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If…….then….如果。。。那么。。。 Make the best choice 选最佳答案 Take 花费时间 cost 价值 Right 对的

Half 一半(half of the time .half of the distance) possibility 可能性

convertAtoB把A变成B divide into 分成 distance 距离 equal 相等

consistency 浓度(consistency of) the area of …的面积 Not sure 不确定 Chart 图表 Sign 图形

Started oppositely 相向而行 at the same time 同时 whole journey 全程 distance 路程

in a ratio of 1:2 比率是1:2 longer than 长于 at least 至少

sum 和(sums of) judge判断 letter字母 stand for代表 formula公式 竖式

tall 高(9 meters tall) sides of 1边长为1 width 宽度 surface 表面

the same as 和?一样 shorter side 短边 the longest side 最长边

highest largest shortest lower than before

smallest value 最小值 largest value 最大值 at least 至少

the rate of …率(the rate of profit 利润率) instead of 取代 work out 解出 get together 组合 no less than 不超过 a line of 5 每行5个 left 剩余 rule 规律

in uniform motion 匀速 relationship 关系

overlapped area 重叠面积 speed速度(the speed of) times 倍

equation 方程式

shaded region 阴影面积 work efficiency 工作效率



cube 正方体 立方体 square 正方形 rectargle 长方形 cylinder 圆柱体

quadrilateral 四边形 rectangle 矩形 square 正方形

rhomb, rhombus 菱形 ellipse 椭圆 sphere 球体 cone 锥体 pyramid 棱锥 prism 棱柱 volume体积

分类总结: 1. 有关数运算 add,plus 加 subtract 减 difference 差 multiply, times 乘 product 积 divide 除

sum 和(sums of) 2.有关分数和小数 proper fraction 真分数 improper fraction 假分数 mixed number 带分数

vulgar fraction,common fraction 普通分数simple fraction 简分数 complex fraction 繁分数 numerator 分子 denominator 分母

(least) common denominator (最小)公分母1

quarter 四分之一 3.有关数论

natural number 自然数 positive number 正数 negative number 负数

odd integer, odd number 奇数 even integer, even number 偶数 integer, whole number 整数 positive whole number 正整数 negative whole number 负整数 consecutive number 连续整数

real number, rational number 实数,有理数 irrational(number) 无理数 inverse 倒数 composite number 合数 e.g. 4,6,8,9,10,12,14,15??

prime number 质数 e.g. 2,3,5,7,11,13,15?? 注意:所有的质数(2除外)都是奇数,但奇数不一定是质数

reciprocal 倒数

common divisor 公约数 multiple 倍数

(least)common multiple (最小)公倍数 tens 十位 units 个位 4.几何部分 所有的角:

(1)interior angle 内角 exterior angle 外角 acute angle 锐角 obtuse angle 钝角 right angle 直角


equilateral triangle 等边三角形 scalene triangle 不等边三角形 isosceles triangle 等腰三角形 right triangle 直角三角形 (3)有关收敛的平面图形 space 空间 area 面积 line 线 point 点 circle 圆

centre 圆心 (美作:center) circumference 圆周 arc 弧

radius 半径


diameter 直径 degree 度

semicircle 半圆 quadrilateral 四边形 chord 弦 edge 棱

leg 三角形的直角边

opposite 直角三角形中的对边 congruent 全等的

quadrilateral 四边形 rectangle 矩形 square 正方形

rhomb, rhombus 菱形 ellipse 椭圆

sphere 球体 cylinder 圆柱体 cone 锥体 pyramid 棱锥 prism 棱柱

5.其它 inch 英寸 foot 英尺

cubic meter 立方米

intercalary year(leap year) 闰年(366天) common year 平年(365天) discount 打折

profit 利润 interest 利息

decrease to 减少到 decrease by 减少了 increase to 增加到 increase by 增加了 per capita 每人 ratio 比率

(anti)clockwise (逆) 顺时针方向 cardinal 基数 ordinal 序数

direct proportion 正比 table 表格 unit 单位,位









1. What _____ useful dictionary it is!

A. a B. an C. the D. /

2. Mr. Green has little time today, _____?

A. have he B. hasn?t he C. does he D. doesn?t he

3. They will go to the Great Wall if it _____ tomorrow.

A. isn?t rain B. rains C. doesn?t rain D. won?t rain

4. This box is _____ heavy for me _____ carry.

A. too … to … B. to … too … C. to … to … D. too … too …

5. There _____ an English film tomorrow evening.

A. will have B. will has C. is going to have D. is going to be

6. Hurry up, _____ we?ll miss the train.

A. but B. or C. and D. so


John sent for a doctor because his wife was ill. He called the doctor and made sure they __1__ meet at five. He arrived at the doctor?s at twenty __2__ five. He thought, “ It?s a little bit earlier. I?ll wait for a moment. It?s good __3__ there on time.”

__4__ he stopped his car in front of the doctor?s. He __5__ and saw a noisy square not far from here. He went there and sat down on a chair to enjoy the last light of afternoon sun and __6__ himself quiet. He saw some children playing and some women talking to each other happily.

Suddenly he __7__ a girl crying. He came up to her and asked some questions. Then he knew she got lost. John tried to find out her __8__ and took her home. The girl?s parents were very thankful.

Then John hurried to the doctor?s. When the doctor saw him, he was very __9__ and said, “You?re late. Why did you keep me waiting for twenty minutes?” John said __10__ except one word—sorry.

1. A. should B. shall C. would D. will

2. A. past B. to C. of D. after

3. A. to arrived at B. to get C. to leave D. to ride

4. A. Every time B. From now on C. Before D. Then

5. A. looked for B. looked after C. looked at D.looked around

6. A. made B. let C . had D. felt

7. A. hears B. was hearing C. heard D. would hear

8. A. name B. school C. age D. address

9. A. polite B. angry C. happy D. kind

10 .A. something B. everything C. anything D. nothing


1. --- __________ (not smoke) here.

--- I?m sorry.

---Can you see a sign on the wall? It means “No __________ (smoke)”.

2. Their father __________ (swim) very fast. Look, he __________ (swim) in the sports hall now.

3.---Where?s my camera?


---It __________ (is) on the table a moment ago.

4.__________ (do) Nancy?s brothers usually get up at six?

5. There are a lot of books. Please put __________ (they) into the library.

6. ---What can I do for you?

---I want to have two __________ (glass) of milk.

7. Hearing the __________ (excite) news, the students are getting __________ (excite).


In 1834, the clock tower in London was burned down. People planned to build a new clock which would be the biggest and the best in the world. So the clock had to be big and keep very good time. Several years later the tower was finished. The people put the big clock in the tower, and made it ring out for the first time on July 11, 1859.

In order to give the big clock a good name, people held a meeting. Someone wanted to call it the Queen of Bells, and someone thought Victoria was good . At last, a man named Benjamin Hall stood up. He was a big man. Before he started to speak, someone shouted, “Why not call it Big Ben?” Everybody laughed and agreed with him.

From then on, Big Ben became its name. And it also became a famous building of London. People all over the world write to Big Ben. They even send bottles of oil to help keep Big Ben running. Big Ben is not only a clock but also a dear friend of people.

( ) 46. Big Ben?s birthday is __________.

A. July 11, 1854 B. July 11, 1834

C. July 11 1859 D. July 11, 1852

( ) 47. How did Big Ben get its name?

A.Benjamin Hall gave it the name.

B.Big Ben got its name because of a joke.

C.Big Ben got its name from the Queen of the UK

D.Victoria gave it the name.

( ) 48. “Keep very good time” means ___________

A.have a good time

B.show people the correct time.

C.keep running

D.be made in time

( ) 49. Which of the following is NOT true?

A.People all over the world look upon Big Ben as their friends.

B.People all over the world even send oil to Big Ben.

C.People think Big Ben will reply their letters.

D.People think Big Ben is the biggest and the best clock in the world.

( ) 50. Benjamin Hall is ___________.

A. a man who built Big Ben

B. a man who was always very funny

C.the man who burnt down the old clock

D.a man who attended the meeting which was held to make a name for the big clock








1.A 解析:a后面跟以辅音开头的词,an跟以元音开头的词。useful是以辅音[j]开头的,应该选择a. 注意,本类题经常考以元音字母开头但发音是辅音的词,比如说university, 字母U等。

2.C 解析:反意疑问句构成be/助动词/情态动词+代词,而且前肯后否,前否后肯。本题中have是实意动词,用助动词have;前半句中有little这个半否定的词,应该理解为前否,后面用肯定的does, 选C。此类半否定或全否定的词还有few, never, no等等。

3.C 解析:题中有if引导的条件状语从句,根据主将从现原则,从句中用现在时。

4.A 解析:too---to—意思为“太—而不能---”,这是固定用法。本句意思是这个箱子太重了,我搬不动。

5.D 解析:本题其实考的是there be 句型,意思是?有?,只有D选项中有be.

6.B 解析:本题考查的是连词的意思,but表转折,or意思为“否则”,and表并列,so表示因此。根据句意,应该用or.意思是?快一点,否则我们就会错过火车的。


1.C 解析:本题考查情态动词用法。全文都是过去时,选项中will,shall不能用于否定句,should表示应该等,would可以表示将要做某事,本题选would更合适,可以看做过去将来时。

2.B 解析:下文有?a little bit earlier?说明此时应该还不到五点,应该用to, twenty to five意思是差20分五点,就是4:40.

3.B 解析:根据上文,本句意思应该是准时到那儿比较好。选项A,B有到达的意思。Arrive at后面应该加名词,所以选B。

4.D 解析:本题通过分析选项的意思就可得出答案。Every time?每次?,from now on ?从今以后?,before ?在----之前?且before只能做连词或介词,不能引导单独的句子,then ?然后?,应该选then.

5.D 解析:本题考查look常用的几个词组的意义。look for?寻找?,look after ?照顾?,look at?看?,前三个词组后面都要加宾语。look around?往四周看?。选D最合适。

6.A 解析:make+sb+形容词,表示使某人处于某种状态。

7.C 解析:本句考查时态,表示他过去的一个状态,用一般过去时heard.

8.D 解析:后面半句说他带她回家,所以应该是他试着找出她的地址。

9.B 解析:he代的是医生,从后面说的话可以看出,对于他的迟到医生是很生气的,选angry.

10.D 解析:后面半句的是,除了一个词——对不起。说明前面意思应该是他什么都没说除了一个词,选nothing表示什么都没说。


1. Don't smoke, somking 解析:前半句是祈使句,变否定时加主动词do,后半句是标志的习惯译法,也可以理解为No后面加名词或名词词性的形式,即动名词形式。

2. swims, is swimming 解析:前半句表示状态,用一般现在时,且由于主语是爸爸,用动词单三形式;后半句有look这个时间标志,用现在进行时。

3. was 解析:最后的时间标志词,a moment ago应该用一般过去时。

4. Do 解析:主语是nancy's brothers是复数,助动词用DO。

5. them 解析:本题考查人称代词用法,本代词作put的宾语,用人称代词的宾格。代的是books用复数them.

6. glasses 解析:本题考查不可数名词表个体时,要用单位名词,在表示复数时将单位名词变复数。

7. exciting, excited 解析:exciting指(物或事件)让人觉得兴奋;excited指(人)兴奋的。



1. C 解析:本题从第一段最后一句便可得知答案。

2. B 解析:本题从第二段最后一句可推断出答案。

3. B 解析:本题是推断意思的题目,是阅读理解题中的难点。这类推断短语意思的题目要通读划线部分整句及前后一句基本上就可以得出答案。前一句提到人们希望这个钟应该是'biggest and the best',这与后文的句子是对应的。Big对应biggest, Keep very good time与the best对应。对clock而言,the best就应该是时间很准,所以选B。这类题目一般都直接看不出意思,要通过上下文判断。

4. C 解析:本题为判断正误题,而且选的是错误的选项,应该把每个选项都看过,逐一排除。文中提到人们写信给big Ben但并没提到人们希望能收到回信,所以C选项错误。

5. D 解析:本题通过通读二三段可得出答案。






17152?)÷-(□-)=成立,方框应填的数是 。 使算式(5123124

34有A、B两个两位数,数A的等于数B的,A、B两个数的和最大是 。 45

五位数46□3□有因数5,同时还是9的位数,这个五位数最小是。 将三角形截去一个角,得到一个四边形,已知截去的角是30。,剩下部分图形的内角和是 甲数是36,甲乙两数的最小公倍数是288,最大公因数是4,乙数是 写出诗词中的“最”。

最厚的冰 。

最深的情 。

最高的楼 。

最快的船 。

最长的头发 。 度。

FIFA 2010 World cup is hosted in 。 2有一个最简分数的分子、分母的和是50,如果分子、分母都减去5得到的分数是,这个最简分312

数是 。

如图,一张扇形薄铁片,弧长37.68厘米,它能够围成一个体积是188.4立方厘米的圆锥。这个圆锥的高是 厘米(接缝处忽略不计)。

小明身高x厘米,小刚比小明高18厘米,小刚比小强矮12厘米,三人的平均身高是厘一个圆锥和一个圆柱的底面半径相等,体积之比为3:4,它们的高的比是 一个长方体的长宽高之比为3:2:1,若长方体的棱长总和等于正方体的棱长总和,则长方体体中英文电影名称配对

Avatar 冲浪季节

Shrek3 忍者神龟

Kids of the future 阿凡达

Surf's up 怪物史莱克

Teenage mutant hero turtles 未来小子


瓶内胶水液面高为8厘米,瓶子倒放时,空余部分高为2厘米,则瓶内装有胶水的体积是 立方厘米。

米。 积与正方体的体积之比为 。

一批布,可做20件上衣或30条裤子,如果上衣和裤子都做,可以做套。 已知一个四位数等于另一个四位数的8倍,把这样的两个四位数组成的两个数叫做一个数对,符王欣每天上学步行12分钟后,跑步4分钟,恰好准时到校。有一天他步行了8分钟后开始跑步,I have cities but no houses, forests but no trees, rivers without water. What am I? There are 49 birds and hares. A bird has two legs and a hare has four,. There are 100 legs in all. So there 合这样条件的四位数共有对。 结果早到了1分30秒,他跑步的速度是步行速度的 倍。 are 13

从4000减去它的1111,再减去剩下的,再减去剩下的,??最后减去剩下的,最后234100剩 。

单项选择。(2*5) The teacher told us that the sun in the east. A rises B rose C raises D raised I prefer at home to outside. A staying B to stay, play C staying, play D to stay, playing your help, everything in the room is in good order now. A Since B Because C thanks for D Thanks to The number of people invited fifty, but a number or them absent for different reasons. The differences these two pictures colour are easy to see. A in, of B from, of C between, in D of, in 解决问题(4*5) 1元旦文艺演出,上场的同学共407人,其中未得奖的女同学占女同学人数的,未得奖的男同学9 A were; was B was; was C was; were D were; were


如右图阴影部分的面积是( )cm2。





等候公共汽车的人整齐的排成一排,小明也在其中。他数了数人数,排在他前面的人数是总人数21的,排在他后面的人数是总人数的,小明排在第几位? 34





1、判断 甲比乙多2/3米,乙就比甲少2/3米。 ( )

2、判断 如果五月二日是星期三,那么十月一日就是星期四。 ( )


( )

4、A coat factory is going to make 4800 shirts, It has finished 40% in 6 days, In this way, how long will it take to finish the whole work ? Which are right ?(多选)

A 6÷40% B 4800÷(6÷40%)

C 6×(1÷40%) D 4800÷(4800×40%÷6)

34565、某人在计算, , ,四个分数的平均值时,误将其中一个分数看成了它的倒数,则他计算出4567

的平均值与正确的平均值最多相差多少? 111379 A B C D 1201684880

6、Which one of the following is right?

A 226=67108864 B 226=67108865

C 226=67108862 D 226=67108866

7、Xiao Ming and Xiao Fang left home at the same time for school ,Xiao Fang walked 5km/hr for half of the time ,and 4km/hr for the other half ,Xiao Ming walked 5km/hr for half of the distance ,and 4km/hr for the other half ,Which one of the following is right?

A Xiao Fang got to school first

B Xiao Ming got to school first

C They got to school in the same time

D Not sure

8、将0.1mm厚的纸对折,再对折,这样折四次之后的厚度是( )


10、有三批货物共值304万元,三批货物的重量比是2:4:3,单价比是6:5:2,那么第二批货物价值( )万元。

11、According to the chart ,the numbers are the sums of the signs in each line or row , 15

“?”=( )。

12、一个大正方体有若干个小正方体组成,在大正方体的表面涂色,一面涂色的小正方体的个数为384个,那么这个大正方体由( )个小正方体组成。





15、According to the picture ,the second number in Row 50 is ( )

16、甲乙两个圆柱体容积,底面积之比为3:2,甲容器已有水深10厘米,乙容器已有水深5厘米,再往这两个容器中注入同样多的水,使得两个容器的水深相等,这时水深( )厘米。

17、Xiao Ming is going to see the film at 7:00 in the afternoon .When he leaves ,he gets the time 5:36 in the mirror ,as it is shown in the upper picture ,if it takes him 25 minutes to get to the cinema ,can he arrive on time ?

18、Look at the picture ,In ( ),the rate of the profit of the factory is highest.

19、Please look at the calendar of March 2007,If we use to circle

any five numbers ,the sums of these numbers can not be ( )

A 45 B 60 C 90 D 110

20、There are 20 math problems in the test ,For each right answer ,you got 5points ,For no answer ,you got 0,For each wrong answer ,you lose 2 points instead of getting points ,If Lucy get a mark(分数),which is a prime number(质数) ,The largest number of math problems she works out is ( ) A 13 B 15 C 16 D 17


今年小丽的年龄是她妈妈年龄的2/7,5年后,小丽的年龄将是她妈妈的3/8,今年小丽多少岁? Xiaoli this year is the age of her mother's age two seventh,five years later, Xiaoli age will be her mother's three eight. Xiaoli how old this year?

2、At10:30,the angle less than 180°

Formet by hourhand and minute

Hand ofa normal clock is

( 英汉词典:angle角;less than小于;tofrom形成;hour hand 时针;


Minuti hand 分针;normal正常,正规; clock 钟,时钟) 上面是一道关于时钟问题的英文奥数题,猜猜是什么意思?

附参考答案:如果做过相关的时钟问题,借助于所给的解释可以理解到:求10:30分时,时针与分针所形成的小于180的夹角是多少?答案: 135°。

6、Teams X and Y work separately on two different projects.

On sunny days, team X can complete the work in 12 days

while team Y needs 15 days.

On rainy days, team X’s efficiency decreases by 50%

while team Y’s efficiency decreases by 25%.

Given that the two teams started and ended the projects at the same time,

how many rainy days are there?





7、The digits 1,2,3,4 and 9 are each used once to form the greatest possible even five-digit number.What is the digit in the tens place?


8、There are five balls with different weights.Everyball is less than(少于 )100g。Now weigh(称)every two balls,and you will get

113,116,110,117,118,114,112,121,120,and115g .What is the weight of the heaviest(最重的)ball?




9、Six trees are equally spaced along one side of a straight road. The distance from the first tree to the fourth is 60 feet . What is the distance in feet between the first and last trees?

At the end of 2005 Walter was half as old as his grandmother.The sum of the years in which they were born is 3860 .How old will Walter be at the end of 2006?


The digits 1,2,3,4 and 9 are each used once to form the greatest possible even five-digit number.What is the digit in the tens place?

10、Xiao Ming bought 4 pencils . Each cost X yuan. He paid 2.5yuan and got 0.1back. How much did each pencil cost?


2.5-0.1=2.4元 是小明买铅笔一共花费的钱买了4支,用总共花费的2.4元除以4,就等于每支的价钱,即:2.4/4=0.6元。所以每支铅笔0.6元。

·10、There are40 chikens on farm. The hens are 8 more than the cocks. How many hens? The hens are______.The cocks are______.


40-8=32,32÷2=16(只)16+8=24(只)所以母鸡24只,公鸡16只。The hens are 24.The cocks are 16.

11、Jack is twice as old as Bill,who is eight yeaars younger than Ben,who is four years younger than Ted,who is half as old gain as Jack.

how old is bill?



B 6 J 12 BEN 14 T 18 12、Al and bill live at apposite ends of the same street.Al had to deliver a parcel at bill’s home,Bill one at Al's home.they started at the same moment,each walked at constant speed and returned home immediately after leaving the parcel at its destination.they met the first time at the distance of a yard from Al's home and the second time at the distance of b yards from Bill's home.

⑴how long is the street?

(2)if a=300 and b=400,who walk faster?



2)如果a=300, b=400,谁步行速度较快?

13、In what follows, □ and Δ are different numbers.

When 503 is divided by □ the remainder is 20.


When 503 is divided by Δ the remainder is 20.

When 493 is divided by □ x Δ the remainder is_____.

在什么情况如下, □和Δ是不同的号码。

当503除以□ ,余数是20 。

当503除以Δ,余数是20 。

当493除以□ x Δ余数是_____ 。

503-20=483 483=3*7*23 因为余数必须小于除数,所以一个数是21,一个是23 21*23=483,493/483=1......10 余数是10

14、Twelve friends met for dinner at Oscar's Overstuffer House,and each ordered one meal.The portions were so large,there was enough food for 18 people.If they share,how many meals should they have just enough food for 12 of them?

12个朋友在Oscar's Overstuffer饭馆聚餐。他们每人都点了一份饭菜。但是,点的饭菜是分量太大,足够18个人吃了。如果他们分餐的话,那么他们应该买多少份饭菜就够他们12个人吃的呢?


15、Take a look at the three stacks of numbered blocks on the right.can you rearrange the blocks by exchanging one (and only one)from each

of the three stacks so that the sum of the numbers in each of the three stacks is the same? 看右边三堆编了号的方块。你能通过交换每堆中的一个(仅一个)方块来把他们重新组成拥有同样数目(就是说那些编的数字的。每堆的数字的“总数”相同,就是求和啦!)方块的三堆吗?

16、Five children, Amelia, Bongani, Charles, Devine and Edwina, were in the

classroom when one of them broke a window. The teacher asked each of them to make a statement about the event, knowing that three of them always lie and two always tell the truth. Their statements were as follows:

Amelia: “Charles did not break it, nor did Devine.”

Bongani: “I didn’t break it, nor did Devine.”

Charles: “I didn’t break it, but Edwina did.”

Devine: “Amelia or Edwina broke it.”

Edwina: “Charles broke it.”

Who broke the window?









17、Barking dogs do not bite(吠犬不咬人)

The best fish swims near the bottom(好鱼居深渊)

To kill two birds with one stone(一石二鸟)

When the cat is away,the mice will play(山中无老虎,猴子称大王)


18、Chicken cages and the rabbits, a total of 40 head, legs 132 and asked a few chickens and rabbits have?

The best fish swims near the bottom

To kill two birds with one stone

When the cat is away,the mice will play

1.Find all prime numbers that less than 100 and greater than 4

2.Class 1 and Class 2's students will go on a trip to the science museum.But they only have 1 bus .So they decide that Class 1 's student go there by bus first ,and then ,they get off the bus.The bus turn around to pick Class 2's students up.Class 1's students go there on foot while the Class 2's students go there by bus. The speed of the bus is 60km/h,the speed of the Class 1's students is 4km/h,and the Class 2's students is 3km/h.How to make them arrive at the science museum at the same time?(上下车时间不计)


20、Each letter represents a figure in the following equality.Plerse judge what these six figures a b c x y z is equal?










538=y 461=x abcxyz=461538

21、⒈the length of the perimeter of a right triangle is 60 inches and the length of the altitude perpendicular to the hypotenuse is 12 inches.find the sides of the triangle. ⒉Bob has 10 pockets and 44 silver dollars.he wants to put the dollars into the pockets so distributed that each picket contains a different number of dollars.can he do so?



22、Town A and Town B are connected by a highway,with a service station at the midpoint.Mike and Sam start from A to B at the same time.When Mike reaches the service station,Sam is 16km behind.Mike reduces speed by 25 percent(0.25) after he passes through thr service station.When Sam reaches the service station,Mike is 15km ahead of Sam.What's the distance between A and B?


24、There are 10students playing games.

Now they must stand in fine rows,and each row must have four students.

Please draw the picture about it.











5、车过河交渡费3元,马过河交渡费2元,人过河交渡费1元,某天过河的车和马的数目之比为2: 9,马和人的数目之比为3: 7,共收渡费315元,求这天过河的车、马和人的数目各是多少?



2、已知△ABC中,AB=AC=16, △ABC面积是64,P是BC上任意一点,P到AB,AC的距离分别是X、Y,那么X+Y=______


4、如图乘法竖式中,"学而思杯"代表0 ~ 9中的一个数字,相同的汉字代表相同的数字,不同的汉字代表不同的数字,那么"学而思杯"分别代表的数字是_______




2、"学而思杯思而学"是一个七位回文数字,其中相同的汉字代表相同的数字,不同的汉字代表不同的数字.已知这个七位数第1位能被2整除,前2位组成的2位数能为3整除,前3位组成的3位数数能被4整除,…… ,前7位数组成的七位数能被8整除.那么"学而思杯思而学"=_______ .

3、如图,△ABC是等腰直角三角形,DEFG是正方形,线段AB与CD相交于K点.已知正方形DEFG的面积48,AK: KB=1: 3,则△BKD的面积是_________

4、甲、乙两队各出5名队员按事先排好的顺序出场参加象棋擂台赛,双方先由1号队员比赛,负者被淘汰,胜者再与负方2号队员比赛,……直至有一方队员全被淘汰为止,另一方获得胜利.各个队员的胜负排列便形成一种比赛过程.已知每次比赛都没有和局,问所有可能的比赛过程有多少 21

















3、12 4、252


1、 There are 45 students in a class. 28 people play table tennis, the number of table tennis players is more than the playing badminton players by 10 people, and 6 people in the class don't play at all. How many of them play both badminton and table tennis?

2.There are two bags of rice. After pouring 1/5 of A into B, then pouring 1/10 of B into A, both of them weigh 108 kg. What is the weight of each of them at the beginning?

3、What's the fourth number? 2 5 10 ? 26


4.Dennis is thinking of the two numbers. Their greatest common fator is 6, their least common multiple is 36. One of the number is 12. What is the other number? _____

5. Compare the two fractions four fifths and six sevenths, which is bigger?

6. City A is going to build a highway. The highway they had built is 1/3 of the rest.If building 300 meters more,the highway they had built will be 1/2 of the rest. How long is the total of the highway?

7.A triangle is made of a 60-centimeter-long iron wire. The ratio of three edges is 3:4:5. How long is every edge of the triangle?

8. 4 machines can produce 720 parts in 5hours. According to this calculation, add 4 same machines to produce 1600 parts, how many hours are needed?

9.Lily's father is four times as old as her brother. Her brother is two times as old as her. Lily is four years old. How old is her father?

10.A work to be done, group A alone can make it in 10 days, group B alone can make it in 15 days, group C alone can make it in 20 days, they started working together, until group

A quit in the middle, the work was done in 6 days, how many days did Group A work?

11、It costs 1680 yuan for a school to buy basketballs and footballs. They buy 15 basketballs. And the price of each basketball is 68 yuan. They also buy 12 footballs. What is the price of each football?


12.Jack was trying to tessellate regular pentagons. He managed the following figure . The

size of angle .a. is______.

13. What number can replace the question mark? ( )

14. The area of a rectangle and a circle adds up to 90 cm2. After redium of the circle to its 1/2, they have an equal area. What is the area of the circle? What about the rectangle?

15.Find the quotient of sixty divided by five? ( )

16.Wang likes to run up and down a hill, when he runs up the hill, he was at the speed of 200 M/min; when he runs down the hill, he was at the speed of 240 M/min; when he runs up the hill again, he was at the speed of 150 M/min; when he runs down the hill again, he was at the speed of 200 M/min. What is the average speed of Wang?

17. The letters in the puzzle stands for the number 0 to 5. Can you work it out?

18.Ship 1 and ship 2 were leaving Harbor A for Harbor C by passing Harbor B. There are altogether 623 passengers in the two ships. At Harbor B, 34 more people got on the Ship 1,while 57 people got off. When the two ships were leaving Harbor B, they have the same number of passengers. How many passengers does each ship have at first?

19. The sum of 130 and X is 250,what is X?

20. The difference between 78 and X is 58,what is X?

28. 8 numbers 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15 are divided into Group A and Group B, the amount of the number in Group A is one third of the amount in Group B, the sum of the numbers in Group

B is the three times the sum of the numbers in Group A. What are the numbers in Group A and Group B?

29. A shop has some bags of flour. In each bag is 5 kg, now 7 bags of flour are sold , and 40 kg is left. How many kilograms did the shop have?

三十六、 Four times of X is 12. What is X?

三十七、Which number should be filled in the blank?


32.If the area of the shaded region of the regular hexagon in the diagram below is 36 cm2, the area of the whole hexagon in cm2 is_____. 33.

Each of the figures below is made up of 16 squres. Six squares in each figure are shaded. Which figure does not have a line of symmetry?( )

34. Mr chong planted 12 seedlings in a

row. The seedlings were planted at the same distance apart. The distance between the first and the fifth seedling was 16cm. What was the distance between the first and the 12th seedling?

35. An ant covers a distance of 90 meters in three hours. The average speed of the ant in decimeters per minute is ( ).

36. There are 28 T-shirts in a drawer, six are red, five are blue, and the rest are white. If Bob selects T-shirts at random whilst packing for a holiday, what is the least number he must remove from the drawer to be sure that he has three T-shirts of the same colour?

37. The firure below is made up of 4cm cubes. What is its volume? ( )

38.Triangle ABC is an isosceles triangle. Triangle BCD is also an isosceles triangle. ∠


BAC is 40°. Find ∠ABD ( )

39.The average of 21, 34, and 44 is 7 more than the average of 14, 27, and ( ).

40. 20% of 2/3 of a quarter of 300 is( )?

41.Every month, Simon spends 30% of his salary on rent,$720 on car and saves the remaining$400.How much does Simon earn per month?

42. A glass factory will send 1000 pieces of glass to a shop. And the shop has to pay 1 yuan for each piece. But the glass factory couldn’t get a penny if they break the glasses. And they have to pay 4yuan for each broken glass. At last, the glass factory got 874 yuan by sending glasses. How many glasses were broken?

43、Two numbers are in the ratio 2 : 3. When 4 is added to each number the ratio changes to 5 : 7.The sum of the two original numbers is____.

44、If a and b are integers, 10?3=1,152?7=3, and then 379?6 is equal to_____.

45、The greatest number of Mondays which can occur in 45 consecutive days is____.

46、Saul plays a video game in which he scores 4 for a hit and lost 6 for a miss. After 20 rounds his score is 30. The number of times he has missed is____.

49.Xiaoli this year is the age of her mother's age two seventh,five years later, Xiaoli age will be her mother's three eighth. Xiaoli how old this year?

50. At 10:30, the angle less than 180°for met by hourhand and minuteThand of a normal clock is ( )

51. A car traveled 281 miles in 4 hours 41minutes. What was the average speed of the car in miles per hour?

52. If the length of the side of a square is doubled , what is the ratio of the areas of the original square to the area of the new square?

53. There are 61 boxes of pencils in a store , and there are 14 pencils in each box . How many pencils are in the store?

54. The number of football players is three times as many as the number of basketball players in the school, and the football players are 124 more than the basketball players. How many football players and basketball players?

55. The basketballs and the footballs of school add up to 120,and the number of the basketballs is three times as many as the footballs . How many basketballs and footballs are there?

56.The number of diagonals that can be drawn in a regular polygon with twenty sidas(cosign) is ______.

57. There are 60 watching a school play. If there are 3 as mothers as fathers watching, how many mothers are watching?

A) 15 B) 20 C) 40 D) 45

58. A coat factory is going to make 4800shirt.It has finished 40% in 6 days. In this way,How long will it take to finish the whole work?Which are right?(多选)

A 6÷40% B 4800÷(6÷40%)


C 6×(1÷40%) D 4800÷(4800×40%÷6)

59.The sum of 2 whole numberscannotbe

A) 1 B)prime C) odd D) even

60. the sum of the digits of the following product 999*555 is ____.

61. what time is 10 minutes before 10 hours after 10 A.M.?

62.Did you know? In the decimal number system (base 10) ten different digits, 0 to 9, are used to write all the numbers. In the binary number system (base 2) two different digits are used, i.e. 0 and 1. Which one of the following numbers is not a valid number in the octal number system (base 8)? A) 128 B) 127 C) 126 D) 125 E) 124

63.Three signal lights were set to flash every certain specified time. The first light flashes every 12 seconds, the second flashed every 30 seconds and the third one every 66 seconds, the signal lights flash simultaneously at 8:30 am. At what time will the signal lights next flash together?

64.Six trees are equally spaced along one side of a straight road. The distance from the first tree to the fourth is 60 feet. What is the distance in feet between the first and last trees?

65. At the end of 2005 Walter was half as old as his grandmother. The sum of the years in which they were born is 3860. How old will Walter be at the end of 2006?

66.The digits 1,2,3,4 and 9 are each used once to form the greatest possible even five-digit number. What is the digit in the tens place?

67.Every edge of a cube is colored either red or green. In order to have at least one red edge on every face of the cube, find the minimum number of edges that must be colored red.

68.When 31513 and 34369 are such divided by a certain 3-digit number, the remainders are equal. Find this remainder.

1.If the number"abcdefgh"times"h"is"111111111",then what number each letter for?What is the total number of a,b,c,d,e,f,g and h?














We are two numbers that are greater than 50 and less than 70. We both have the same number of ones as tens. What numbers are we?


我们是这样两个数字:比50大,比70小,十位数字和个位数字相同。我们是什么数字呢? 55和66

当中的ones 意思是个位数 tens意思是十位数

as 意思是 。。。和。。。一样

如果令 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 分别等于百分之 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26

那么Hard work (努力工作)

H+A+R+D+W+O+R+K 8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11 = 98%


K+N+O+W+L+E+D+G+E 11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5 = 96%


L+O+V+E12+15+22+5 = 54%


L+U+C+K12+21+3+11 = 47%


是Money(金钱)吗? ...

不! M+O+N+E+Y = 13+15+14+5+25 = 72%

是Leadership(领导能力)吗? ...

不! L+E+A+D+E+R+S+H+I+P = 12+5+1+4+5+18+19+9+16 = 89%




A+T+T+I+T+U+D+E 1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 = 100%


In a run along the beach, the girl who came two places in front of the last girl finished one place ahead of the girl who comes fifth. How many were running along the beach?

在一场海滩上的赛跑中,比最后一名女孩领先两位的那位女孩又比第五名领先一名。问多少人参赛? 共6个人比赛

The principal of a new elementary school sounded the alarm for fire training. It took a very long time to empty the building. It was evident that the schoolchildren were at risk. The school has three exterior doors. The main door is served by a wide corridor, the side door by a narrower corridor, and the rear door by a dog-legged corridor.

By experimenting with the classrooms adjacent to each of these doors, it was determined that:

About 1.5 minutes elapse between the announcement of an emergency and the first departure through each door.

Students and staff can file through the doors at these rates approximately 55 per minute through the main door, 30 per minute through the side door, and 25 per minute through the rear door.

About 450 persons are inside the building.

Calculate for the problem the minimum time until the building empties





e.8.18不用算出来 只要列式 例如:x + 16 = 3x 有 8 10 12 选择 选8的话 就 8 + 16 = 3(8) 然后 x=8 另外个是另一个数字 题目上已经给的数字。 就可以了!


1. Two numbers differ by 57. Their sum is 185. Find the numbers. Choices for the smaller number:54 64 74.

2.A bus went 318 km farther than a car. The car went one third as far as the bus. How far did each vehicle travel? Choices for the smaller number: 147 151 159

3.one number is four times another number. The larger number is also 87 more than the smaller number. Find the numbers. Choices for the smaller number: 29 30 33

4.A clown weights 60 lb more than a trapeze artist. The trapeze artist weighs two thids as much as the clown. How much does each weigh? choices for the weight of the trapeze artist : 110 120 125

5. The U.S. Senate has 100 memebers, all Democrats or Republicans. Recently there were 12 more Democrats than Republicans. How many Senators from each political party were there at that time? Choices for the number of Republicans: 38 42 44

6.The ninth grade class has 17 more girls than boys. there are 431 students in all. how many boys are there? how many girls are there? Choices for the number of boys: 191 202 207

7. Elena has one and a half times as much money as Ramon.Together they have 225. how much money does each have?

Choices for Ramom's amount;80 90 95

8. Western state college is 18 years older than southern state. western is also 2 and the half times as old as southern. how old is each? Choice for southern state's age:12 14 18

设较小数为x. x+x+57=185 x=64.

2.设轿车行驶了x千米. 318+x=3x x=159千米


3.设较小数为x. 4x=x+87 x=29.

4.60+x=3x/2 x=120

5.Let the number of Republicans be x. x+x+12=100 x=44

6.设有x名男生 x+x+17=431 x=207名 有男生207名,女生431-207=224名.

7.设Ramom有x元. x+3x/2=225 x=90元

8.设southern states college 有x年历史. x+18=5x/2 x=12年.

The principal of a new elementary school sounded the alarm for fire training. It took a very long time to empty the building. It was evident that the schoolchildren were at risk. The school has three exterior doors. The main door is served by a wide corridor, the side door by a narrower corridor, and the rear door by a dog-legged corridor.

By experimenting with the classrooms adjacent to each of these doors, it was determined that:

About 1.5 minutes elapse between the announcement of an emergency and the first departure through each door.

Students and staff can file through the doors at these rates approximately 55 per minute through the main door, 30 per minute through the side door, and 25 per minute through the rear door. 28

About 450 persons are inside the building.

Calculate for the problem the minimum time until the building empties

a.4.1 b.1.5 c.5.3 d.5.6 e.8.18


six trees are equally spaced along one side of a straight road.the distance from the first tree to the fourth is 60 feet,what is the distance in feet between the first and last trees?

100 feet

第一到第四棵树的距离是60feet,那么每棵树间距离是20feet,六棵树之间有五个空,20x5=100feet 2道英语数学题

1.ABCD is a rhombus where A=(-3,0),B=(0,4),C=(5,4) and D=(2,0) Prove that the diagonals are perpendicular bisectors of on another.

2.Prove that the point (-1,2genhao2),(genhao3,-genhao6)and (-genhao5,2) all lie on a circle with centre the origin. what are the radius and equation of the circle?

297 is _____ when rounded off to the nearest ten. 196 425 is _____ when rounded off to the nearest thousand. 297 is 300 when rounded off to the nearest ten. 196 425 is 200 000 when

rounded off to the nearest thousand.

round off = 以四捨五入法化為齊頭數 the nearest ten = 最接近十位數 the nearest thousand =


round off = 以四捨五入法化為齊頭數 the nearest ten = 最接近十位數

the nearest thousand =最接近千位數补充一点: ...the nearest ten: 四舍五入到十位数 ...the

nearest k..:四舍五入到千位。

千分位是 one in a thousand.是指小数点后的第三位。

plus(加) minus(减) subtrct(乘) divide(除) is equals(等于)

1、During a sale, the price of a book is reduced(减少)by 25%. The sale price is then further(进一步地)reduced by 40%. The cost of the book as a percentage(百分率) of the original(原来的)price is( )

2、a/b is a fraction(分数). If 2 is added to the numerator(分子), the value of the fraction is 1/2. If 3 is added to the denominator(分母), the fraction has a value of 1/3. The value of the sum a2 + b2 is ( )

3、The "floor" of a fraction is defined(下定义)to be the largest integer(整数)which is not greater than that fraction. For example(例如), floor(10/3) =3. Evaluate(求?的值) floor(floor(1000/7)/(floor(71/2)).

4、If I climb a staircase(楼梯)2 steps at a time, one step is left over. Climbing 3 steps at a time gives 2 steps left over, while climbing 4 at a time gives 3 left over. How many steps are there if there are fewer(较少的)than 20?


5、How many animals do I have if all but(除?以外)two are dogs, all but two are cats and all but two are hamsters(仓鼠)?

6、A box contains(容纳 包含)24 identical(完全相同的) cubes. How many cubes can be placed in another box each of whose dimensions(规模 大小)is double that of the original(原来的)box?

7、A mouse takes 12 sec. to run once around a circular track(围绕一个圆形跑道), while another mouse takes 16 sec. The two mice leave the starting line at the same time and end their race 1 minute 40 seconds later. How many times after the start do the two mice find themselves simultaneously(同时)at the starting line?

8、If n is an integer and 2n is a multiple(倍数)of 3, then 5n must be a multiple of( )

9、Claude has in his hand 15 coins (either pennies一分币, nickels五分币 or dimes一角币) worth(价值)79 cents in total. How many dimes does he have?

10、What is the 100th term in the sequence(序列) 0, 2, 6, 12, 20, 30, 42, ... ?

11、On an exam with n questions, Marie correctly(正确地) answered 15 of the first 20 but 1just of the rest. If her total score(总分)was 50%, what was n? 3

12、A set of 10 numbers has sum 100. Each number of the set is increased(增加)by 20, then multiplied(乘)by 20 then decreased by 20. What is the sum of the numbers in the new set?

13、Suppose(假设)M is a two-digit number(两位数)and that N is obtained(得到)by reversing(颠倒)the digits of M. If M + N = 132, how many different values can M have?

14、Of the integers 1 to 1000 inclusive(包含的), how many are multiples of 3 but not multiples of 5?

15、Find the value of this product of 98 numbers:

16、The digit in the ones place(个位)of a two-digit number is two more than three times the digit in the tens place. If the digits are reversed(颠倒), the new number is two less than three times the original number. Find the original number.

17、If we multiply(乘)the integers 111, 112, 113, ... up to 119 together, what would the last digit of the product(乘积)be?


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