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五 年 级 秋 季 期 末 试 1

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五 年 级 秋 季 期 末 试 卷

一、判断划线部分发音是否相同,相同的打“√”,不同的打“X”。 1、new


3、 4、 二、英汉互译。(10分)

1、看一看 2、用英语

3、她的玩具老虎 4、迈克的大鞋子5、在八点十分 6、上床睡觉7

、 8、

9、Happy Teachers’ 三、选出所给句子的答句,将其字母代号填在括号内。(10分) ( )1、Is this your jacket? ( )2、What’s the time?

( )3、Shall we copy it now? ( )4、What’

s the matter? ( )5、My pencil is too short.

(10分) ( )10、Here‘s a kite for you. ( )7、Where is Miss Li? ( )8、Do you like puppets? ( )9、Whose jeans are they? ( )6、What time do you go home? A. I‘m ill.

B. They‘re my father’s. C. She‘s in the classroom. D. Yes, I do. E. At four. J. No, it isn’t.

G. You can have this long one. H. Four thirty. I. All right.


drink, may, open, what’s, sit, read,

1. ( )down please, boys and girls.

2. ( )your books, let‘s( )these new words. 3. ( ) nine and eleven? It’s twenty. 4. I‘d like to( )some milk.

五、Translation.(英汉互译。10分) 1.草照片


六、1、写出下列单词的缩写形式。(10分) (星期一) (星期二) (星期三) (星期四) (星期五)

2、写出下列单词的反义词。 (young) (strict) (tall) (thin)

(将右栏答语前的题号填在左边的括号内。10分)( ) 1.What’s she like? ( ) 2. Who’s your art teacher?

( ) 3. How many takes are there? ( ) 4. What can you do? ( ) 5. What’s your favorite fruit?

A. I can make the bed. B. Quiet. C. Two.

D. Mr. Zhang. 八、Rearrange the sentences.(连词组句。10分) 1. can I the bed make

2. she quiet is

? 3. you can What do

? 4. pretty young and She’s

. 5. any fish Are there river in the


(选择填空,将正确答案的序号写在括号里。10分) ( ) 1.My mother has air-conditioner A. a B. an

( ) 2.I’d like some for lunch. A.tomatos B.tomatoes ( A.an B.many

( apples in the fridge? A.some B.any

( Sundays. A.on B.for

( a new flat. A.have B.has ( a closet and a shelf in my room. A.is B.are

( ) 8. What do you have A.in B.on ( A.in B.on



Hello, my friends. My name is Mary. I am from America. I am a girl. I am eleven. I am in Class Two, Grade Six. Our school is very big. I like math and English. My favorite teacher is Miss White. She is very pretty. At home, I’m very helpful. I can clean the bedroom, sweep the floor, make the bed. What about?

( ) 1. Mary is 12.


) 2. Mary has a big school.

( ) 3. Mary likes math. She likes English, too. ( ) 4. Mary is not helpful at home. (5分)

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