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一. 把下列英语句子译成汉语:

1. My dad’s a cleaner at the zoo.

2. Her father goes by bicycle.

3. She works in a car factory.

4. Tom designs cars.

5. She often helps tourists find their way.


1.in, factory, a, who, car, works;

2.takes, school, me, he, to;

3.Mike, my, that, is, uncle;

4.be, you, what, going, are, to;

5.beautiful, is, really, she;


Jack: your mother do?

Lily:She is accountant.

Jack: does she work?

in a car company.

does she go to work?

Lily:She goes to work bus.


can, lessons, actress, tourist, zoo, designs, takes, hard, uncle, motor.


2. If you like drawing and math, you be an engineer.

3. She often their way.

4. She goes to work by bike.

5. I 6. They work day for us.

8. This is .

9. He me to school.

10. She’s anon TV.


1.My brother is a reporter.(对划线部分提问)

does your brother ?

2.He works (对划线部分提问)

does he

3.I often go to school 对划线部分提问).

you often go to school?

4.He is . (对划线部分提问)

is ?

5.My mother teaches (对划线部分提问)

does your


( )1.John:What does your uncle do?

Chen Jie: .

A. He’s an engineer. B. He goes to work by bike.

C. He likes reading newspapers. D. Yes,he does.

( )2.Sarah:Where does your father work?

Tom: .

A. He likes watching TV. B. He’s a teacher.

B. He is a worker. D. He works in a hospital.

( )3.Amy: What does your aunt do?

Sam: .

A. She likes collecting stamps. B.She’s an actress on TV.

C.She is cleaning the room. C.She goes to work by bike.

( )4.Tom:Do you like English?


A. Yes,I am. B. No,I’m not.

C. No,I do. D. Yes,I do.

( )5. Kate:Does Alice like swimming?


A. Yes, I do. B. No,I don’t.

B. Yes, she does. D. No,she does.


1.What does Amy’s father/(a policeman)

2.Where does your aunt work?(a school)

3.How does he go to work?(by car)

4.Is Wang Ping a driver?(yes)

5.What does she like?(draw picture)


( )1.What does your father do?

( )2.What does your mother do?

( )3.What does your aunt do?

( )4.How does Amy’s mother go to work?

( )5.Does she go to work by bus?

( )6.Is he going to play table tennis next week?

( )7.Are you going to swim this afternoon?

( )8.How does Sam go to school?

( )9.What’s your hobby?

( )10.Do you like drawing pictures?

A.Yes,I am.

B.She goes to work by bike.

C.He’s an accountant.

D.Yes,she does.

E.I like playing the violin. F.She’s an English teacher. G.My aunt is a doctor.

H.No,he isn’t.

I.She goes to school on foot. .J.No,I don’t. I like watching TV.


1.I sing songs. I am a .

2.I drive bus. I am a .

3.I write stories. I am a

4.I dance. I am .

5.I clean streets. I am a

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