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1. Hello! Hi!

2. Hello! I’m Wu Yifan. I’m from China.

3. What’s your name?

4. My name’s Chen Jie.

5. I have a pencil. Me too.

6. Good morning. Good afternoon.

7. This is Miss White. Nice to meet you.

8. Where are you from? I’m from America.

9. Let’s go to school. OK.

10. How many cakes? One cake.

11. How are you? I’m fine, thank you.

12. Let’s paint. Great!

13. I like green. Me too.

14. I have a rabbit.

15. Cool! Super! Great! Wow!

16. May I have a look? Sure.

17. Here you are. Thank you. You’re welcome.

18. I like hamburgers. Me too.

19. Have some French fries.

20. Can I have some chicken? Sure.

21. How old are you? I’m nine.


1. Where are you from? I’m from America.

2. Good morning! Good afternoon!

3. Class, we have a new friend today.

4. Who’s that woman? She’s my mother。

5. Who’s that man? He’s my father.

6. Who’s this boy? My brother.

7. I have a new kite. Oh, it’s beautiful.

8. How many kites can you see? I can see 12.

9. The black one is a bird. Oh, how nice!

10. How many crayons do you have? I have 16 crayons.

11. Open it and see. That’s right.

12. Do you like peaches? Yes, I do. /No, I don’t.

13. What about pears? Oh, I like them very much.

14. Let’s have some peaches and pears.

15. Have some fruits. Thank you, Miss White.

16. Sorry, I don’t like bananas.

17. Can I have an apple, please? Certainly.

18. Have some more? No, thank you.

19. Where is my car? It’s under the chair.

20. Excuse me. Can I use your pencil? No problem.

21. Here you are. Thank you!

22. Come on, children. Look at the elephant.

23. Wow! It’s so big! It’s so funny!

24. It has a long nose and a short tail.

25. It has small eyes and big ears.

26. Look at the giraffe. Oh, it’s so tall.

27. The giraffe is tall. The deer is short.

28. You’re tall. I’m short. You’re right.

29. Let’s fly it. OK.

30. What a big fish!


1. What’s in the classroom?

2. This is Zhang Peng, our new classmate.

3. We have a new classroom.

4. Where is my seat? It is near the door.

5.Let’s clean the classroom. Good idea!

6. Let me clean the board. All right.

7. It is nice and clean! Good job!

8. What colour is the schoolbag? It‘s black and white.

9. May I have a look? Sure. Here you are.

10. My schoolbag is heavy.

11. What is in the schoolbag?

12. How many picture-books do you have?

13. My friend is strong. He has short hair….

14. I have a new friend. He likes sports. She likes music.

15.What’s his name ? His name is Zhang Peng.

16. What’s her name ? Her name is Amy.

17. Is this your bedroom? Yes, it is./No, it isn’t.

18. I have a new eraser.

19. Is she in the study? No, she isn’t. She’s in the kitchen.

20. Where are the keys? They are in the door.

21 Are they on the table? No, they aren’t.

22. What’s for dinner? Rice, fish and vegetables.

23. What would you like for dinner? I’d like some rice and soup.

24. Everything’s ready. Thanks/Thank you.

25. Dinner’s ready! Your forks and knives.

26. Help yourself! Thank you.

27. I can use chopsticks. Let me try.

28. Mm…Yummy, I like Chinese food. Me too.

29. We had a good time. See you tomorrow.

30. How many people are there in your family? Three.

31. Who are they? My parents and me.

32. My family has seven members. 33. Who’s this man? He’s my uncle.

34. Who’s this woman? She’s my aunt.

35. Is this your aunt? Yes, she is. /No, she’s my sister.

36.What’s your mother? She’s a teacher.

37. What’s your father? He’s a doctor.

38. Are they farmers? Yes, they are. / Yes, you’re right.


1. Where is the canteen? It’s on the first floor.

2. This is the teacher’s office. That is my classroom.

3. How many students are there in your class? Forty-five.

4. Do you have a library? Yes!

5. The canteen is on the first floor.

6. This is my computer. That is your computer.

7. Is this a teacher’s desk? Yes, it is.\No, it isn’t.

8. Is that the art room? Yes, it is.\No, it isn’t.

9. What time is it? It’s nine o’clock.

10. It’s time for English class. Breakfast is ready!

11. School is over. Let’s go to the playground.

12. Let’s go home. I’m ready.

13. It’s 7:05. It’s time to go to school.

14. It’s 8:30. It’s time for music class.

15. I like the white sweater with the green skirt.

16. I like the blue dress.

17. Where is my skirt?

18. What colour is it? Blue.

19. Is this your skirt? Yes, it is./No. it isn’t. My T-shirt is red.

20. Is that your T-shirt? No, it’s not.

21. Whose is it? It’s my T—shirt.

22. Whose is this? It’s your baby brother’s!

23. What are they? These are your baby pants. They’re so small.

24. Are those my shoes? Yes. But what for?

25. Our neighbour has a new baby!

26. This is the weather report. It’s cool in Lhasa.

27. Can I wear my new shirt today? No, you can’t. /Yes, you can.

28. It’s warm today. You can wear your new shirt.

29. Can I wear my T-shirt? Yes, you can.

30. What are you doing? Not much.

31. What’s the weather like in Beijing? It’s rainy today.

32. How about New York? It’s sunny.

33. What’s the matter? 34. It’s windy now. I have to close the window.

35. Look at that dress. It’s colorful. It’s very pretty.

36. Can I help you? Yes. 37. How much is this dress? It’s ninety-nine Yuan.

38. What size? Size five. 39. Are they all right? Yes, they are.

40. How much are they? They’re thirty-five Yuan.

41. What are they? They are goats.

42. Are they sheep? No, they aren’t. They are goats.

43. Are they horses? No, they aren’t .They are donkeys.

44. Look at the hens. They are fat.

45. How many cows do you have? One hundred.

46. What do you see in the picture? I see five cats.

47. Are these tomatoes? Yes, they are. /No, they aren’t.

48. What are these? They are carrots.

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