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Unit 3 My friends A Let’ s talk

费城正义小学 王守玲

Guessing game. (听一听,猜一猜)

Listen and answer.
Who’s John's new friend? Zhang Peng __________.

Ask and answer in pairs.(两人一组进行问答练习)
A:What’s his \her name?
A: His\Her name is … . 赵薇




Listen and choose.
1. Zhang Peng is a________ boy. Chinese A. English B. Chinese friendly 2. Zhang Peng is very________. A . friend B. friendly

Listen and choose.
tall and strong Zhang Peng is _______________. A.tall and thin B.tall and strong

Listen and imitate(注意模仿语音语调哦)

Let’s play(哪位是你的新朋友?说一说,让同 伴猜一猜吧)

A:I have a new friend. He’s…and … . B: What’s his \her name? A: His\Her name is … . B:Oh, there he\she is.

Write and choose(写出好朋友的名字,再打打勾吧) He's\She's....
name tall short strong thin friendly

Xue Zhihao

He \She has... .

big eyes

small eyes

big ears

small ears

a big nose

Xue Zhihao

Talk about your friend.(谈论你的朋友)
A:I have a good friend. A: I have a good friend. She’s very ... . He’s very ... . She has… He has…

B: What’s his name? B: What’s her name?
A: His name is _____. He’s…and … . B:Really?\Yes,he is. A: Her name is _____. She’s …and … . B: Really?\Yes,she is.

(1)Listen to the the tape 5 times. (听录音) (2)Talk about your friends in English. (用英语谈论自己的朋友)

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