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No pains, No gains

发布时间:2013-12-10 09:01:35  

No pains, No gains As we all know, no pains, no gains. However, almost everyone has his own definition of this proverb. Apparently, it means that you will get nothing if you don't pay. Profoundly, you will get no knowledge, skill or opportunity if you are not diligent.

From my point of view, the reasons that people said these words are as follows. First, countless facts and experience have proved that the proverb is right. What's more, this proverb is handed down from generation to generation. And the wisdom of the ancients is not allowed to query. Last but not least, we always use these words to educate others so that they could be a diligent person.

Let me take a person that we all know for example. Thomas Alva Edison, as you know, he invented many things. However, without any pains, would Edison invent such many things? Obviously, the answer is "No ".

To summarize, no pains, no gains.

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