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an English Drama


This TV drama is based on the famous detective novel of the British novelist Aurthor Conan Doyle. It took the background from the 19C to the 21C .And the fashion and talent detective Sherlock Holmes with his fantastic assistant John Watson are facing a series of dangerous and unusual events in London.

Two main characters
Sherlock Holmes

Consulting detective He is a genius,and has no interest in almost everything except some difficult cases.When he encountered the problem ,he plays the violin to help thinking.

Dr John Watson
SH’s assistant & best friend

Watson is a retired soldier,he is gentle and very kind to others.Although sometimes he does not agree with Sherlock ,he is still willing to help him.

There is quite a lot of differences between this fashion sherlock and the classical one When he is bored he likes shooting the wall with a gun.He even wears nothing just a sheet into the Buckingham Palace.He even does not know that the earth moves around the sun,but this is Sherlock. He is fashion, he use blackberry to sent messages.

Classic lines

Brainy is the new sexy 智慧是性感的新潮流
Anderson, don't talk out loud.You lower the IQ of the whole street. 安德森,别大声说话,你拉低了整条街的智商

Anderson, face the other way. You are putting me off. 安德森,转过脸去。你妨碍我(思考)了。
Ordinary people fill their heads with all kinds of rubbish.That makes it hard to get at the stuff that matters. Do you see? 普通人让自己的脑中装满垃圾,所以学习有用的东西就很难。你发现 了吗?

The Woman

When she was about to be executed Her name is Arene Adler,she is the only woman that Sherlock admire very much.For the first time she saw sherlock inlove with him,but Sherlock doesorganizationand fell Pakistan terrorist not love her. in she sentofSherlockmany countriesmessage, She got a lot secrets from the last ‘dignitaries, including the then shequeen,.Sherlock was invitedarebringin a camera closed These eyes, to put back the her pictures meanwhile pictures about the queen. phone, and the Sherlock's special tried many she heardphone has a password, Sherlockmobile times, finallyhe phone ringknow the passwordexecution of tones, the is "sher" the person is Sherlock --

At the end of the drama,Sherlock was going to Jump off a building to protect Watson 、Mrs Hudson and his police friend,because If he doesn't do that the sniper will kill them. Watson was so sad,but we know that Sherlock never die.

The story is not over….

Thank you

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