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新标准五年级上 what time does school start

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What time does school start?



能听、说、读并掌握句型:What time do you get up? I get up at half past seven. What time does school start? My school starts at eight o’clock.



能熟练运用所学句型What time do you …?/ What time does…?来询问关于日常生活的话题,并能进行正确回答。并能利用所学句型描述学校生活.


二、 教学重点:

能熟练运用所学句型What time do you…?/ What time does…? 来询问关于日常生活的话题,并能进行正确回答。





Step 1: Warming-up

1. Greetings. ( 2 mins)

T: Hello, boys and girls. In this class, I'm your English teacher, my English name is Mary. I come from NO. 77 middle school. Nice to meet you!

(Point to some students, and ask:) What's your name, please? How are you today?(设计意图:通过师生相互问候,拉近师生间的距离感,创设良好的学习氛围。)

2.Free talk. ( 渗透新单词:coffee, tea, ) (4 mins)

T: Look at me, what am I doing? What am I drinking?

T: (出示课件,展示新词 coffee and tea ).生跟读

T: In this class, we' ll have a competition between boys and girls. The boys is coffee group, and the girls is tea group . OK? (设计意图:以竞赛激励法贯穿整个课堂,激发学生的学习积极性。)

T: Now , boys and girls stand up . Let's say a chant , follow me.

(CAI) "I like coffee, I like tea, I like you and you like me." ( twice time ) (设计意图:通过师生相互对话,逐步呈现新单词,分散学习,降低学习难度。然后运用chant及时巩固新知,同时活跃课堂气氛。)

Step 2: Lead in and presentation.

1. Review the expression of time. (6 mins)

(1).T: I'll draw a picture on the blackboard, let's see. ( teacher draw a circle at first ) T: What's this ? (Ss guess) then , teacher continue to draw,and say: What's this? Ss: It's a clock.

T: Yes, it's a clock. What time is it?

Ss: It's seven o' clock./ It's half past seven.

T: (teacher does action, and say: ) I get up at half past seven. (板书, 并让生跟读 ) T: What time do you get up? (板书)

T:(ask some students individual, then read together. )

(学习新词before, 生跟读若干遍)

(设计意图:以简笔画的形式逐渐呈现钟表,让生猜一猜,激发学生的学习积极性。师借助评价学生,自然引出新词before, 让生易于理解。)

(2).Practice. ( 2 mins )

T: There are some nice pictures about Daming, Look, what's he do? (引入词组 go to school, go to bed )

T: I'm Daming now. (师带头饰 ) Can you ask me a question with " What time do you ...?" T: "I ...at ..."

T: Who want to be Daming ? (学生上台抽取卡片,进行问答 )


2. T: And I go to school at half past eight.(8mins)

(1).T: Would you like to my school with me? Ss: Ok. (CAI shows some pictures about teacher's school.)

T: Look, this is my school, ( point to playground, and ask: )

T: What are the students doing? (ask stuents to read follow teacher; boys and girls; big and small voice)

T: Where are they doing exercises?/skipping? T: Do you do exercises / skip in the classroom or in the playground ?

T: 拍手说: playground, playground, I play in the playground

T: What else do you do in the playground? (在操场上还做些什么?)

I play basketballfootball… in the playground.

I run / jump… in the playground.

T:I like skipping. (加上动作)I skip in the playground.


(2).T: Listen, what sound is it ? (播放上课铃声) Yes, it's the school bell rings.

at half past nine. ( 板书 )


( 板书 )(point to some students to answer)

(3). Do pair work to practice the dialogue. ( 2 mins )

(设计意图:通过多媒体的音视频,创设情境,自然引出本课其他新单词以及句型,学生很直观的感受, 易于学生理解和记忆; 以两人合作练习对话,培养生的合作能力。) 3. To learn new text. ( 12 mins )

T:Just now, we talked about your school’s life. But how about Amy’s school life?


(1). Please listen and answer: What time does Amy’s school start? (underline key sentences )

What time does Amy get up?

Does Amy do exercises every morning?

Can Lingling skip well?

(2). Check the answers, then listen and repeat the text.

(设计意图:让学生带着问题走进课文,能让学生有的放矢,并且帮助学生理清课文内容。) Step 3. Consolidation. ( 5 mins)

T: Your school life is colourful. Now let's write an e-mail about your school life to my pen pal, ok?

Step 4. Summary. ( 3 mins)

T: Today we’ve known Amy's school life is different our school life. We’ve got different timetable , but they do cherish time. They often say: Time is money.

The early birds gets the worm.

So, I hope all of you can be a person who is running with time.

(设计意图:本课学生了解了不同学校的学校生活,不同国家的学校生活,虽然有不同,但有一个共同点,就是cherish time.)

Step 5. Homework.

1. Read the text for three times.

2. Try to write about your school life and share your school life with your frinends . 板书设计:

Module 8 School

Unit1 What time does school start?

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