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unit 5 vocabulary

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Unit 5

P 32 (n.)活动安排 1.programme 开放日 2. open day 在入口处 3. at the entrance v. 进入 4. enter 校合唱 5.school choir (n.)布告栏 6. noticeboard 到达(大地方) 7.arrive in 到达(小地方) 8. arrive at 9.first ,next ,then, after that ,finally 首先,接着,然后,之后,最后 10.Class project 班级习作项目 11. final 最后的 12.in the Arts and Crafts room 在美术工艺室 13. in the hall 在大厅 14. English Club 英语俱乐部

15..have tea and cakes with teachers 和老师一起喝茶吃蛋糕 在音乐室 16.in the Music Room 和老师见面 17..meet the teachers 18. at two fifteen (at 2:15) = at a quarter past two at two thirty (at 2:30) =at half past two at three ten ( at 3:10)= at ten past three at four twenty-five (at 4:25) = at twenty-five past four


计划一个开放日活动 19.plan an Open Day 欢迎家长 20.welcome the parents 在开放日 21. on the Open Day 教师办公室 22.teachers’ office 在体育馆 23. in the gym 想让某人去做某事 24. want sb. to do 在不同的地方 25. in different places (n.)区别 26. difference 27.在底楼 (英)on the ground floor 28.在底楼(美)on the first floor

P 34 29.. make a programme 30.. invitation write an invitation 31 invite invite sb. to do


n. 请柬
写一张请柬 v. 邀请 邀请某人去做某事

P 35-36 拍一些照片 32. take some photos 参观教室 33. visit the classroom 34. arrive at Rose Garden School 到达玫瑰花园学校 35. take—took listen to—listened to visit—visited arrive—arrived have—had look at—looked at 36. have a great time = have a good time 37.yesterday 度过美好时光 n.昨天

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