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Little rabbit exercise paper

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4A M3U1 In the school

Class_____ Name________

Welcome to our Chen Heqin Primary School. It is big and nice.

This is our _________________. We study with friends in it. There is a garden _________ it. There are many flowers and plants in the garden. This is the ______________. Teachers are busy in it.

This is our classroom. There is a cupboard and _________ in it. There are many books on the bookshelf.

This is our ______________. There are many computers in it. We have computer lessons in it.

This is our _________. We can read many kinds of books in it.

This is our ___________ . We have lunch here.

Look! There is a playground ________ the classroom building. We can run and play there.

★★★Look! This is Animal School. It is in a big forest. The school is big and green. There are many trees and a small river in Animal School.

Many animals are playing together. But there are not any classrooms in Animal School. Mr Owl is the teacher. Monkeys and cats can climb trees, but Little Rabbit can’t climb trees. Ducks and dogs can swim in the river but Little Rabbit can’t. He is sad. He can’t swim or climb trees. He thinks he is a bad student. But Mr Owl doesn’t think so.

Look! Animals come and help him. They run a race! Little Rabbit can run very fast. He is the first. He is very happy. He isn’t a bad student. He thinks he is a good student, too.

True or false

( )1. There is a classroom in Animal School.

( )2. Little Rabbit cannot climb trees. He is sad.

( )3. Little Rabbit can run fast. He is happy.

( )4. Little Rabbit is the second.

( )5. Little Rabbit is a good student too.


Retell the story

What’s in Animal School?Why does Little Rabbit think he’s

a bad student?

a big forest, a small river

How do animals help Little Rabbit?sad, can’

t, badWhy does Little Rabbit think

he’s a good student now?

help, run a racefast,first,happy,good

★★★★★_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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