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牛津小学英语6A Unit 5单元练习

班级___________ 姓名___________得分_____________



( )1. A. many B. much C. man

( )2. A. what B. watch C. wall

( )3. A. face B. race C. dance

( )4. A. now B. new C. know

( )5. A. at home B. at school C. at 4 o’clock

( )6. A. the big cake B. the yellow cake C. my birthday cake

( )7. A. have a good time B. have lunch C. have an English lesson

( )8. A. from five to forty B. from four to fourteen C. from four to forty

( )9. A. We picked a lot of oranges. B. We tasted a lot of oranges.C. We cooked a lot of oranges.

( )10. A. I watched cartoons. B. I watched a film. C. I watched a match.


( )1. A. I cleaned the bedroom. B. I was in the bedroom. C. I have a nice bedroom.

( )2. A. I’m sorry. B. No, thanks. C. No, you can’t.

( )3. A. I want to go camping. B. I played games at the camp.C. I was on the farm.

( )4. A. Yes, I did. B. It’s delicious. C. Thank you.

( )5. A. We played the piano. B. We planted and watered trees.

C. We played table tennis.


1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )


1.Today is the ______________day of school_____________ the holiday. Helen ___________ to school ____________. She ____________ Nancy in the school playground ____________ class.

2. A: What______ did you do on__________? B: I ________my uncle _____________ up carrots.



( ( ( ( (



1. 浇花_______________________ 2. 去农场_______________________

3. 上星期______________________ 4. 居住在一个小镇__________________

5. 收鸡蛋______________________ 6. 拔胡萝卜_________________________

7. National Day _________________ 8. fruit trees ___________________________

9. on Wednesday _________________ 10. watch a film _______________________


( )1. I ________ a cartoon just now.

A. watch B. watched C. looked D. look

( )2. Tom visited the farm _______ his family on Tuesday.

A. with B. for C. in D. and

( )3. I want to play _______ football but he wants to play _______ volleyball.

A. /; the B. /; / C. the; / D. the; the

( )4. Do you want ________?

A. visit the museum B. visiting the museum

C. to visiting the museum D. to visit the museum

( )5. National Day is on _________ in China.

A. the first of May B. the first of August

C. the first of October D. the first of June

( )6. He usually _______ his homework at half past six every evening.

A. does B. did C. do D. doing

( )7. I helped my mother ______ cows.

A. milking B. milks C. milked D. milk

( )8. Were there ________ fruit trees on the farm?

A. some B. any C. much D. a

( )9. What ________ did you do?

A. time B anything C. else D. about

( )10. What are they doing? They are ________ the music.

A. listening B. listened C. listen to D. listening to

( )11. Su Yang and Su Hai _______ at school just now. But they are at home now.

A. are B. was C. were D. is

( )12. My father showed ________ his mobile phone.

A. I B. me C. my D. mine

( )13. Yesterday we tasted a lot of ________.

A. strawberry B. strawberrys C. strawberries D. strawberries’

( )14. It’s time ________ home. Let’s ________.

A. to go; go B. to go; to go C. go; to go D. go; go

( )15. Do you like _______?

A. milks B. cows C. apple D. pear


1. Mike _______(like)football very much .


2. Look, Helen is ________(milk)cows

3. Please give me a big carrot ,I want _______(eat) it .

4. Today is _________(one ) day .

5. Did you like the film ?Yes, but I like _________(fun) cartoons very much .

6.The boys’ race is very __________(excited ).

7. The ________ (diary) are for me !Thank you .

8. Jack’s bike ___(be) under the tree a moment ago , but is ____(be not ) there now .

9.What does it mean ? It means “No _________(smoke)”



( )1.What date was yesterday ? A. There are four .

( )2.Where were you yesterday ? B. Yes, he does .

( )3.How many people are there in your family ? C. I like English .

( )4.What did you do last week ? D. I was in the library .

( )5.Does your father make nice food ? E No, she did her homework .

( )6.How old is your father ? F. They are playing football .

( )7.What would you like as a present ? G. He’s forty years old .

( )8.What subject do you like ? H. It was the 25th of December .

( )9.Did YangLing go to the park yesterday ? I .I’d like a camera .

( )10.What are the children doing ? J. I visited a farm .


1. A:What _______ you do last Wednesday ?

B: I _______ a cartoon on TV.

A: What _______ ______ you do ?

B: I _______ to some music.

2. A: What ______ you do last Sunday ?

B: I ______ a cow on a farm .

A: What _____ ______ you do ?

B: I ______ oranges .



Tom: Hello, David! How are you today?

David: Fine, thank you.

Tom: It was Children’s Day yesterday. What did you do, David?


David: I visited my friends.

Tom: What did you do with your friends?

David: We went shopping and then went to the zoo. There were many animals in the zoo. I was tired,

but very happy. What about you?

Tom: I watched TV with my brother at home in the morning. In the afternoon, I listened to music

and had lots of nice food.

David: Did you have a good time?

Tom: Of course, I did.

阅读短文, 判断正(T)误(F)。

( )1. Today is Children’s Day.

( )2. David visited his friends on Children’s Day.

( )3. David was tired, so he wasn’t very happy.

( )4. Tom watched TV with his sister at home on Children’s Day.

( )5. Tom didn’t go out on Children’s Day.


David’s grandparents live in a small town near Suzhou. They have a nice house. Last Sunday, David went to visit them with Su Hai, Su Yang, Gao Shan, Yang Ling, Liu Tao and Ben. David’s grandparents were very glad to see them. David’s grandpa showed them a lot of stamps from different countries, and his grandma cooked a nice meal for them. They all liked the meal very much.

In the morning, David and his friends cleaned the house. After lunch, the children worked in the garden. Su Hai and Su Yang watered trees and flowers. David and Gao Shan picked apples. Yang Ling planted some trees with Ben. They worked there for two hours. They were tired, but they really had a good time.


( )6. Last Sunday, some children visited ________ grandparents.

A. Yang Ling’s B. Ben’s C. David’s

( )7. Grandpa has a lot of _______.

A. stamps B. ducks C. houses

( )8. _______ cookded a nice meal.

A. David B. Grandma C. Grandpa

( )9. _______ planted trees.

A. Su Hai and Su Yang B. David and Gao Shan C. Yang Ling and Ben

( )10. The chidren were very ________ that day.

A. tired but happy B. tired and hungry C. hot and happy





牛津小学英语6A Unit 5单元练习


一、听录音,选出你所听到的内容, 每小题读两遍。

1. many 2. watch 3. race 4. know 5. at four o’clock 6. the big cake

7. have an English lesson 8. from five to forty 9. We tasted a lot of oranges.

10. I watched a film.


1. What did you do last Sunday?

2. Would you like a glass of milk?

3. Where were you last weekend?

4. Did you like the food there?

5. What did you do on the farm?


1. A: I was on a farm last weekend.

B: What did you do, Mike?

A: I watered the flowers and trees.

2. A: Last Sunday, I visited Liu Tao’s grandparents.

B: What did you do there, David?

A: I cleaned the house for Liu Tao’s grandparents.

3. A: Where were you this morning, Helen?

B: I was at a camp.

4. A: How did you go to watch a film, Mike? By bike?

B: No, by bus.

5. A: Did you watch cartoons last Saturday, Tom?

B: No, I didn’t. I helped my father milked cows.







四、1. first, after, goes, early, meets, before 2. else, Saturday, helped, pulled



七、1. water flowers 2. go to the farm 3. last week 4. live in a small town

5. collect eggs 6. pull up carrots 7. 国庆节 8. 果树 9. 在星期三

10. 看电影

八、was, after, about, watched, funny, liked, with, at, camping

九、1. Did, cook 2. What, did, do 3. Who, visited 4. didn’t, play 5. to, us

6. We were very happy that day.

7. What else did you do at the camp?

九、1. picked, them 2. were, pears, on, last 3. show, photos/pictures

4. didn’t, play



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