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课前要求: 1、准备好上课用具:书、 本、笔、。 2、保持安静,坐姿端正。 3、默看第50页。

Unit 4 What can you do?

Page 50 Let’s talk

1、能熟练朗读并准确翻译对话; 2、掌握情态动词“can”的用法。

请同学们朗读并翻 译Page 50 Let’s talk中 的对话,遇到不会读的 内容请划出来,三分钟 后,小组交流。

Amy:Can you set the table,Chen Jie? 陈杰,你会摆餐桌吗?
Chen:Yes,I can.I can do the dishes,too.

Zhang:Can you wash the clothes?

John:No,I can’t,but I’d like to have a try.


I’d like to …… 我想……
I’d like to + 动词原形 I’d like to cook the meals . I’d like to water the flowers .

I’d like = I would like

have a try 试一试
Let me have a try . 让我试一试。

Can you….?

but I’d like to have a try.

请同学们认真思考以 下四个句子如何变为一般 疑问句,以及如何做肯定 回答和否定回答,三分钟 后,小组交流。

1.I can do the dishes.

Can you do the dishes? Yes,I can. No,I can’t.
2.He can cook the meals.
Can he cook the meals?Yes,he can. No,he can’t.

3.Zhang Peng can wash the clothes. Can Zhang Peng wash the clothes?Yes,he can. No,he can’t. 4.Sarah can set the table. Can Sarah set the table? Yes,she can. No,she can’t.

知识点总结: 1.can后面加 动词原形 2.改一般疑问句如果句中 有can 就把can提前


1.I can play computer games.

2.I can sweep the floor.
3.He can cook the meals. 4.She can make the bed.

5.Mike can do the dishes.
6.Sarah can set the tables. 7.Chen Jie can wash the clothes. 8.Amy can water the flowers.

1、能熟练朗读并准确翻译对话; 2、掌握情态动词“can”的用法。

Class Exercise

( )1.What ____you do? A. are B. can C. doing ( )2.He can ____the meals. A.cooks B. cooking C. cook ( )3.I can _____ the flowers. A. watering B. water C. waters

二、把下列句子改为一般疑问句,并做肯定 回答和否定回答。 1.I can do the dishes. 2.He can sweep yhe floor. 3.Mike can water the flowers. 4.John can set the tables.

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