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14 20 90 19 400 600 35 78 305

2、 序数词

序数词表示排列顺序,如first, second, third等。 把下列基数词改成序数词。

one two three five nine eight

fourteen twenty thirty-five

Exercise: 用英语表示下列时间

10: 05 8: 30 5:47 3:51 用英语表示下列日期

11月1号月10号 5月22号9月17号




1、Bill is 14)years old , he is in Class 2)Grade 6).

2、My birthday is on the (3)of March .

3、September is the (9)month in a year .

4、Which boy is thinner , the (1)one or the (2)one ?

5、There are (55)students in our class .


( )1.There are ___________ days in a year.

A.three hundred and sixty five B.three hundred and sixty-five

C.three hundreds and sixty five D.three hundreds and sixty—five

( )2.Danny lives in __________.

A.room 404 B.Room 404 C.404 room D.404 Room

( )3.Jim is in __________.

A.class one,grade six B.grade one,class six

C.Class One,Grade Six D.Grade One, Class Six

( )4.The bike cost me _________ yuan.

A.five hundred forty B.five hundreds fourty

C.five hundred and forty D.five hundred fourty

( )5.My telephone number is ____________.

A.eighty eight two forty four zero nine

B.eight eight two double four O nine

C.eighty eight two forty-four zero nine

D.eight eight two four four zero nine

( )6.Is there any food for us _________?

A.ten B.tenth C.the tenth D.the ten

( )7.Mary is _________ girl.

A. an 8 year old B.8一years—old

C.the 8 years old D.an 8一year—old

( )8.—What day is today? — ___________

A.June B.Tuesday

C.It is hot D.It’s fine

( )9.—What’s the date today? — ___________

A.It’s Saturday B.It’s July C.It’s fine D.It’s JuIy 15

( )10.—What time do you get up every day?

A.It’s seven o’clock B.Seven o’clock time

C.At seven D.On seven

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