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unit1 The Great Wall

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Module 1

The Great Wall

What’s your hobby? (爱好)

My hobby is

collecting postcards . (收集明信片)

postcard = post + card 明信片 邮寄 卡片

These postcards are great. Yes, they are. This postcard is Yes, it is. great.

What’s this ?

It’s a picture of
the Great Wall.

a picture of of 表示……的

Can you tell me more about the Great Wall?
你能告诉我更多关于长城的事情 吗?

tell me something about

How long is the Great Wall?

It’s ____ kilometres.

kilometre 千米

How big is Beijing? It’s got about ____ people.
1400万 百万 million

百 hundred 千 thousand 百万 million 600 6000 1000000 14000000

?How old…? ?How many…? ?How long …? ?How big…? ?How much…? ?以how开头的特殊疑问句

How old are you? How many students are there in our class? How many seasons are there in a year? How long is the Changjiang river? How big is Beijing? How much money do you have?

Listen and read

What is Daming doing?

Where is Daming and Simon?

How long is the Great Wall?
How big is New York? How big is Beijing?

明信片 更多 千米 千 百万 postcard more kilometre thousand million

A: These postcards are great. B: Yes, they are. A: Tell me more about the Great Wall. How long is it? B: It’s about six thousand seven hundred kilometres.

A: Tell me something about New York. How big is it? B: It’s got eight million people.
A: How big is Beijing? B: Beijing’s got about fourteen million people.

A: It’s an animal. B: Tell me more. A: It’s very big. B: Is it a tiger? A: No, it isn’t. B: Is it an elephant? A: Yes ,it is.

? Homework
? 一、完成句子 ? 1. Amy ______ ________(正在参观)China. ? 2. It’s ___ ___ ___(一张……的照 片)the Great Wall. ? 3. These ________(明信片) are very beautiful. ? 4. How big is___________(纽约)? ? It’s got about eight ________(百万)people. ? 5. The Great Wall is about six________(千) seven hundred______(公里).

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