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Hello,everybody,I’m_____. I’m a girl/boy. I’m______.My teacher is Sandy. I like _______.I'm _______. This is_______.I love you. Thank you!

Lesson 4

In School

Kai: Is she a teacher? Sam: Yes, she is. She is a teacher. Kai: Is he a teacher, too? Sam: Yes, he is. He is a teacher, too. Kai: Is it a classroom? Sam: Yes, it is. It is a classroom.

Lesson 5 Is that a student?
Kai: Is she a teacher? Sam: No, she is not. She is a nurse. Kai: Is he a teacher? Sam: No, he is not. He is a bus driver. Kai: Is it a classroom? Sam: No, it is not. It is a library. Kai: Is that a student? Sam: No, oh no! Benny! It is my dog.

Lesson 6 Are you Chinese?

Miss Brown:
Kai: Charlie: Kai: Kim: Kai:

Are you Kai?
Yes, I am Kai. Are you Chinese, Kai? Yes, I am. I am Chinese. Are you ten? No, I am not. I am eleven.

Lesson 7 New friends

Kim: We are Kim and Kitie.
They are Charlie and Sam. We are students.

We are classmates.
We are happy to meet you, Kai!

Lesson 8 Are you ready?
Miss Brown: This is a test. Are you ready, students? Students: Yes, we are. We are ready. Miss Brown: Sam: Miss Brown: Are you ready, Sam? No, I am not. Hurry up, Sam!


Sorry, Miss Brown.








1. ____ pencil

2. ____girl

3. ____ apple

4. _____ classroom. 5. ____ teacher.
7.____ book.

6. ____ orange.

8. _____ umbrella. 9. ____ chair. 12. _____ elephant 15. ____ X-ray.

10. ____ ice cream. 11.____ desk. 13.____ clock. 14. ____ egg.

1.I _______ a teacher. 2. You ______ a student. 3. The boy _____ tall. 4. My mother and I _____ happy. 5. The cat _____ black. 6. We _____ short. 7. He ____ clean. 8. They _____ dirty. 9. Sam _____ fat. 10. The dog and the cat ______ hungry.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 一.单词类 1.名词:快餐(french fries /sandwiches ) 2.形容词:happy tall fat handsome tired 3.动词:watch sleep swim hear smell 4.动词词组:watch TV drink water 5.方位词:in on under 二.句型/语法类 1.会用简单句来表达自己的感受 2.特殊疑问句 how/where/who/what 的用法 3.一般疑问句 Do / Can 的用法 4.How many 句型用法 三.字母类 继续学习字母从M-Z

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