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1、 复习M3U2;

2、 抄写本单元重点单词8遍,汉语四遍,句子3遍,汉语2遍;

3、 听录音第30~37页三遍,并跟读;

4、 完成练习卷。


1、 单词

pear 梨子 apple 苹果 orange 桔子 banana 香蕉 peach 桃子 plum 李子 toy 玩具 football 足球 some 一些 buy 买 dog 狗 shop 商店 happy 快乐的 supermarket 超市

2、 句子

①、Can I help you? 您需要什么?

②、May I have some apples, please? 请问,我能要一些苹果吗?

③、There are many toys in the supermarket. 超市里有许多玩具。

④、How many peaches? 多少个桃子?

⑤、How much? 多少钱?

⑥、Do you like bananas ? 你喜欢香蕉吗?

Yes, I do. 是的,我喜欢。 No, I don’t . 不,我不喜欢。


may I have some peaches sure

how many bananas six please

hello im mr wang

how are you today very well thank you



________ apple ________ ________ orange ________

________banana________ ________ peach ________

________ pear ________ ________ pizza ________

________pie________ ________ bread ________


( )1. A. pear B. hear C. peach D. banana

( )2. A. cow B.chick C. frog D. buy

( )3. A. rubber B.ruler C.rabbit D. pencil


A: Can I ________ you?

B: May I have ________ ________, please?

A: Sure. Here _________ ________.

B: ________ ________?

A: Five yuan.



( )1. ________ bananas, please.

A. An B. A C. Two

( )2.—— A peach, Kitty? ——________.

A. Yes, please B. Here you are C. No, it isn’t

( )3. Good morning. Ten ________, please.

A. peach B. peaches C. peachs

( )4. What’s this? It’s a ________.

A. shopping B. shop C. the shop

( )5.——An apple, please.——________

A. Yes, please. B. Here you are. C. No, thank you.



orange , a ,

an, a An

1. Is this ________ peach? Yes, it is..

2. Is this an ________? No, it’s ________banana.

3. Nine ________ are clean.

4. ________ apple, please.


1. How many ________ (orange)? One.

2. Look, Dad. That’s ________ (a) supermarket.

3. ---Is this ________ (you) school? -----Yes, it is.

4. There ________ (is) eight peaches on the table.

5. Look there. Three ________ (library).

6. What do you see? ——I see ________ (a) apples.

7. Do you like ________ (plum)? Yes, I do.


A: Look! This is a ________.

B: Dad, ________ you hungry?

Do you like ________?

A: Yes. Eight ________, please, Alice.

B: ________ ________ are, Dad.

A: ________ ________.



1. Mr Li is happy. (一般疑问句,肯定回答)

________________________________ __________________________

2. I am a tall teacher. (否定句) ______________________________________ (提问) ____________________________________________

4. Peter can read. He can’t swim(合并成一句) ____________________________________ (提问) _____________________________________________


Hello! My name is Bobby. I’m white. I have a big head. My head is round. I have two big eyes. They are red. I have a small nose and a small mouth. My ears are big. They are long. I have four strong legs(强壮的的腿). So I can run fast and jump high. I have a short tail. I have many friends. Mrs Bear is our teacher. Do you know, what am I?

1. ( ) Bobby is white.

2. ( ) His head is big and round.

3. ( ) His nose is big. His mouth is small.

4. ( ) He has two long ears and a short tail.

5. ( ) Mr Bear is a teacher.

6. ( ) I’m a rabbit.


John is an English boy. He is ten. He is a pupil. Miss Li is John’s teacher.

Alice is John’s sister. She is eight. Alice’s teacher is Mr.Li. Their school is big and clean. They like their school. They are happy.

1. How old is John?


2. Who is Miss Li?


3. Is Alice John’s friend?


4. Do they like their school?


四、写作 介绍自己。

Hello, I'm ________. I'm ________. My _________ is ________. My ________ are ________. I can ________. But I can’t _______________ .I like __________. ____________________________________.

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