 3. A fox sleeps in the day and is ______________ at night. 4. We’re going to have lunch ________________. 5. You can _____________ some books to read. 6. I didn’t _____________ any drinks. 7. We can see some ____________ trees. 8. Do you ______________ stamps, Sam?

9. Chopsticks are very _________________ for me.

10. The food was _____________________ from food in China.

读写部分 50%

Ⅰ. Copy these sentences correctly 4% 正确抄写句子

can you tell me about american festivals 2

yes thanksgiving is my favourite

Ⅱ. Read and cirlce 6%(读一读,圈一圈,对6题得满分)

1. Amy can speaks/speak some Chinese. 2. Please/ Pleased to meet you. 3. Lingling is learns/learning English.

4. We say “Thank you” for/to all the good things. 5. What have/do you got in your bag? 6. Where/What are these stamps from? 7. How long/old is your city?

8. The moon is million/millions of years old.

III. Read and choose 6% 图文配对

A B C.


( ) 1. I often read stories to my little brother. ( ) 2. There is a Chinatown in New York. ( ) 3. My brother has got a Chinese kite. ( ) 4. Snakes can’t hear the music. They’re deaf. ( ) 5. The UN wants to make peace in the world.

( ) 6. It’s fun to drink this way.

IV. Match the questions and answers. 6%(问答配对,对6题得满分)

( ) 1. Do you often clean your room? A. Yes, I have.

( ) 2. What food do you love? B. I’ve got a desk and a chair. ( ) 3. How long is the Great Wall? C. I went to the library. ( ) 4. What are you doing? D. No, I don’t. ( ) 5. How long does a snake sleep a day? E. I love sandwiches. ( ) 6. Have you got any stamps from Canada? F. 18 hours.

( ) 7. What have you got in your room? G. It’s ten thousand li long. ( ) 8. Where did you go last Sunday? H. I’m reading a book.

V. Read and choose the right answers:6%


( )1. How _______ is your desk? It’s two metres.

A. old B. long C. tall

( )2. What did you see? I ______ Chinese dancing.

A.saw B. see C. am seeing

( )3. I like Chinese food ____ I’ve got Chinese chopsticks.

A.and B. but C. or

( ) 4. Can I write _____ her? Yes.

A.in B. at C. to ( ) 5. Have you got a book about China?

A.Yes, I can. B. Yes, I have. C. Yes, I do. ( ) 6. The UN ______ make peace in the world.

A.wants for B. wants to C. want to ( ) 7. The clock is fifty metres ______.

A. old B. big C. high

( ) 8. _______ drink clean water!

A. Only B. only C. To


VI. Read and write down the right festivals 6%

Children’s Day Halloween Christmas Day Teachers’ Day Spring Festival Mid-Autumn Festival 1. We have a big dinner. We eat jiaozi. We have lucky monkey. It’s __________________.

2. Children love this day. They can sing and dance. It’s _______________________.

3. We eat moon cakes. We play a special game with dice. It’s _______________________.

4. On this day we give flowers to our teachers. It’s ____________________________.

5. Children wear scary clothes. People give them sweets. It’s ____________________.

6. It’s a very important festival in many countries. People put special trees in their homes. It’s ______________.

VII. 阅读短文,模仿范例填写完整周末活动表:(填对6处得满分)12%

Hello, I am Xiaoyong. Last weekend our family had a good time. On Saturday my father ,my mother and I went to the Great Wall. We took a lot of photos there. On Sunday morning I stayed at home. I finished my homework. My mother went to the supermarket. My father cleaned his car . On Sunday afternoon I played football with my friends. My mother and my father rowed a boat in the park. On Sunday evening we watch TV at home. We were very happy.

VIII. Read and choose the right answers.

(阅读短文,选择正确的答案,选对4题得满分) 4%

Christmas is a very important festival in many countries. It is on the 25th of December. People put special things in their homes. There are lights in the streets and shops. People give presents and sned cards. People sing Christmas songs. Good children will get gifts from Father Christmas. People love it! ( ) 1. When is Christmas?

A. It’s on the 25th of November. B. It’s on the 25th of December. ( ) 2. What do people put in their homes? A. People put special things in their homes. B. People put special lights in their homes. ( ) 3. What do people give?

A. They give Christmas presents. B. They give Chridtmas money. ( ) 4. What do people send?

A. They send Christmas emails. B. They send Christmas cards. ( ) 5. Who will give good children gifts?

A. Father and mother. B. Father Christmas.


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