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This is my new .There is a





.I love my new classroom.

二、 选择填空。 ( )1. --Let’s clean the floor. --____________________

A. Good idea! B. Goodbye! C. Thank you. ( )2. --We have a new classroom.. --_____________________ A. What is it? B. Let’s go and see. C. It’s big. ( )3. --Where’s my chair? --___________________

A. It’s so big. B. It’s under the desk. C. It’s a bag. ( )4.A: Where’s my ball ? B:________________.(在门旁边)

A .It’s near the door . B. It’s near the desk . C. Hello. ( ) 5. --- What’s in the classroom? ---Two doors and _____ chairs.

A. many B. may C. math


( )1.Let’s clean the classroom. A. It’s a bag. ( )2.Where is my book? B. Thank you. ( )3.What colour is the wall? C. OK.

( )4.What’s this?

D. It’s on the desk. ( )5.Let me help you .

E. White.


A、in B、on C、 desk D、near E、window

1、Where is the bag? —— It is ( )the desk.

2、Where is the picture?—— It is near the ( ). 3、Where is the computer?—— It is on the ( ). 4、Where is the chiar?—— It is ( )the paper . 5、Where is the desk?—— It is ( )the chiar. 五、


Hello! I’m Zoom. This is my classroom. It’s very big. In the classroom you can see a big board, 2 doors, 6 windows, 10 desks, 20 chairs, 4 pictures and 8 lights. The board is black. The wall is white. The floor is green.

My classroom is nice and clean. I like my classroom very much. ( )1. The classroom is very big.

( )2. The board is small.

( ) 3. There are 6 windows in the classroom.

( )4. The floor is yellow.

( )5. The classroom is nice and clean.

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