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6A unit 8 vocabulary

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Unit 8 The food we eat

P55 1.the food we eat 2.the water we drink 3.dinner menu 4.cabbage 5.tomato tomatoes (复数) 6.garlic 7.my favourite 8.What kind of …. 9.steam 10.prawn 11.steamed prawns with garlic 12.tomato and egg soup 13.fry 我们吃的食物 我们喝的水 晚饭菜单 (名词)卷心菜 (名词)西红柿

(名词)大蒜 我的最爱… 哪种…? (动词)蒸 (名词)虾,对虾 蒜茸蒸虾 番茄蛋汤 (v.)煎炸

P55 14.fried eggs with bacon 熏肉煎蛋 15.after dinner 晚饭后 16.need to buy 需要买 need to do ? don’t need to do 需要做某事?不需要做某事 shopping list 购物单 句型 What would you like for dinner? 你晚饭想吃什么? I’d like ___ for dinner. 我晚饭想吃… Would you like ___ or ___? 你想吃….还是…? What kind of ____ would you like? 你想吃哪种…?

P56 17.fried (形容词)煎的;炒的;炸的 18.fried cabbage 炒卷心菜 19.fried chicken wings 炸鸡翅 20.steamed (形容词)蒸的 21.steamed fish 清蒸鱼 22.steamed eggs with meat 肉炖蛋 23.boil(动词)煮—boiled(形容词) 煮的 24.boiled eggs 水煮蛋 25.soup (名词)汤 26.chicken soup 鸡汤 27.tomato and egg soup 番茄蛋汤 28.make a dinner menu for him/ her 为他/她制定一张晚餐菜单 海鲜 29.seafood 30.What kind of seafood would you like?你想吃那种海鲜?

P57 31.buy different food 买不同的食物 32.in the market 在市场里 33.in the supermarket 在超市里 34.on page 55 = on the 55th page 在55页上 35.stall (名词)摊位 36.the fish stall 鱼摊 37.section (名词)部门,区 38.vegetable section 蔬菜区 39.freeze (动词)冻结–frozen(形容词) 冷冻的 40.frozen food 冷冻食品 41.packet (名词)包 42.kg= kilogram 公斤

P58 43.buy- bought- bought 44.cheap – cheaper 45.the cheaper food 46.at the vegetable stall 47.in the seafood section 句型: 1. Have you bought any garlic? Yes, I’ve bought some garlic. 2. Where did you buy it? In the market, at the vegetable stall. 3. How much was it? It was five yuan.

买 便宜-更便宜

更便宜的食物 在蔬菜摊位 在海鲜区

P59 48.my favourite food 49.fried rice 50.baked potatoes potato- potatoes 51.fruit salad

我最喜爱的食物 炒饭 烤土豆 水果色拉

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