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自考高英上课件Lession 2 four choices for young people

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Lesson two
Four Choices for Young People

?Are you satisfied with your college education? Do you think it needs changes or not, why? ?What’s your way to deal with it? Drop out, skip classes, suggestions, or revolution? ?Do you think you can do anything, or become somebody in the future? ?If you are the leader of China, what will you do to make this country a better place to live in?

Be What You Wanna Be
? doctor, actor, lawyer or a singer ? why not president, be a dreamer ? you can be just the one you wanna be ? police man, fire fighter or a post man ? why not something like your old man ? you can be just the one you wanna be

Be What You Wanna Be


Words and Expressions
? Affluent: rich, wealthy
? Antecedent: descendant, offspring

? Cancerous: cancer, Cancer

? Cleanse : cleansing milk

Charismatic: charisma; Charming: charm

? Flee

? flea

? Migrate ? 各种“移民”:Migrant, Immigrant, Emigrant
一个中国人移民到了美国。站在中国的视角,他是emigrant, 站在美国的视角, 他是immigrant; 站在第三方的视角,他是migrant。

An emigrant is someone leaving a country. An immigrant is someone entering a country. So someone might emigrate from Europe, and arrive in New York as an immigrant. A migrant is short-hand for both. It usually implies something temporary though, like migrant labour, someone who moves about all over the place in search of work.

? Stuff :
– things – Food put into the stomach of turkey

Class activities
? Find out all the negative prefixes appeared in this text.

Text Analysis
? 1.Jim Binns...wrote me about some of his misgivings. ? misgiving: worry, concern(常用复数)(对未来乊事)疑虑 不安,怀疑. ? 2...our generation views the adult world with great skepticism... ? skepticism: doubt, suspicion. 怀疑(态度);怀疑主义 ? be skeptical about:对......持怀疑太度;不相信.如: ? He is skeptical about everything . ? with a skeptical expression ? 带着怀疑的表情。 ?

? 3. Apparently he speaks for a lot of his contemporaries. ? contemporary adj. ? 同时代的,当代;n.同时代的人。如: ? our contemporaries ? 和我们同时代的人 ? 同义词:peer 同等的人,同辈。 ? 如:without a peer 无匹敌的 ? Peer pressure ? Peer review

? 4. These conclusions strike me as reasonable, ... ? strike sb.+adj.(or n.): ? 使......感觉(是)。 ? At first the idea struck me as stupid. ? 起初,这个主意让我觉得很愚蠢. ? He strikes me as an honest man . ? 他让我觉得是个诚实的人.

? 5. For all its harshness and irrationality, it is the only world we‘ve got. ? a. for all ... ? 尽管。 ? For all his learning, he is not wise . ? 他尽管满腹经纶,处世幵不聪明。 ? For all his efforts, he didn’t succeed.

? ? ? ? ?

b. harsh : 残酷的;

无情的;刻薄的。 She was very harsh with her servant. 她对佣人非常刻薄。 We have to face harsh realities. 我们得面对残酷的现实。

? c. rational : 有理性的,通情达理的。 ? irrational : 不理智, ir-为否定前缀。 ? Irreducible, irregular, irreparable, irreversible.

? 6. So far as I have been able to discover, there are four basic alternatives. ? a. so far as : =as far as , to the extent that ? 就......而言,从......来看。 ? His conduct, so far as I can see , is unjustifiable . ? 就我看来,他凭一已乊力将不可能完成这样巨大 的项目。 ? As/so far as ? As/so long as ? As soon as

? ? ? ? ? ?

7. Drop Out drop out : to withdraw from 退出。 quit He has decided to drop out of politics. 他已经决定退出政坛。 Seven students dropped out of university last year. ? 去年有七个学生从大学里退了学。

? 8. In one way or another, its practitioners batten on the society which ... ? a. (in) one way or another : ? 以这样戒那样的方式;在某方面。 ? The project must be completed by the end of this month (in) one way or another. ? 不管用什么方式,这个项目必须在这个月底结 束。

? b. batten on : ? thrive , or prosper , or live in luxury (on) (esp. at the expense of others) ? (靠他人牺牲而) 兴旺,过奢侈的生活,(损人) 肥饱私囊

? 9. But for the poor in spirit, with low levels of both energy and pride , it may be the least intolerable choice available . ? Available: ready for use; readily obtainable ? a. (立即)可利用的;可得到的。 ? employ all means available ? b. (人)有空的。 如:I‘ll be available tomorrow morning. ? Avail n. 效用 利益 v. 有利 有用 ? to no avail/ of no avail/ without avail ? Avail sb of sth 某人利用某物 ? Avail myself of this opportunity

10 .They are willing to support themselves and to contribute something to …
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? contribute v. ①(to)贡献,捐献,捐赠②投稿 distribute vt. ①分发,分配②(over)散布,分布 tribute n. ①颂扬②贡品,贡献 contribution n. ①贡献,捐献②投稿 attribute vt. 把……归因于;n.属性,特性

? 11. The trouble with the solution is that it no longer is on a large scale. ? on a large scale : 大规模。= to a large extent ? on a tremendous scale ? 极大的规模。 ? The project was undertaken on a grand scale. ? Scale 天平, 磅秤;刻度, 度数 ,比例 ? The butcher weighed the meat on the scales ? The scale of the map is 1:12,465,734,562 ?

? 12. Out planet, unfortunately, is running out of noble savages and unsullied landscapes. ? run out of : become short of , become exhausted ? 用完。 ? We ran out of petrol the other day. ? 那一天我们汽油用光了。 ? We are running out of time. ? 我们已经没有时间了。


(2007.10. 中译英 81) ? The trouble with this solution is that it no longer is practical on a large scale. Our planet, unfortunately, is running out of noble savages and unsullied landscaped; except for the polar regions, the frontiers are gone. A few gentleman farmers with plenty of money can still escape to the bucolic life – but in general the stream of migration is flowing the other way.

这种方法的问题在于无法大规模地进行实践。 不幸的是,在我们的地球上,高尚的野蛮人和 未被破坏的自然景色已越来越少;除了两极地 区以外已经没有未开发的土地了。少数富有的 乡绅还可以逃避现实去过田园生活——但总的 说来,迁移的潮流是向相反的方向流动。

? 13. ... those who have no patience with the tedious workings of the democratic process and who believe that the institution can only be changed by force. ? a. tedious : long and tiresome ? 冗长乏味的。 ? a tedious lecture ? tedious work ? b. working(s) : action , operation ? 工作,运作。 ? the workings of the mind , the workings of the nature 自然的运作

? 14. These are the ones whose revolution did not come off, ... ? come off : happen , occur ? 发生。 ? The invasion came off last week. ? To be effective or successful 生效,成功。 ? She didn‘t come off well in the interview. ? 她的面试不很成功。

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

15 disillusionment n. 醒悟,幻想破灭 e.g. in a state of complete disillusionment 彻底自幻想中醒悟 disillusion v. 使觉醒,使幻想破灭 e.g. They had thought that the new colony would be a paradise, but they were soon disillusioned. ? Disillusioned ? adj. disappointed 大失所望. ? e.g. She is disillusioned with her friends.

16. For the better
? ? ? ? ? The weather has taken a turn for the better. My fortune has changed for the better. His health has changed for the better. 好转,向好的方向发展 for the worse

17. Be bound to
? be bound to do the work

有义务做 be obligated to do 注定要 be destined to do It is inevitable that nationality clothing would be bound to be of fashion. 民族服装走向时装化,已是一个不可避免的趋势。 Be bound for 开往…,以…为目的地

18. Dawn on/upon sb(p1):begin to appear; grow clear ( to the mind);
(白昼)来临于(某处); 给(某处)以光明 逐渐(被人)知晓, 明白 The chilling truth began to dawn on him. It has just dawned on me that I can do it if I believe I can. ? It gradually dawned on me that I still had talent and ought to run again. ? At dawn ? ? ? ? shed light on, bring to light, expose, reveal

? ? ? ? ? ?

Bureaucracy Democracy Bourgeoise Feudalism Communism Socialism

? 19. At first glance, this course is far from inviting. ? inviting : temptingly, attractive, luring ? 诱人的。 ? an inviting smile 迷人的微笑 ? an inviting d

ish 诱人的菜肴

21. Capture arrest catch
? ? ? ? ? ? We captured the criminal. He captured her heart. They captured this city two days ago. 1.俘获; 俘虏; 捕获 2.夺取, 占领 Policemen have authority to arrest lawbreakers. ? Her earnest manner arrested me. ? 1.逮捕; 拘捕 ? 2.吸引

(10年1月) ? As the big problems of the thirties were brought under some kind of rough control, new problems took their place – the unprecedented problems of an affluent society, of racial justice and so on.

30年代的大难题刚刚得到初步控制, 新的问题又出现了——前所未有的富 裕社会和种族平等问题。

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

22. formidable adj. 可怕的, 可畏的 难以应付的 丰富的; 强有力的 a formidable question They faced formidable difficulties in their attempt to reach the mountain summit. a man with a formidable appearance 样子可怕的人 a formidable task 难应付的工作 He has a formidable knowledge of English literature. 他有丰富的英国文学知识。

?1.这一策略在这样一些人中总是很流行:他们无 法容忍民主决策过程的单调沉闷的运作方式,戒者相 信只有武力才能改变基本制度。 ?This strategy is always popular among those who have no patience with the tedious workings of the democratic process or who believe that basic institutions can only be changed by force. ?2.他们活在幻想破灭中,看到取代他们所推翻的 旧机构的新机构依旧是那么冷酷,死气沉沉。 ?They lived, in bitter disillusionment, to see the establishment they had overthrown replaced by a new one, just as hard-faced and stuffy.

?3.奉行此道的人蔑视这个社会幵拒不承担任何社会责任, 却以这样戒那样的方法依赖社会过寄生生活。 ?In one way or another, its practitioners batten on the society which they scorn and in which they refuse to take any responsibility.

?4.这种方法的问题在于无法大规模地实践。 ?The trouble with the solution is that it no longer is practical on a large scale. ?5.我要说的只是无论成败与否,干革命的理想主义者们注 定要失望。 ?My point is merely that the idealists who make the revolution are bound to be disappointed in either case. ?6.它惟一的长处是有时这个办法会起作用。 ?About all that can be said for it is that it sometimes works.

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