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英国语文学校6B期末测试二 班级________ 姓名________



( ( ( (

( ( ( 二、选择填空。(12分)

( ) 1.She is going to work there ______ two years. A. to B. of C. in D. for

( )2. Helen is playing A. the ; the B. the ; / C. / ; the D. / ; /

( ) 3. ________ some orange juice in the bottle. A. There is B. There are C. There has

( )4. —________ did you get up this morning? —I got up at six o?clock.

A. Where B. How C.What time

( ) 5. ?Be quite ? means you _______ make noise here. A. should B. shouldn?t C. can

( ) 6. —Happy birthday, David. This present is for you. —________ .

A. Not at all. B. Thank you C. You?re welcome.

( ) 7.I _________ a Beijing opera last year. A.see B.watched C.saw

( ) 8 ----Hello,_________Liu Tao? ---- Yes,speaking. A. are you B. is this C. is that

( )9. We are taking part in the sports meeting.We are in the _________.

A. library B. school hall C. playground

( ) 10. Tomorrow is Children?s Day.Helen __________with her friends in the school.

A.is going to have a party B.had a party C.likes having a big lunch

( ) 11. People usually ___________ at Mid-Autumn Festival.

A. eat rice dumplings B. dress up in costumes C. eat moon cakes

( )12. It is _________. Su Hai has got a lot of Christmas presents. A. December B. October C. April


1. ----Where are you _________(go)?----The school library.

2. ----Would you like to join _________(we)?----Of course.

3. They are from the different ___________(country).

4. I _______________________(make) snowmen next week.

5 Everyone _________(be ) very excited yesterday.

6. It is __________(sun)today.

7. Look ,it _________(rain) now.

8. What about ____________ (go )fishing?

9. There ___________ (be)a lot of rain.

10. It often ___________(rain )in summer.

11. He wants __________(make)snowmen with his friends.


1. in China.

2. Does it often r_______ there? Yes,so you need an umbrella.

3. I often go s__________ in summer,because it?s very hot here.

4. Your mother needs some w_________ clothes for the winter in Beijing.

5. The w_________ in summer is as hot as in Liyang.

6.It is w_______ in spring.The trees turn g_______ and the f________ start to grow.

7. Jim is from , but he l_________ in China now.

8 It?s the s______ of the Octobor.Yesterdy was N________ Day.


( )Of course. We are going to see it, too.

( )We are going to the zoo.

( )Mum, we have a class outing tomorrow.

英国语文学校6B期末测试二 班级________ 姓名________ ( )We are going to look at the monkeys and elephants.

( )Where are you going, David?

( )What animals are you going to look at?

( )Are you? There?s a new lion in the zoo. It?s from Africa..


1.There are two English books on my desk. (改成单数句)

_______________________________________ (对画线部分提问)

3.in meet we park front one shall o?clock the of at (连词成句?

4.She is going to Nantong next week.(同义句)

_______________________________________________ (对画线部分提问)


6.Would you like to join them?作肯定回答



( _______


( ) 2. I?m _______


( _______


( _______


( _______




( ) 1. Put your feet together. A. I?m form Nantong.

( ) 2. Where are you from? B. It is Tuesday.

( ) 3. Who?s the woman in blue? C. Yes, Miss Li.

( ) 4. Can you play the violin? D. My sister?s.

( ) 5. How much is it? E. My mother.

( ) 6. What day is it today? F. No, I can?t.

( ) 7. Do you like your school? G. Ten yuan, please.

( ) 8. Whose shirt is this? H. Yes , I do.




to do? We?re going to __________ _________ in the __________.

3、他通常在星期日干什么? 他通常洗衣服。

_ 4、你们正在干什么? 我们正在举行野餐。

What _____ you _________? We _______ ___________ a picnic.

5、你们昨天做了什么? 我们举行了一个聚会。

What _____ you do ___________ ? We _________a ________..


记住:每一发奋努力的背后,必有加倍的赏赐! 周四专用

英国语文学校6B期末测试二 班级________ 姓名________



A mother camel(骆驼) is looking for water and grass with her son .The son is asking his mother,“What do water and grass look like ?”The mother is answering , “The water is blue as the

英国语文学校6B期末测试二 班级________ 姓名________ sky, and grass is not blue, it?s green and nice . ”

After a day and night , her son cries(叫,喊), “Look, mother, there?s water and grass there .” “You?re wrong , child . The water and grass are on the left , and the desert(沙漠) is on the right .”The mother camel?s left eye is blind(瞎的) .

Now , the young camel finds an oasis(绿洲), but his mother thinks that?s not true . She says she knows more than her son and can?t be wrong. Her son is not happy . He doesn?t want to stay with his mother , so he goes away . He runs into the grass and eats his fill(饱) .


( ) 1. Three camels is looking for water and grass .

( ) 2. The mother says to his son, “ You?re right, child .”

( ) 3. The mother?s left eye is blind .

( ) 4. The young camel doesn?t want to stay with his mother ,because his mother is right.

( ) 5. The mother thinks she is right.


Once(从前)a man stole(偷)one of Washington?s horses. Washington went with a policeman to get back the horse. But the man didn?t give the horse to Washington. He said it was his horse. Washington put his hands on the eyes of the horse and said t the man, “If(如果)this is your horse, you must tell us in which eye he is blind(瞎的).” “In the right eye!” the man said. Washington took his hand from the right eye of the horse and showed the policeman that the horse was not blind. “Oh, I made a mistake(弄错了),” said the man. “He is blind in the left eye.” Washington then took his hand from the left eye of the horse. It was not blind in the left eye, either(也不). “I made another mistake(又弄错了),” said the man. “Yes,” said the policeman, “and you know the horse is not yours. You must give it back to Washington.”

( ) 1. A man stole Washington?s A. money B. horse C. monkey D. rabbit

( ) 2. Washington went to get back the horse with A. a policeman B. a woman C. his son D. his father

( ) 3. Washington put his on the horse?s eyes.

A. one hand B. two hands C. one foot D. two feet

( ) 4. The horse was A. blind in left eye B. blind in right eye

C. blind in two eyes D. not blind

( ) 5. The horse was A. the other?s(其他人的) B. Washington?s

C. the policeman?s D. the thief?s

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