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1.( )A.taller B.tall C.doll

2.( )A.matter B.match C.meter

3.( )A.nose B.rose C.goes

4.( )A.read B.red C.fat

5.( )A.bored B.ball C.sore

6.( )A.has B.had C.have

7.( )A.154cm tall B.155cm tall C.153cm tall

8.( )A.How old are you? B.How are you? C.How tall are you?

9.( ) A.I am fine. B.I am fifteen. C.I am five.

10.( )A.He did homework. B.He did housework.C.She did homework.


( ) 1.I went swimming yesterday.

( ) 2.My sister is younger.

( ) 3.You look so angry.

( ) 4.Merry is 80cm tall.

( ) 5.Jack’s apple is smaller


( )1、A:He’s riding a bike. B: He watched TV.

C:He is swimming.

( )2、A: He went fishing. B: He went to shanghai.

C. He’s going to the library.

( )3、A: Yes, she does. B: No, she didn’t.

C: No, she can’t.

( )4、A: They went by bike. B:They feel excited.

C: They go by bus.

( )5、A:Yes, she’s going to go swimming.

B:Yes, she worked at night.

C:Yes, she failed the math test.


Today was a fun day. I______my_________, then I walked to Amy’s home in the morning. we ______a story book, then we ______to a park by______. We

__________some elephants and _______a_______, we took some________. We were__________.



1、have a cold____________ 2、last weekend_____________

3、learn Chinese___________ 4、buy presents_____________

5.visit grandparents__________________


( )1.My ruler is ________ than yours.

A. long B. longer C. taller

( )2.____is your brother? He is 26 kg. He's very thin.

A. How old B. How heavy C. How tall

( )3.Zhang Peng looks very sad.Because he _______yesterday.

A. failed the English test. B. went to the zoo.

C. played ping-pong with his friends.

( )4._______ your brother ________ TV last weekend?

A. Did……watched B. Does……watch C. Did……watch

( )5. What_____Amy_____last weekend ?

A. did, do B. do, do C. does, do

( )6. I like to ___kites , I ____kites yesterday

A fly , fly B flew , fly C fly , flew

( )7.Where did you go _________ your holiday ?

A.in B.at C.on

( )8.Did you go hiking _________ your friends?

A.and B.with C.to

( )9、 ______Monday we went to a restaurant. A. In B. On C. on D. in ( )10.想知道“今天是星期几”应该说:

A.What's the weather like today?

B.What's the date ?

C.What day is it today?


( )1、Did you have a good time? A. At 3:00 o’ clock on Saturday.

( )2. When are you going to the bookstore? B. He is 55kg.

( ) 3. How heavy is your brother? C. By plane.

( ) 4. Where does your sister work? . D.Yes, I did.

( ) 5. How did people go to Beijing? E.He works in a library..


A:Hello, Mary. ______________________________?

B:I went to Kunming on my holiday.


B:It was warm.


B:I went there by plane.


B:I saw folk dances.

A:Did you eat any Kunming’s snack?

B:__________________.They’re delicious.

A:How did you go there?

B:What is the weather like?

C:What was the weather like?

D:Where did you go on your holiday?

E:Yes, I did.

F:No, I didn’t.

G: What did you do there?

五. 连词成句(10 )

1、you, much, am, than, I ,stronger( .)


2、 matter, with ,your ,what’s ,the ,sister(? )


3、 did, last, read, you, weekend, books(?)


4、my, I, holiday, elephants, saw, on( .)


5、the, do ,you ,what, on, weekend ,do ,usually? ( ?)



Jack is an American boy. His parents are in China now. They are teachers. They teach English. Jack is 2 years older than me, and he’s tall, too. He has short hair and big

eyes. He’s 162cm tall and he’s 50kg. Jack is now in No. 2 School. He’s a good student. His parents work in No.2 School, too. Jack is my good friend. He likes football. We often play football together.

( ) 1. Jack is from __________ . A.China B. America. C.England

( ) 2. His parents are______ teachers. A.Chinese B. math. C. English.

( ) 3. I’m________ than Jack. A. older. B. younger. C.young

( ) 4. Jack is a ___________. A. student. B. teacher. C.singer

( ) 5. Jack likes ____________. A. playing basketball. B.playing football

C.playing ping-pong.

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