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线 名 姓 订 号 学 装 级 班 六年级英语毕业测试卷(2012-6) (时间40分钟,满分50分) 写在前面的话:同学们,祝贺你们顺利完成小学六年级的毕业!请你们仔细审题,细心答题,相信你们一定会交出一份满意的答卷。

一、词汇题(1-4题根据首字母或中文提示完成句子,每题1分;5-6题将划线部分译成中文,每题1分) than a monkey. in the singing contest. 3. We don’t (上课) today. 4. Su Hai 去散步) in the park last Sunday. 5. The weather in summer is (和…一样热) in Nanjing. ( ) ( ) ) 二、选择正确答案(1分*12=12分) ( )1 My pen ______ there just now, but it ______ not there now. A is ,is B was ,is C is ,was ( )2. - Yang Ling see a film last Sunday? - No, she . A. Do, don’t B. Does, doesn’t C. Did, didn’t ( )3. Go along this street, and then turn left ______ second crossing. A at B in C at the ( )4. 你知道下面哪个单词的划线部分发音与其余两个不同吗? A. ( )5. Helen studies ________than Nancy. A. well B. beautifully C. better. ( )6. 选出与划线部分发音相同的单词。 ( )7. What are you ______ tomorrow? A doing B going to do C. to do ( )8. It’s time ______lunch. A. for B. to C. have

( )9. --Hello! Is that Liu Tao? --Yes, Liu Tao speaking.

A.I am B. that is C. this is

( )10. We are watching __________ football match.

A. an excited B. an exciting C. an excite

( )11. This mirror is as ______ as that one.

A big B fat C high

( )12. There’s a new elephant the zoo. It’s America.

A. in ; at B. on; for C. in ; from


1. and, I’m, shorter, than, thinner, you (.)


2. am, basketball, going, play, I, this, to, afternoon (.)


3. had, I , a, big, my, lunch, with, last, family, Sunday(.)


4. did , do , weekend , what , you , last (?)


5. weather, like, today, what, is the (?)



2.It’s warm _______in spring in New York.

3.Jack has no brothers or sisters, so he ’s _________________in his family. _, and you’ll get stronger.


1. A: B: It’s very and often A : do you usually do?

B: I usually go

2. A:Can I have


A.I want to a letter





1.( ) Who do you want to write to? A. Mary,my penfriend.

2.( ) What is the date today? B.I like swimming and skating.

3.( ) When’s your birthday? C.It’s snowy.

4.( ) What shape is the kite? D.In front of the cinema

5.( ) What day is it today? E.We are going to have a party.

6.( ) What’s the weather like today? F.It’s Wednesday.

7.( ) Where’s the bus stop? G.It's on the second of May.

8.( ) What did you do last week? H.It's the l7th of April.

9.( ) What do you like? 1.I made a lot of food at home 10. ( ) What are you going to do next J .It’s a square.



Dear Peter:

Thank you for your letter and some beautiful stamps. I like them very much. I also collect stamps. I’m sending(寄) some Monkey King stamps to you. I think you’ll like them.

Now I’m going to answer some of your questions. You ask me about the weather in Beijing in winter. It’s quite cold and it often snows in winter. After snowing, the ground is white. And I can skate on real ice(真正的冰). I like winter best.

You ask me when the best time to come to China is. I think the best time to come to China is in spring or autumn. It’s often too hot in summer and it’s too cold in winter. I have to finish this letter now. Ask your brother to come to China with you. Welcome to Beijing soon.


Wang Bing

( ) 1. What is Wang Bing’s favourite season?

A. Summer. B. Winter. C. Spring.

( ) 2. Where does Wang Bing live?

A. Beijing. B. Suzhou. C. I don’t know.

( ) 3. Which sentence is right?

A. Peter is writing an e-mail to Wang Bing.

B. Wang Bing thinks the best time to come to China is in winter..

C. Perhaps Peter will come to China with his brother.

( ) 4. What does Wang Bing give Peter?

( ) 5. What’s the weather like in winter in Beijing?

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