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小学新标准英语第七册单词表(67个) Module 1

1 soon 不久 2 tell 告诉 3 still 仍 4 April 4 月 5 dancing 舞蹈 6 also 也 7 American 美国人

36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 gold 金子 food 食物 took—take 拿走 (的过去式) made—make 制作 (的过去式) angry 生气的 only 只 away 离开 said—say 说(的过去式)


break 弄坏 Module2

8 yesterday 9 clean 10 finish 11 wash Module3

12 learn 13 dirty 14 National Day Module4

15 invent 16 paper 17 important 18 printing 19 print 20 bicycle Module5

21 went—go 22 the Great Wall 23 saw—see 24 ate—eat 25 had—have 26 bought—buy 27 climb 28 mountain 29 wore—wear 30 ice-skating 31 fell over—fall over 32 hurt 33 learnt—learn 34 skate 35 fall over


昨天 打扫 完成 洗 学习 脏的 国庆节 发明 纸 重要的 印刷术 印刷 自行车 去(的过去式) 长城 看见(的过去式) 吃 (的过去式) 享受 (的过去式) 买 (的过去式) 爬 山

穿(的过去式) 滑冰 摔倒(的过去式) 受伤

学习(的过去式) 滑冰 摔倒 45 cry 46 monster 47 ran—run Module8

48 came—come 49 last 50 won—win 51 gold 52 cup 53 practice 54 win Module9

55 happen 56 put—put 57 ride 58 thirsty 59 watermelon 60 fell off—fall off 61 knee 62 cut—cut 63 finger Module10

64 matter 65 medicine 66 toothache 67 fever

哭 怪物 跑(的过去式)

来 (的过去式) 刚过去的 赢得(的过去式) 金制的 奖杯 练习 赢得


放 (的过去式) 骑 口渴的 西瓜 从…… 跌落 膝盖

切,割 (的过去式) 手指

麻烦事 药 牙疼 发烧


am/is---was are---were do/does---did go---went

see---saw eat---ate have/has---had buy---bought

wear---wore fall---fell learn---learnt make---make

take---took run---ran come---came win---won

put---put hurt---hurt cut---cut have/has---had tell ---toldbreak---brokeride--- rode get--- got



phone---phoned cry---cried dance---danced clean --- cleaned

finish--- finished wash--- washed invent--- invented print --- printed

climb climbed happen --- happened practice--- practiced help---helped

swim---swam love---loved


Module 1

Module 2

Module 7

Module 10



Dear Lily

How are you ! I am very well now.

Yesterday was Sunday.On Sundays I usually play basketball and ride my bike in the yesterday I didn’t play basketball and ride my bike.It was raining.I stayed at home .I did my homework.I watched TV .Iread my books .Then I played with my toys .

What did you do on last Sunday?Write to me soon!




Yesterday was a special day .I usually go to school.But yesterday I didn’t go .There was no school.There was lots and lots of snow.

I stayed at home.I watched TV.I did my homework.I helped my mum.

Then we played with the snow . And we made a snowman .It was fun.

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