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( ) do you do on the weekend?

A. When B. What C. How

( )2..I usually have Chinese class ____the morning and eat lunch ___ noon .

A. at ; at B.in ;in C. in; at

( )3.I like spring. Because I can A. sleep B. swim C. plant trees

( )4.It’s _____ . It’s cold and snowy .

A. spring B. fall C. winter

( )5 .A: _____do you have lunch ?

B: At noon .

A. How B. What C. When

( )6. What’s the date ?

--- ___________

A. Tuesday B. November C. May 4th( )7. --Why do you like summer? --______ I can swim .

A. Because B. What C. Which

( )8.-What are you doing ?


A. I’m read a book .

B. I’m sending grandpa an e-card .

C. I can make a birthday card.

( )9. There are three ________in June.

A. birthday B. month C. birthdays

( )10.--When is _______ ?

--- It’s September 10th .

A. Mother’sDay B. woman’s Day C. Teachers’ Day


1. weekend do What do on the you ?

2. I play sports usually the in afternoon.

3. do you best Which season like ?


4. I sleep a long time because can .


5. your birthday when is ?



( warm, cold, colourful, trees, sky, river, picnic, Festival, wear, visit, food, happy, mountains )

I’m Sandy. I like spring best. It’s . We can see many

in the .


1. Is your father’s birthday in November?

2. Does Zoom clean his room in the evening?

3. What’s the weather like in fall?

4. What’s the date today?

5. When do you go to work?


九、补全对话:根据上下文的意思在下面对话的横线上填上适当的句子, 将对话补充完整。(10分) A: , Bill.

B: Good morning, Ken.

A: ?

B: I like Saturdays.

A: ?

B: Because my parents take me to the nature park on Saturdays.


A: I usually do my homework. Sometimes I go to the nature park, too.

B: That’s great. Let’s go to the nature park together next Saturday.

A: 十、阅读理解:根据短文的内容,判断下面说法是否正确,正确的写“T”,错的写“F”。(10分)

Hello, I’m lily. I’m eleven. My birthday is August 18th. I usually get up early on my birthday. I wear my new dress and go to school. I take candy to my class. After school, I go home and do my homework. In the evening, I have a birthday party. My mother buys me a big birthday cake. My dad gives me a gift. We sing songs together. I am very happy.

( )1. I don’t go to school on my birthday.

( )2. My birthday is in summer.

( )3. I have a birthday party on my birthday.

( )4. My mother gives me a birthday gift.

( )5. We sing Christmas songs on my birthday.

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