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五年级上第六单元第75页Read and Write

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Unit6 In a nature park Page 75 Read and write

Learning aims:

1.能熟练朗读并准确翻译Page 75 Read and write; 2.能够听、说、读、写四会掌握句子

Are there any pandas in the mountains? No, there aren’t. Are there any fish in the rivers? Yes, there are.

Guiding 1:
请同学们朗读并翻译 Page75 Read and write中 的内容,遇到不会读不 会译的内容划出来,五 分钟后,小组交流。

I like my village. 我喜欢我的村庄 There are many rivers and bridges in the village.

在村庄里有许多小河和桥。 The water is clean. The air is fresh.
水是清澈的。 空气是新鲜的。

I like my village, too. 我也喜欢我的村庄。

There are many mountains near my village. There are no tall buildings. 在我的村庄附近有许多山。没有高 建筑物。 The sky is blue. The clouds are white.



I can run on the grass. 我可以在草地上跑步。

Are there any pandas in the mountains 山上有熊猫吗?

No, there aren’t. 不,没有。
Are there any fish in the rivers? 河里有鱼吗? Yes, there are. 是的,有。 You can see many fish. 你可以看见许多鱼。

Guiding 2:

请同学们背记 Page 75 Read and write 中的四会句子,十分 钟后,小组交流。

Class exercises

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