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A.My new penfriend (用括号内所给词的正确形式完成短文。)

I ______(have) a penfriend, her name is Su Hai. She ______(live) in Nanjing. Su Hai _____(like) music very much and she _______(do)well in it. She ______(have) a twin sister. Her name’s SuYang. They both________ (like) drawing and singing . They usually ______(go) to school at seven in the morning and always______(come) home together at four in the afternoon.

B. Exercise:(Help Su Hai with her test.)用所给词的适当形式填空。

1. Tom usually _______(walk) to school everyday.

2. Sometimes Ben _________(fly) kites at the weekends.

3. She often _________(watch) TV after school.

4. We _________(surf) the Internet every evening

5. My parents always _______(take) a walk after supper.

6. I often _______(have) a party on my birthday?

7. _______ people usually _______ (watch) the moon at Mid-Autumn Festival? Yes, they do.

8. What_______ you usually ________(do) on Children’s Day?

C.阅读Su Hai来信中的一段话,选择合适的词填空。

I ______(am, was) busy last week. I ________(go,went) to Beijing with my parents last Tuesday. We_______(visit,visited) the Great Wall and________(take,took) many photos on Wednesday and Thursday. I __________(watch,watched) a film last Friday. And I _______(have,had) a lot of fun with my friends last weekend…

Ha,ha, we _______(are, were)so happy.

D.Exercise: (Help SuHai with her homework)


clean ( ) wash( )stop( ) dance( )

study( ) see ( ) get ( ) has ( )


1.I often go to school on foot.( 用yesterday改写 )


2.My mother does housework everyday.(用just now改写)


3.Do you usually play football on Sunday afternoon?(用last Sunday改写) _____________________________________________________________

Design a postcard. Write something about your Children’

s Day.

English Test



2.carry______________ 3.sit____________

4.catch____________ 5.study_____________ 6.go___________ 写出下列动词的过去式

1.go_______________ 2.stop______________ 3.study___________

4.see______________ 5.like______________ 6.read ____________ 用所给词的适当形式填空。

1.Nancy ________ (pick) up oranges on the farm last week.

2. I ________ (not make) a model ship with Mike yesterday.

3. _______they _____ (play) chess in the classroom last PE lesson?

4.We often___________(play) in the playground.

5.He _________(get) up at six o’clock yesterday.

(do) after school?

7.The earth(地球) ___________(go) around the sun.

8._________the rabbit ________(jump) high? Yes, it________.

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