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I .Circle the odd words.全出不同类的单词。

1. A car B train C subway D fruit

2. A cinema B windy C hospital D museum

3. A water B juice C ride D milk

4. A north B right C east D south

5. A tomorrow B morning C afternoon D evening

II. Translate. 英汉互译

1. 骑自行车2 步行3 乘公车4 上学 5 交通规则 6绿灯行 8 wait at a yellow light III.根据所给词的意思写出正确的单词。

1. Is there a 书店) near here?

2. 向右转)at the traffic lights.

3. It’(与...相邻)the pet shop.

4. I am going to (去旅行) tomorrow.

5. (买一本书)this afternoon.

6. going to the Great Wall next Sunday.他们打算下周日去长城。

7. 下个周末)

8. 在哪儿)is the post office?

9. 怎样) do you go to school?

10. Is it 远)?

IV. Choose and complete. 选词填空。

How/Where) is the bus stop? I want to take the No.4 bus.

2. (on/by) foot.

3. I 4. They are going (to take a trip/ take a trip) by plane .

(Where/When) are you going to go to the science museum?

7.She is going to ( reads/ reading/ read) a comic book tonight.

8.Go straight, the hospital is ( on/ in) the left.

V. Circle the mistake and correct. 圈出居中的错误并改正。

1. I go to school by foot. 2. She is going to take a trip yesterday.

3. The theme park is far to here.

4. What can I get to the hospital? 5. What are you going to do this night?

VI. Match the questions with the answers.给问句找答句。

1. Excuse me. 2. Where are you going tomorrow?

3. Is the museum far from here? 4. Can I walk there?

5. How are you going to go there? 6. Is there a cinema?

A. Sure! B. By plane. C Yes,there is.

( )1.你想到动物园,但不知道怎么走,该如何问别人?

A. How do you go to the zoo?

B. Where is the zoo? C How can I get to the zoo?

( )2.你给别人指路,告诉他应该直走再左转,你应该说:

A Go straight, then turn left. B Go straight, then turn right.

C Go straight, then turn back.

( )3.你想了解你的朋友这个周末打算去哪里,你会这样问:

A. What are you going to do? B. When are you going?

C. Where are you going?

( )4.你看到一位老人过马路,你想帮助他,你会说:

A. Can I help you? B. Can you help me?

C. I can help you.

( )5.你想邀请你的朋友一起去看电影,你会说:

A. Do you like movies? B. Let’s go to the cinema.

C. I am going to see a film.

VIII. Read and tick or cross.阅读判断正误。

The traffic lights are the same in every country. There are always three lights: red, yellow and green. Red means“Stop”. Yellow means “Wait” , and green means “Go” . In China, drivers drive on the right side of the road. In the US, drivers drive on the right side, too. In England and Australia, however, drivers drive on the left side of the road. If you go by car, by bike or on foot, you must know the traffic rules.

1. The traffic lights are different in every country. ( )

2. There are three lights. ( )

3. In China, drivers drive on the right side of the road. ( )

4. In the US, drives drive on the left. ( )

5. Even you go on foot, you should know the traffic rules. ( )

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