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Unit 9 Shapes

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Unit 9 Shapes

Part A Read and say



I. Teaching Objective

1.Knowledge Objectives

1)Let Ss hear and use the main patterns”What the shape is the...””It`s a/an....””Show us how

to....” and the shape-related words.

2)Enable the Ss to understand and read the conversation of the lesson.

2.Ability Objectives

1)Enable the Ss to use the sentence patterns to describe the shapes in pictures and further

develop their language ability of “show others how to...”

2)Let Ss use the patterns to express their thoughts in the proper scene.

3.Emotion Objectives

1)Increase the Ss`interests and set up self-confidence in language study.

2)Let Ss know that they should do-it-themselves.

II. The key and difficult points of this lesson

1.The key points of this lesson

1)To study and use the sentence patterns”What the shape is the....””It`s a/an....””Show us

how to...”and the shape-related words.

2)Teach the Ss how to describe the shapes in pictures.

3)Teach the Ss to do-it-themselves.

2.The difficult points of this lesson

How to enable the Ss to use the words and sentence patterns to describe pictures and make simple dialogues.

III. Teaching methods

Total situation action and task-based language teaching approach.

IV. Teaching Aids

The muti-media,pictures,blackboard.

V. Teaching procedure

Step1 Warming up

1.Get ready for class

2.Daily English

T:What day is it today?


T:What date is it today?


T:What`s the weather like today?


3.Enjoy a song.

Twinkle,twinkle,litter star

Step2 Pre-reading

Learn:”What shape is....””It`s a/an...””How many.....can you see...?”

Shape-related words

Using:1)Pictures and words

T:Do you like the song?


T:Today we will learn Unit9 Shapes.(shape,tape)

T:Do you know what shape is the star?

S1:It`s a star.

T:Yes.It`s a star.What is that beside a star in the evening on the sky? Ss:It`s moon.

T:What shape is the moon?

Ss:It`s a circle.

T:There is also a sun on the sky,is it a circle,too?

Ss:Yes,it is.

T:Let`s look at the blackboard in the back of our classroom.How many circles can you see on that blackboard?


T:Yes,you are right.

T:OK,Let`s see something else.What is this in my hand?(show a biscuit) Ss:It`s a biscuit.

T:What shape is the biscuit?

Ss:It`s a rectangle.

T:Who can come to the blackboard and show us how to draw it?



T:Is he right?


T:Let`s see other pictures.What is this?(show a triangular ruler)

Ss:It`s a ruler.

T:What shape is the ruler?

Ss:It`s a triangle.

T:Who can invite your classmates to come to the blackboard and show us how to draw it?(谁能帮我邀请一个同学到黑板上来向我们展示怎样画它?)

S2:xxx,Can you come the blackboard and show us how to draw it? T:Is it nice?


T:Look!I have another triangular ruler.If i put the two rulers together,what shape will we get?(如果我把两个三角尺拼在一起,我们又会得到什么图形呢?)


T:Yes,you are clever.It`s a square.

T:xxx,Can you come to the blackboard and show us how to draw it?Does he draw well?



Ss:A diamond(菱形)

T:Who want to come to the blackboard and show us how to draw it? Ss...


3)Let`s talk.

Ss practice in pairs,using the dialogue like:

A:What shape is...

B:It`s a ....

A:Can you show me how to ....



Step3 While reading

1.Learn:The background of the text

Ways:1)Listen and answer the questions.

T:Hi,children,what are we doing now?

Ss:We are having an English lesson.

T:Yes.Look!What is Miss Li doing now? Let`s listen and answer.

Q1:What lesson are they having?

Q2:What is Miss Li doing?

Q3:What are the students doing?

2)Read after the tap.

2.Learn:Part1 of the text.

Ways:1)Read and answer

T:Read the left part of the text and answer the questions,give reasons.(读课文回答问题并给出理由。)

Q4:What is the boy doing?

Q5:What shape is the kite?

Q6:Is the bag a square?

2)Read the text

3.Learn:Part2 of the text

Ways:1)Listen and judge


1.There are four circles on the blackboard.

2.Mike can draw a sun on the blackboard.

3.The sun and the moon are two circles.

2)Read together

Step4 Post-reading

1.Read after the cartoon

2.Fill in the blanks according to the text

Now the students are _____ _____ ______ _____.Miss Li is ______ her students about ___.The students are ______ how to _____ them.Look at the blackboard. A boy is ____ ____ ____.The kite is a _______.The boy has a _______.It`s a _______.There are ______ ______on the blackboard.It`s a kite,too.Liu Tao can draw a _____.He is ______ the ____ and the_______.

3.Drawing Time

Using the shapes to draw pictures,then try to say something about your pictures.(运用所学图形画出不同的图案,并对它进行描述。)

Model:This is my picture.It`s a toy train.

There is a rectangle,four squares and four circles.

I like it very much.

Step5 Consolidation



Can you show me/us to .....


What shape is....


It`s a/an.....

2.Tell Ss “Do It Yourself!”

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